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Tradition and Change in Ethiopia

Author : Reidulf Knut Molvaer
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Tradition and Transformation

Author : Abebe Kifleyesus
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The Argobba are an ethnic and religious minority in southeastern Wallo and northeastern Sawa. Despite living in harsh environments and menace from more dominant ethnic groups, they have for centuries maintained their agricultural activity, trader and weaver identity, and religious unity.At present they are undergoing rapid cultural change, and are caught up in a tension between encapsulation and the struggle for the survival of Argobba cultural tradition and political position in what once was a strategic location. This book presents a perceptive historical and cultural analysis of change and continuity, looks at how the Argobba define and redefine their agricultural and commercial ways of living as a response to threats from Oromo migration, Amhara settler penetration and Adal aggression, and examines the past and present condition of Argobba social and economic transformation in north-central Ethiopia.

Tradition and Change in Ethiopi

Author : Reidulf Knut Molvaer
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A longtime scholar of Ethiopian history and Amharic writings, Reidulf Molvaer crafted a thesis with the intent of understanding that history from new and rejuvenating perspectives. The resulting work, Tradition and Change in Ethiopia: Social and Cultural Life as Reflected in Amharic Fictional Literature, is a sweeping study of the importance of fictional writing as a barometer for the culture and lifestyle within which it is crafted. In the introduction, Molvaer writes authors have at all times acted as a kind of conscience of society, and in their writings they include their own evaluation of social institutions and customs in the country. With this volume, the author looks at 12 influential Ethiopian writers that wrote as a reflection of their changing society, no matter their economic, social or cultural standing. The turbulence of the 20th century came at a time when literature in Amharic first began to break out, and everything from the class structure of society and the forms of private relationships to the attitudes towards change and new aspirations are described as they are found within the texts. Within the words of the authors, albeit fictional, comes an understanding of what their eyes had seen and what their ears had heard

Understanding Contemporary Ethiopia

Author : Gérard Prunier
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When we think of Ethiopia we tend to think in cliches: Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, the Falasha Jews, the epic reign of Emperor Haile Selassie, the Communist Revolution, famine and civil war. Among the countries of Africa it has a high profile yet is poorly known. How- ever all cliches contain within them a kernel of truth, and occlude much more. Today's Ethiopia (and its painfully liberated sister state of Eritrea) are largely obscured by these mythical views and a secondary literature that is partial or propagandist. Moreover there have been few attempts to offer readers a comprehensive overview of the country's recent history, politics and culture that goes beyond the usual guidebook fare. Understanding Contemporary Ethiopia seeks to do just that, presenting a measured, detailed and systematic analysis of the main features of this unique country, now building on the foundations of a magical and tumultuous past as it struggles to emerge in the modern world on its own terms.

African Theatre and Politics

Author : Jane Plastow
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Comparative historical study of the three national cultures of Ethiopia, Tanganyika/Tanzania, and Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. The development of theatre is seen against the background of centuries of cultural evolution and interaction, from pre-colonial times, through phases of African and European imperialism, to the liberation struggles and newly-won independence.

Understanding Religion and Social Change in Ethiopia

Author : M. Girma
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Religiosity is one aspect without which Ethiopian society cannot be fully understood. This book aims to map out the terrain of the discourse in religion-social change nexus in Ethiopian using the notion of covenant as an interpretive tool.

Ethiopian Jewish Immigrants in Israel

Author : Tanya Schwarz
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This is an ethnographic study of Ethiopian Jews, or Beta Israel, a few years after their migration from rural Ethiopia to urban Israel. For the Beta Israel, the most significant issue is not, as is commonly assumed, adaptation to modern society, but rather 'belonging' in their new homeland, and the loss of control they are experiencing over their lives and those of their children. Ethiopian Jewish immigrants resist those aspects of the dominant society which they dislike: they reject normative Jewish practices and uphold Beta Israel religious and cultural ones, ideologically counteract disparaging Israeli attitudes, develop strong ethnic bonds and engage in overt forms of resistance. The difficulties of the present are also overcome by creating a perfect past and an ideal future: in what the author calls 'the homeland postponed', all Jews will be united in a colour-blind world of material plenty and purity.

The Beta Israel in Ethiopia and Israel

Author : Tudor Parfitt
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For decade the Falashas - the Black Jews of Ethiopia - have fascinated scholars. Are they really Jews and in what sense? How can their origins be explained? Since the Falashas' transfer to Israel in the much publicised Israeli air lifts the fascination has continued and and new factors are now being discussed. Written by the leading scholars in the field the essays in this collection examine the history, music, art, anthropology and current situations of the Ethopian Jews. Issues examined include their integration into Middle Eastern society, contacts between the Falasha and the State of Israel how the Falasha became Jews in the first place.

Black Lions

Author : Reidulf Knut Molvaer
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This fascinating portrait of Ethiopian writers of fiction of the 20th century presents an in-depth analysis of the development of Amharic literature and those who have shaped it. A vivid picture of the development of the key writers is included, as is an analysis of the impact they have had on Ethiopian society.

Theme and Variation in Two Twentieth century Ethiopian Traditional Paintings

Author : Andrea Catherine Bour Plant
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