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Transforming School Mental Health Services

Author : Beth Doll
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Provides a comprehensive ten-step sequence for implementing population-based services that improve wellness and academic success for individual students and entire schools, and offers suggestions for engaging parents.

Transforming Mental Health Services

Author : Howard H. Goldman
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This compendium of 17 articles addresses the goals set forth by the President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health in its 2003 report, Achieving the Promise: Transforming Mental Health Care in America. The report represents the first time since the Carter Administration that such a high-level group evaluated U.S. mental health care. The report painted a dismal picture of the nation's mental health system, saying the system was so broken that it was "beyond simple repair." The Commission said that current services focused on "managing disabilities" rather than helping patients achieve a meaningful life in their communities. It also stated that mental health service providers ignored the preferences of consumers and their families. The articles in Transforming Mental Health Services: Implementing the Federal Agenda for Change, originally published between 2006 and 2009 in Psychiatric Services (journal of the American Psychiatric Association), offer recommendations to assist adults with serious mental illness and children with serious emotional disturbances. They include a series of reforms in which the emphasis is on recovery as an achievable goal, and the need for a person-centered orientation in service delivery. There is also discussion of the reasons many service providers resist using a recovery orientation and how this can be remedied. Transforming Mental Health Services: Implementing the Federal Agenda for Change consists of updates of papers written by the Commission's subcommittees addressing issues fundamental to those living with mental illness. It is organized into four sections: The first focuses on the interface between mental health and general health, and on employment, housing, and Medicaid financing. The second continues addressing financing and Medicaid as well as issues related to school mental health, recovery, transformation of data systems, and acceleration of research. The third includes reports from four states with transformation initiatives designed to ensure that consumers have a strong voice in the development of recovery-oriented services. The final section describes progress five years after the President's Commission Report and concludes with a proposal by the current director of the Center for Mental Health Services for a public health model of mental health care for the 21st century. This compilation of well-researched and well-written articles offers an excellent resource for frontline care providers, facility administrators and advocates. It serves as an equally valuable resource for state policy makers who wish to present a convincing case that change is happening and that the recommendations can be translated into effective policies. Although consumers and their families will receive support for their perception that service providers ignore their needs, they will also be encouraged that change for the better is coming to the U.S. mental health care system.

District of Columbia School Reform Act of 1995

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Government Reform. Subcommittee on the District of Columbia
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Declaration of Education

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Government Reform
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School Psychology Review

Author :
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Emotional Disorders

Author : Steven G. Feifer
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The book contains detailed discussion on the neurobiologicalcorrelates of mood and anxiety disorders, and psychopathology and violence,as well as the neural basis of empathy and altruistic behavior. The relationshipbetween executive dysfunction and emotional wellness is examined, along witha detailed synopsis of medication treatment options for children. There is compelling evidence that emotional wellness can be enhancedthrough early prevention efforts and appropriate assessment strategies to fosterboth social-emotional functioning and academic performance in children. Thisbook will be of interest to psychologists, educators, and allied mental healthproviders who work with children. The first part of the book deals with the neuropsychological component ofemotional disorders and provides both a theoretical and practical description,with discussion ranging from dysfunctional executive functions to righthemisphere disorders. The second section of the book is devoted to thepsychopharmacological aspects of emotional disorders. A final sectiondeals with the educational aspects, including learning, school achievement,mindfulness, and behavioral support programs.

Transforming School Counseling

Author : Susan Jones Sears
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First Published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

School Counseling for the Twenty first Century

Author : Stanley B. Baker
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Upon opening this book for the first time and glancing at the table of contents, students are presented with chapter titles that reflect all the crucial subject matter of what it takes to be a school counselor. Examples of national models and paradigms, all designed to make the profession manageable and understandable, are on display throughout the book. The authors have incorporated the human side of school counseling at the core of every chapter, hoping not to block the spirit of caring for people by what at first glance might appear to be academic jargon. This book is designed as a means for graduate students and others to lend their voices to the issues confronting school counselors and, most importantly, to chart the course for invention in school counseling. The authors believe that the school counseling profession is enriched when the voices of aspiring professionals meet the voices of experience, with the aim of creating new ways to serve. For future school counselors.

Managing Your School Counseling Program

Author : Joe Wittmer
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Over forty professionals share effective strategies and current issues relating to a K-12 developmental school counseling program. Dozens of practical, easy-to-use forms, ideas, and management concepts are provided for duplication. Brief counseling, group strategies that work, and suggestions for working with special populations are followed by the counselor's role as a consultant and coordinator, family counseling, appraisal, career development, teacher-advisor programs, peer helping, parent involvement, public relations, accountability, ethical issues, and credentialing. Each chapter has been updated, including current program standards and credentialing requirements. This book is designed as a graduate text or as a resource for practicing counselors desiring to be more effective with the developmental approach and who want to better understand the current issues facing them.

Advances in School Mental Health Promotion

Author :
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Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing

Author : Ann Isaacs
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This thoroughly-updated volume of Lippincott's Review Series provides a complete review of mental health and psychiatric nursing. Each chapter concludes with study questions and rationale for the correct and incorrect answers. A comprehensive examination helps students evaluate their knowledge of this critical area. All questions are coded according to NCLEX components to direct readers to areas that require additional study. The Third Edition Features: a CD-ROM with 200 NCLEX-style questions for additional testing; a consistent format that incorporates a nursing process overview; client and family teaching boxes; and medication tables. Each chapter offers two line figures, tables and displays.

Transforming Schools with Technology

Author : Andrew A. Zucker
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"This timely and thoughtful book argues that technology can and will play a central role in efforts to achieve crucial education goals, and that it will be an essential component of further improvement and transformation of schools. Author Andrew A. Zucker develops his arguments by drawing on the most up-to-the-minute information about digital technologies and what we know about how they affect teaching and learning in real schools." "The book is marked not only by Zucker's cutting-edge sophistication about digital technologies, but also by his longstanding engagement with and commitment to K-12 education. It is destined to be recognized as the crucial volume on digital technology and education, and it will be essential reading for school leaders and teachers, policymakers, and those members of the general public - among them parents and engaged citizens - for whom the fate of education is a vital concern."--BOOK JACKET.

Designing and Leading Comprehensive School Counseling Programs

Author : Duane Brown
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Learn to effectively organize and evaluate school counseling programs with DESIGNING AND LEADING COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL COUNSELING PROGRAMS! Based on the guidelines from the American School Counselor Association (ASCA), National Consortium of State Guidance Leadership, and other highly recognized organizations, this counseling text focuses needed attention on the school counselors' role in leadership and advocacy. Each chapter ends with reviews, questions, assignments, and cases that reinforce the concepts presented in the text.

Developing an Effective and Accountable School Counseling Program

Author : Debra C. Cobia
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Combining a scholarly synthesis of relevant research with easy-to-read descriptions of best practice, Developing an Effective and Accountable School Counseling Program contains information on all aspects of the school counseling profession. Chapter opening cases provide a context for discussion, while margin notes, stimulus questions, and suggested portfolio components prompt readers to apply material to their own unique situation. New developments and trends are emphasized throughout, including coverage of data-driven programming and accountability, facilitating developmental transitions, legal and ethical issues, and responsive services.

Counseling in Schools

Author : John J. Schmidt
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This school counseling text helps students understand the components and services that comprise comprehensive school counseling programs in the context of the twenty-first century. The fifth edition retains important historical foundations of the school counseling profession while adapting contemporary definitions and terms to describe comprehensive models for the twenty-first century. New to this edition - new information is included in Chapter 4 about particular models of comprehensive school counseling programs, including the ASCA National Model, to illustrate types of comprehensive programs and the attempt to transform the school counseling profession in the twenty-first century; a new chapter on Diversity (Chapter 2) applies concepts and issues related to diverse populations to school counseling practice and the preparation of professional school counselors; and a new Case Study in Chapter 10 illustrates a middle school situation and provides another example of how counselors in schools use various responsive services and team approaches to addressing students' needs.

Schools and Families

Author : Sandra Christenson
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"This is a resource for school-based practitioners, including psychologists, counselors, social workers, and special education consultants; clinical child psychologists; inservice and preservice teaches; and school administrators. It will serve as a text in courses on school consultation, building home-school partnerships, parent counseling, and parent education."--BOOK JACKET.

Exploring School Counseling

Author : Tamara E. Davis
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This text concentrates on the practical aspects of school counseling by focusing on the roles of the counselor, emphasizing an action-oriented approach. Each chapter includes an excerpt from the author or a contributor, relating a personal experience in a school setting. These first- and second-hand accounts throughout the text support the research and technical aspects of school counseling.

Days in the Lives of Counselors

Author : Robert L. Dingman
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This book is for counselors and counselors-in-training who are interested in exploring the many employment options that are available to persons with a graduate degree in counseling. Days in the Lives of Counselors is a collection of personal essays from counselors, each of whom has presented a description of his or her own unique and rewarding experiences. Each offers descriptions of his or her typical activities, including the challenges, the paperwork, the meetings, the successes, and even the frustrations. Many also share their hints on surviving the stresses that are inherent in a career in counseling. The chapters are clustered in categories within similar settings, but each person's experience is unique and different. In addition to school and college counselors, counselor educators, and mental health counselors, contributors include a sexologist, an editor, a gerontologist, an addictions specialist, a counselor who is a part-time deputy sheriff, and a professional association manager. Also included are two international stories, one by a school counselor working in Guam and another by a school counselor who worked in Africa. But all of the essays have one thing in common they are written by counselors who love their work.

School Counseling in the Secondary School

Author : Colette T. Dollarhide
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This is the only book on the market to provide comprehensive coverage of school counseling at the secondary school level. The text begins with a holistic and systemic examination and celebration of the student, examines education and secondary schools, and then uses the "Domains / Activities / Partners" model to structure a thorough exploration of how, why, and with whom school counseling services are structured.

School mental Health Role of the Substance Abuse and mental Health Services Administration and Factors Affecting Service provision

Author : United States, Cynthia A Bascetta, Government Accountability Office
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