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Restrictive Business Practices Transnational Corporations and Development

Author : F. Long
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Problems of development in what is normally called the Third World have been a subject matter of concern of the social sciences, lespecially of eco nomics, for over two decades now. 1 Between the late 1950s and the current time, as Chapter 2 attempts to show, the emphasis seems to have shifted from purely economic considerations of underdevelopment to a paradigm that includes other, extra-economic considerations of a social, political, and cultural nature. The recent emergence of development studies as a new social science discipline stems precisely from the methodological premise that development is a complex process that can only be adequately under of a stood, analyzed, and alleviated by a cross-disciplinary approach instead 2 wholly unidisciplinary one. We do not wish to challenge the above proposition. However, it remains of certain economic phenomena that pose problems true that an assessment of to developing countries can offer us greater insights into problems development, including the formulation of appropriate policies aimed at improving socioeconomic conditions in such countries. is restrictive business practices. This study is con One such phenomenon of restrictive business practices as they cerned mainly with surveying aspects relate to problems of development in the Third World. Restrictive business xiii xiv INTRODUCTION practices are not confined to developing countries; however, limited work seems to have been conducted in terms of relating the concept of restrictive business practices to problems of development. The existing evidence of restrictive business practices in the development process is quite fragmen tary.

Third World Multinationals

Author : F. Beausang
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This book evaluates the contribution of third world multinational enterprises to the competitiveness of their home and host countries in the context of Brazilian and Chilean MNE's. Third world MNE's can be important agents of growth, a fact that until now has been largely ignored in the literature. This book fills the gap in the literature by looking at third world MNE's ability to innovate and examining the potential for their innovations to be diffused to other home country firms and thereby improve their home country's competitiveness.

Transnationals the Third World

Author : Armand Mattelart
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Identifies the features of cultural networks, discusses the influence of television, looks at changing patterns of work and consumption, and evaluates current policies and regulations

Transnational Corporations and Developing Countries

Author : Committee for Economic Development. Research and Policy Committee
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Transnational Corporations and Local Firms in Developing Countries

Author : Michael W. Hansen
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This book studies the organization and effects of linkages between transnational corporations â?? mainly Danish â?? and local firms in developing countries. It is based on a number of case studies of linkage collaborations and a survey of about ninety Danish firms and their relations to partners in developing countries. The analyzed host countries are Ghana, India, Malaysia, South Africa, and Vietnam. The book is a contribution to the emerging literature on firm strategy in developing countries, offering new empirical evidence of the multi-faceted and complex nature of cross-border inter-firm linkages. It documents how even small firms in both developed and developing countries engage in â?? and can benefit from â?? cross-border linkages.

Globalization and Third World Women

Author : Ligaya Lindio-McGovern
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Adopting the notion of 'third world' as a political and geographical category, this volume analyzes marginalized women's experiences of globalization. The combination of a thematically structured investigation with the exploration of policy implications has resulted in an essential and cutting edge volume for sociological academics..

Development and Democratization in the Third World

Author : Kenneth España Bauzon
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Examines the prospects for democratization in the developing world. The book draws upon ideas of widespread socioeconomic well-being, human rights, the distribution of resources and population, and the environment.

Multi national Corporations and Third World Development

Author : Pradip K. Ghosh
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Whether foreign investment by transnational and multi-national corporations alleviates or perpetuates underdevelopment is the subject of this volume. Multi-national corporations that inhibit building of indigenous institutions and other structures leading to self-reliance and economic growth impede rather than stimulate development. Both the positive and negative impact of multi-nationals in the Third World is investigated in these chapters. Various roles available to company and host country are explored. Variations in planning and development scenarios and objectives are explored.

The Pharmaceutical Industry and Dependency in the Third World

Author : Gary Gereffi
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Gary Gereffi first explains how foreign corporations took over the flourishing Mexican steroid industry in the 1950s and 1960s and thwarted the country's later attempts to establish a more equitable distribution of industry benefits. In this valuable theoretical contribution Professor Gereffi uses the Mexican industry's plight as a crucial-case test for dependency theory. Originally published in 1983. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.

Critical Globalization Studies

Author : Richard Appelbaum
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First Published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Third World Health

Author : Theodore Harney MacDonald
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This book focuses on health and its relationship with education and equity in trade. The environmental impact on health is thoroughly analysed, with particular reference to tsunamis, deforestation and diminishing water supplies. It suggest solutions at individual, community and government levels.

Globalisation and the Third World

Author : Ray Kiely
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This book examines the changing position of the Developing World within the world system. It focuses on particular issues which cut across communities, nations, regions and, in consequence, the world. These include migration, health and disease, the media, transnational corporations, religion, and political and economic institutions. The contributors draw on a wealth of illustrations and global examples to examine topics such as HIV/AIDS transmission, the mediatized Gulf War, consumption patterns, the Third World in the First, Orientalism and Islam, environmental and urban movements, liberation theology in Latin America and the impact of the media. This book provides a critical introduction to the Third World around the unifying theme of globalisation.

Big Business Poor Peoples

Author : John Madeley
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Are transnational corporations (TNCs) the solution to poverty in the Third World or are they part of the problem? This is John Madeley's central concern in this exploration of large corporations. TNCs are usually promoted as the harbingers of rapid economic growth, jobs and development generally. Yet inequality between North and South, and within countries, continues to grow apace. So what is really happening?

Multinationals from Developing Countries

Author : Krishna Kumar
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Ethnic Identities in a Transnational World

Author : Stack
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Transnationals in Southern Africa

Author : Daniel Boda Ndlela
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Technological Innovation and Third World Multinationals

Author : Paz Estrella Tolentino
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This examines the relationship between technological growth and outward direct investment from firms in Asia and Latin America which has become increasingly siginificant as these countries develop.

Politics and Society in the Developing World

Author : Mehran Kamrava
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This book is a welcome new edition, which completely updates and revises the very popular first edition, Politics and Society in the Third World. Mehran Kamrava has brought the book in line with the major changes in global politics, and the politics and social issues of the developing world. The book examines key issues such as democratisation: civil society organisations and NGOs, 'political society', state collapse, democratic bargains and transition, consolidation and problems of legitimacy, elections, multi-party politics; industrial development; dependency theory and globalisation; the roles of the IMF and the World Bank, the GATT and other multinational institutions; urbanisation; social change; the increasing influence of western values, capital and institutions; urbanisation; social change; the increasing influence of western values, capital and institutions; political culture: its role and impact in newly democratic developing countries; revolution; and gives more examples from Africa, East Asia and rural societies.

Critical Transnational Feminist Praxis

Author : Amanda Lock Swarr
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Investigates the theory and practice of transnational feminist approaches to scholarship and activism.

Information Technology In The Third World

Author : William James Stover
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Mass media, telecommunications, and computer technology can effect change in poor countries, but Third World leaders are often disappointed in the results. Professor Stover looks closely at information technology and communication as agents of economic, social, and political development in Third World countries, stressing that definitions of "communication" and "development" must include participation in the exchange of information and the attainment of humane values. He examines reasons why the current world information order does not meet the needs of the Third World and argues that the major difficulty in achieving the potential of information technology for humane development is a cyclical pattern involving technology and values. When countries acquire the physical means of communication, their leaders are tempted to control them, resulting in censorship that prevents genuine communication. Breaking this cycle is a major requirement in using information technology for development, and Dr. Stover discusses how this may be accomplished practically in developmental, Western, and Soviet contexts.