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Universal Decay Dead Stars Rule Book Revised 2nd Edition

Author : Jay Barrell
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Dead Stars is a science fiction horror role-playing game powered by the alternate d20 Universal Decay rules system. Pick a race - from the ever-familiar humans to the amorphous gorbrasch or sleazy helizara - strap on some personal armor and pick up a sliver rifle or get a cerebral computer implant and grab your toolkit. Or both. Then get together with your friends to face a universe of dangers, wonders, opportunities, and quite possibly a messy death. This book contains everything you will need to play or run a game in Dead Stars as well as rules for using the Universal Decay system in alternate genres, incorporating everything from swords and sorcery to vehicle energy weapons, personal armor, nanotechnology and starships.

The Book of Stars Being a Simple Explanation of the Stars and Their Uses to Boy Life

Author : A. Frederick Collins
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"The Book of Stars: Being a Simple Explanation of the Stars and Their Uses to Boy Life" by A. Frederick Collins. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Time Travel in Einstein s Universe

Author : J. Richard Gott
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A Princeton astrophysicist explores whether journeying to the past or future is scientifically possible in this “intriguing” volume (Neil deGrasse Tyson). It was H. G. Wells who coined the term “time machine”—but the concept of time travel, both forward and backward, has always provoked fascination and yearning. It has mostly been dismissed as an impossibility in the world of physics; yet theories posited by Einstein, and advanced by scientists including Stephen Hawking and Kip Thorne, suggest that the phenomenon could actually occur. Building on these ideas, J. Richard Gott, a professor who has written on the subject for Scientific American, Time, and other publications, describes how travel to the future is not only possible but has already happened—and contemplates whether travel to the past is also conceivable. This look at the surprising facts behind the science fiction of time travel “deserves the attention of anyone wanting wider intellectual horizons” (Booklist). “Impressively clear language. Practical tips for chrononauts on their options for travel and the contingencies to prepare for make everything sound bizarrely plausible. Gott clearly enjoys his subject and his excitement and humor are contagious; this book is a delight to read.” —Publishers Weekly

Time Machines

Author : Paul J. Nahin
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This book explores the idea of time travel from the first account in English literature to the latest theories of physicists such as Kip Thorne and Igor Novikov. This very readable work covers a variety of topics including: the history of time travel in fiction; the fundamental scientific concepts of time, spacetime, and the fourth dimension; the speculations of Einstein, Richard Feynman, Kurt Goedel, and others; time travel paradoxes, and much more.

Akashic Cosmic Connection

Author : Amanda Romania
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Finally, the keys and codes to connect with other realms are no longer a mystery. Akashic Cosmic Connection is an expert guide to connecting with the alien races that have influenced—and continue to influence—human life. Readers will be fascinated and enjoy this journey; every chapter ends with a wonderful meditation to help readers find peace and growth. Akashic Cosmic Connection should fill a knowledge gap for readers, because even the Internet only sparingly discusses the Akashic keys and codes to connect with extraterrestrial races. With a helpful dictionary, Akashic Cosmic Connection is accessible for novices and experts alike who seek energy and activation.

Programming Recreational Services

Author : Jay Shivers
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Programming Recreational Services serves as a handbook for recreational practitioners at every level. It clearly presents the methods and materials necessary for the planning, organization, and operation of recreational services. This reader friendly text addresses each of the 12 recreational program categories in detail and includes illustrations to assist with learning. It teaches students a methodology for evaluating recreational programs from the establishment of objectives to the final instrument used, to determine whether or not the program performed in the way that it was intended.

About the Biggest the Smallest and Everything Else Travelling Through the Universe with a Physicist Guide

Author : Serge Parnovsky
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Time Travel Television

Author : Sherry Ginn
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Stories of time travel have been part of science fiction since H. G. Wells sent his nameless hero hurtling into Earth’s distant future in The Time Machine. Time travel enables the storyteller to depict alternate realities, bring fictional characters face to face with historical figures, and depict moral and ethical dilemmas in which millions of lives (or the world as we know it) are at stake. From Doctor Who and Quantum Leap to the multiple incarnations of Star Trek, time travel has been a staple of science fiction television for more than fifty years. Time-Travel Television: The Past from the Present, the Future from the Past surveys the whole range of time travel stories on the small screen. The essays in this collection explore time travel series both familiar (Babylon 5, Stargate SG-1) and forgotten (The Time Tunnel, Voyagers!), as well as time-travel themed episodes and arcs in series where it is not central, such as Red Dwarf, Lost, and Heroes. Contributors to this volume consider some of the classic themes of time-travel stories: the promise (and peril) of “fixing” the past, the chance to experience (and choose) possible futures, and the potential for small changes to have great effects. Exploring time travel as a teaching tool, as a vehicle for moral lessons, and as a background for high adventure, this book offers new perspectives on many familiar programs and the first serious study of several unjustly neglected ones. Time-Travel Television is essential reading for science fiction scholars and fans, and for anyone interested in the many ways that television brings the fantastic into viewers’ living rooms.

Dominator of the Stars

Author : Ku SeDeCha
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In the vast universe, 100 races coexisted. A mutated blood spirit allowed Mu Qing to rise up from earth to fight against the bug clan. The purple bamboo forest attracted millions of thunder tribulations, and the black Kun Peng flapped its wings, crushing countless powerhouses. There was only one Imperial Lord in the starry sky!

Beyond the Stars Stock characters in American popular film

Author : Paul Loukides
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The third of five volumes of new scholarship on American movie conventions. The 19 essays explore cinematic representations of such material items as food, weapons, clothing, tools, technology, and art and literature. Not illustrated. No index. Paper edition (unseen), $13.95. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR.