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Travels of Learning

Author : Ana Simões
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This volume offers a reappraisal of the topic of scientific and technological traveling and takes the viewpoint of the European peripheries, including case studies of Portugal, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Hungary and the Scandinavian countries. It contributes to the clarification of mechanisms of appropriation of scientific ideas, instruments, practices and of technological expertise. It is of interest to scholars and students of history and philosophy of science and technology, cultural and social history, science, technology and society studies.

Learning and Innovation in Natural Resource Based Industries

Author : Allan Dahl Andersen
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This book develops and articulates a new perspective on the relationship between natural resources and development by foregrounding issues of innovation, knowledge, and industrial dynamics. Despite growing academic attention to the relationship between economic development and natural resources in social sciences, the issue has received rather limited attention in the field of Innovation Studies. This is problematic given the centrality of innovation and technological change for growth and development. Against that background, this book makes three contributions. Firstly, it summarizes and synthesizes existing insights about learning and innovation in Natural Resource Based Industries. Secondly, it develops new insights based on original research work. Thirdly, it distils and explains the remaining research challenges in the field. Containing important insights for researchers, businesses, and policymakers, this book will be useful to all those with an interest in navigating a natural resource based development pathway. This book was originally published as a special issue of Innovation and Development.

Lifelong Learning Travels

Author : Annica Isacsson
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ECEL 2019 18th European Conference on e Learning

Author : Rikke Ørngreen
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Professor Beaker s Learning Lab about Light Travels in Straight Lines

Author : Andy Fyon
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Learning As We Go Teaching Through Travels

Author : Catherine Mcgrew Jaime
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Catherine and Deirdre have brought together a variety of their travel related materials in one convenient place. They start with their "Ultimate (Field) Trip Survival Guide" - a booklet that gives lots of great suggestions on traveling with children. They follow that up with a variety of lapbooks and mini units, including their Vacation Lapbook, the National Parks Lapbook, and the Washington, and D.C. Monuments and Memorials Mini Unit. Those are followed by two of Catherine's travel journals, Stars Over Central America: The Journal of a Nine-Year-Old and The Lewis and Clark Expedition Jaime-Style. All should help you enjoy travelling (physical and virtual) more with your students!

Plan of education By the author of Cyrus s travels i e A M Ramsay etc

Author : Ramsay (Chevalier, Andrew Michael)
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Just A Reminder

Author : Divine D.
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“Being a teenage girl is hard in today’s society.” This is the message Divine D. has heard from her students. One student told Divine, “If only there was a book on how to be a teenage, it would make my life easier!” So Divine decided to do just that for her students. By using her twenty years in the field of education, personal life experiences and wealth of knowledge that came from her 46 years on this earth, she wrote 40 Things Every Teenage Girl Needs to Know Before She Becomes an Adult. This book is a wonderful gift for any teenage girl. It has a very positive message that would benefit teenagers going through difficulties or just needing a little reminder of how wonderful they are. Divine uses her expertise as a Catholic school administrator, to bring a Christian twist to all of life’s adventures and bumps in the road. Each chapter ends with a song recommendation message to listen to. One of Divine’s students named the book, Just a Reminder, because all girls need a reminder of how wonderfully awesome they have been made even in times when they forget. In the hopes of improving girls mental health, this is a joyful, happy and positive book sharing delightful and inspiring stories of life in the hopes of making girls lives easier. Believe in yourselves, Girls! With sections including: Mental Health and Well-Being, Body Image and Self-Esteem, Building Foundational Skills for Your Future, Taboo Topics and Getting Help, and Finding Joy in Your Daily Life, teenage girls will be inspired to go out and live their dreams.

In the Sultan s Salon Learning Religion and Rulership at the Mamluk Court of Q ni awh al Ghawr r 1501 1516 2 vols

Author : Christian Mauder
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Building on his award-winning research, Christian Mauder’s In the Sultan’s Salon constitutes the first detailed study of the intellectual, religious, and political culture of the court of the Mamluk Sultanate (1250–1517), one of the most important polities in Islamic history.

Travels in Italy

Author : Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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Learning Outcomes of Leisure Travel Explorations Towards the Development of Educational Programs

Author :
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A Journey in Mathematics Education Research

Author : Erna Yackel
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Our objective is to publish a book that lays out the theoretical constructs and research methodologies within mathematics education that have been developed by Paul Cobb and explains the process of their development. We propose to do so by including papers in which Cobb introduced new theoretical perspectives and methodologies into the literature, each preceded by a substantive accompanying introductory paper that explains the motivation/rationale for developing the new perspectives and/or methodologies and the processes through which they were developed, and Cobb’s own retrospective comments. In this way the book provides the reader with heretofore unpublished material that lays out in considerable detail the issues and problems that Cobb has confronted in his work, that, from his viewpoint, required theoretical and methodological shifts/advances and provides insight into how he has achieved the shifts/advances. The result will be a volume that, in addition to explaining Cobb’s contributions to the field of mathematics education, also provides the reader with insight into what is involved in developing an aggressive and evolving research program. When Cobb confronts problems and issues in his work that cannot be addressed using his existing theories and frameworks, he looks to other fields for theoretical inspiration. A critical feature of Cobb’s work is that in doing so, he consciously appropriates and adapts ideas from these other fields to the purpose of supporting processes of learning and teaching mathematics; He does not simply accept the goals or motives of those fields. As a result, Cobb reconceptualizes and reframes issues and concepts so that they result in new ways of investigating, exploring, and explaining phenomena that he encounters in the practical dimensions of his work, which include working in classrooms, with teachers, and with school systems. The effect is that the field of mathematics education is altered. Other researchers have found his "new ways of looking" useful to them. And they, in turn, adapt these ideas for their own use. The complexity of many of the ideas that Cobb has introduced into the field of mathematics education can lead to a multiplicity of interpretations by practitioners and by other researchers, based on their own experiential backgrounds. Therefore, by detailing the development of Cobb’s work, including the tensions involved in coming to grips with and reconciling apparently contrasting perspectives, the book will shed additional light on the processes of reconceptualization and thus help the reader to understand the reasons, mechanisms, and outcomes of researchers’ constant pursuit of new insights.

Hopeful Pedagogies in Higher Education

Author : Mike Seal
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Many accounts of critical pedagogy, particularly accounts of trying to enact it within higher education (HE), express a deep cynicism about whether it is possible to counter the ever creeping hegemony of neo-liberalism, neo- conservatism and new managerialism within Universities. Hopeful Pedagogies in Higher Education acknowledges some of these criticisms, but attempts to rescue critical pedagogy, locating some of its associated pessimism as misreading of Freire and offering hopeful avenues for new theory and practice. These misreadings are also located in the present, in the assumption that unless change comes within the lifetime of the project, it has somehow failed. Instead, this book argues that a positive utopianism is possible. Present actions need to be celebrated, and cultivated as symbols of hope, possibility and generativity for the future - which the concept of hope implies. The contributors make the case for celebrating the pedagogies of HE that operate in liminal spaces – situated in the spaces between the present and the future (between the world as it is and the world as it could be) and also in the cracks that are beginning to show in the dominant discourses.

Pursuing Quality Access and Affordability

Author : Stephen C. Ehrmann
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Whether they recognize it or not, virtually all colleges and universities face three Grand Challenges: Improve the learning outcomes of a higher education: A large majority of college graduates are weak in capabilities that faculty and employers both see as crucial. Extend more equitable access to degrees: Too often, students from underserved groups and poor households either don’t enter college or else drop out without a degree. The latter group may be worse off economically than if they’d never attempted college. Make academic programs more affordable (in money and time) for students and other important stakeholder groups: Many potential students believe they lack the money or time needed for academic success. Many faculty believe they don’t have time to make their courses and degree programs more effective. Many institutions believe they can’t afford to improve outcomes. These challenges are global. But, in a higher education system such as that in the United States, the primary response must be institutional. This book analyzes how, over the years, six pioneering colleges and universities have begun to make visible, cumulative progress on all three fronts.

History Medicine and the Traditions of Renaissance Learning

Author : Nancy G. Siraisi
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A major, path-breaking work, History, Medicine, and the Traditions of Renaissance Learning is Nancy G. Siraisi's examination into the intersections of medically trained authors and history in the period 1450 to 1650. Rather than studying medicine and history as separate disciplinary traditions, Siraisi calls attention to their mutual interaction in the rapidly changing world of Renaissance erudition. Far from their contributions being a mere footnote in the historical record, medical writers had extensive involvement in the reading, production, and shaping of historical knowledge during this important period. With remarkably detailed scholarship, Siraisi investigates doctors' efforts to explore the legacies handed down to them from ancient medical and anatomical writings and the difficult reconciliations this required between the authority of the ancient world and the discoveries of the modern. She also studies the ways in which sixteenth-century medical authors wrote history, both in their own medical texts and in more general historical works. In the course of her study, Siraisi finds that what allowed medical writers to become so fully engaged in the writing of history was their general humanistic background, their experience of history through the field of medicine's past, and the tools that the writing of history offered to the development of a rapidly evolving profession. Nancy G. Siraisi is one of the preeminent scholars of medieval and Renaissance intellectual history, specializing in medicine and science. Now Distinguished Professor Emerita of History at Hunter College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York, and a 2008 winner of a John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Fellowship, she has written numerous books, including Taddeo Alderotti and His Pupils (Princeton, 1981), which won the American Association for the History of Medicine William H. Welch Medal; Avicenna in Renaissance Italy (Princeton, 1987); The Clock and the Mirror (Princeton, 1997); and the widely used textbook Medieval and Early Renaissance Medicine (Chicago, 1990), which won the Watson Davis and Helen Miles Davis Prize from the History of Science Society. In 2003 Siraisi received the History of Science Society's George Sarton Medal, in 2004 she received the Paul Oskar Kristellar Award for Lifetime Achievement of the Renaissance Society of America, and in 2005 she was awarded the American Historical Association Award for Scholarly Distinction. "A fascinating study of Renaissance physicians as avid readers and enthusiastic writers of all kinds of history: from case narratives and medical biographies to archaeological and environmental histories. In this wide-ranging book, Nancy Siraisi demonstrates the deep links between the medical and the humanistic disciplines in early modern Europe." ---Katharine Park, Zemurray Stone Radcliffe Professor of the History of Science, Harvard University "This is a salient but little explored aspect of Renaissance humanism, and there is no doubt that Siraisi has succeeded in throwing light onto a vast subject. The scholarship is wide-ranging and profound, and breaks new ground. The choice of examples is fascinating, and it puts Renaissance documents into a new context. This is a major book, well written, richly learned and with further implications for more than students of medical history." ---Vivian Nutton, Professor, The Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine, University College London, and author of From Democedes to Harvey: Studies in the History of Medicine "Siraisi shows the many-dimensioned overlaps and interactions between medicine and 'history' in the early modern period, marking a pioneering effort to survey a neglected discipline. Her book follows the changing usage of the classical term 'history' both as empiricism and as a kind of scholarship in the Renaissance before its more modern analytical and critical applications. It is a marvel of erudition in an area insufficiently studied." ---Donald R. Kelley, Emeritus James Westfall Thompson Professor of History, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, and Executive Editor of Journal of the History of Ideas

A Journey to a Successful Career Education

Author : Dr. C
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This is a parent/student guide to assist our youth with their journey to accomplishing a successful career and ambassadorship. It chronicles the four stages of a child’s life, from conception to college, and the responsibility that both parent and child must accept for success in life. Stage one: conception through pre-school—the focus is on the parent(s) because they are the child’s first teacher. Stage two: Middle School—the focus shifts from the parents and tilts toward the adolescent. Stage three: High School—the spotlight is on the student or young adult with the parent as support. Stage four: Ambassadorship—is the last stage of the journey. It is the most important and should be intertwined throughout all stages of the journey. It includes a vision of one’s true purpose, and


Author : Erica Stewart
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Change the Quality of your Travels to France with this Amazing Phrasebook This Easy to Search, Easy to use Phrasebook Will Help You Communicate with the Locales - +1000 Common Phrases/Sentence Structures Included As an educator for more than 20 years, I'm a fan of teaching others. And there is no greater challenge than to learn a language and to use that tool when traveling abroad! I created this French Phrasebook as a way to increase your enjoyment when traveling to such amazing places as Nice, Paris, Lyon and Cannes. Imagine what the ability to communicate with the locals will do for your travel experience, allowing you to connect with new and interesting people, or even live or study in places like Marseille or Toulouse! In essence, it's a journey to become more open minded about the world, discovering amazing new people in the process. In this book, you have the main tools you will need to develop pronunciation, phonology and sentence structure. The grammar section is clear, and holds all the references you will need when on your travels. From general conversation, to accommodations, travel and ordering dinner, this is an invaluable resource to keep in your pocket and assist you in common situations you will find yourself in your travels. I invite you to read on and begin a fascinating learning experience. Here is a preview of what you will learn... . Specific situational references to help you out when eating out, traveling, requesting directions, shopping and much more! . The fundamental vocabulary that will get you off your feet in no time . Basic slang and other tips to interact better with the locals! . Common phrases to use when traveling to Italy . Basic grammar and pronunciation, so you will feel comfortable in your interactions in French . Other resources to continue learning and improving your mastery of the language Purchase your copy today!

Travels to Distant Lands

Author : Stephen Currie
File Size : 48.2 MB
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Brief examination of the primarily European explorers who ventured out to sea or across land in search of wealth or other discoveries. The last volume in the series examines the exploration of space.

Quick Hits for Service Learning

Author : M. A. Cooksey
File Size : 54.77 MB
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Service-learning, the integration of classroom instruction with community service projects, is rapidly gaining momentum as a successful teaching and learning strategy that benefits both students and their communities. Quick Hits for Service-Learning presents more than 80 examples of innovative curricula, developed by educators in a wide range of disciplines, designed to combine community service with instruction and reflection. Seven chapters offer tips for classroom activities that focus on the education of children and youth; civic awareness, engagement, and activism; language, literature, and communication; global studies and local outreach to exceptional populations; the study of history, the social sciences, and the arts; business, industry, and the health sciences; and the teaching of research and other "tools of the trade." Brimming with ideas that busy faculty members can easily adapt to their own classrooms, this book is a valuable reference for faculty new to the field or seasoned practitioners looking for fresh ideas.

Bishop Burnet s Travels Through France Italy Germany and Switzerland

Author : Gilbert Burnet
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