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Tree with Crows

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The Crow The Tree and Spittle Lee the Fighting Bee

Author : Albert M. Bribiesca
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The Crow, The Tree and Spittle Lee the Fighting Bee By: Albert M. Bribiesca The Crow, The Tree and Spittle Lee the Fighting Bee is a fable that warns children against the perils and life-long repercussions of joining a gang. The author hopes to open the eyes of boys and girls to the horror of his own ordeal and prevent them from making the same mistakes. The book is very accessible with a strong moral message. As with the crow and the bee, the question is, “What can I do to make a difference?”

The Crow s Cry

Author : Anastasia Shmaryan
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The story begins in a quiet suburban neighborhood of Detroit, where the Lipinski family lives with their teenage son, Robert, and his younger sister, Sarah-Jane. Suddenly, the family is dealt a huge blow when Robert's parents decide to split up. He is left devastated by his parents' divorce and locks himself away in the attic, spending most of his free time there. His time at school is also rough. A gang of youths in Robert's class constantly teases him and beats him up. One of them is Martin McDermott, who will prove to be a thorn in Robert's side for many years to come. One day Robert encounters a magpie after she flies in through the attic window and into Robert's life. He named the bird Gale. What Robert doesn't realise is that Gale is not an ordinary bird, as the unlikely friendship grows between the teenager and the magpie, eventually leading them both down a path of crime and burglary that spans over a decade and changes Robert's life forever.

Staging Gay Lives

Author : John M Clum
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A collection of ten contemporary plays, by writers who reflect a range of cultural origins, about male homosexuality.

All the Year Round

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My Life as I Remember It

Author : Billy D. Smith
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In writing my book I tried, to the best of my memory (and with the help of a lot of people), to relate and have a true story about the things that we did as children and adults about growing up and living in a small town in Alabama. Even though times were hard then, I feel very fortunate to have grown up during that time and in that place. I believe that my life has been guided and protected by a Higher Being and I thank God for looking after me and guiding my life. I also had some great teachers which I am thankful for knowing. Most of our teachers loved us and tried to help, when they could, to prepare for our future. All this gave me confidence to go into adult life and knew that I had my future in my hand and could make my life and that I alone am responsible for my actions. I believe that growing up in Roanoke gave me the knowledge and background to have a great life, for which I am thankful, and I hope for many more good years.

Crow Girl

Author : JB Trepagnier
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Author : Danny Lesley
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KODA: A Story of the First Ancient Native Americans By: Danny Lesley Follows the journey of a small band of people, in their quest, searching for a new homeland. Crossing the Beringia Land Bridge, through the mountains and ice of Alaska, they continued as they encountered many dangers in their struggle for survival. With an understanding and respect for the gifts of Nature, they pursued a land of mountains, wilderness, valleys, and vast prairies filled with herds of great animals. They discovered a land they would honor and respect through ageless generations and centuries.

The Land of the Permauls Or Cochin Its Past and Its Present

Author : Francis Day
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Maple Leaves

Author : Sir James MacPherson Le Moine
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