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Troubled Skylines

Author : John Oladipo Ojikutu
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This book is a collection of materials from many of the articles I have written on occurrences that span a period of more than ten years about Nigeria’s aviation industry. I could not have done this alone from outside the industry without the opportunity given to me to serve in various committees by persons with authorities in the sector.

Skyline The Opal Chance

Author : Paige Pfannenstiel
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Skyline, born under the legendary Blue Moon, is a bald eagle who cannot fly. Inspired by the greatest Storyteller among the eagles, Skyline develops a strong desire to travel to the Sea with his brother. In the course of their long, difficult journey, Skyline and his brother are captured by a bloodthirsty tribe of golden eagles. While searching for a means of escape, the brothers stumble upon a prophecy that foretells the rebuilding of the Kingdom of Eagles, which had been destroyed many lifetimes ago. Armed with the knowledge of a mysterious "Threesome" destined to rebuild the Kingdom, Skyline searches for the one thing that can save the eagles. But a more sinister force also hunts the Threesome, and before he knows what is happening, Skyline is thrown into a battle that will change the fate of all five animal Kingdoms forever. Before Skyline and the other eagles can claim victory, Skyline must overcome his disability and embrace his destiny.

Supernatural Skyline

Author : Jim Hylton
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While revival may be for a season, the Kingdom of God is “unshakeable and never-ending.” The Supernatural Skyline unpacks revival, then proposes God’s greater plan of continuing Kingdom encounters. Full of supernatural experiences and practical expressions of Christ living in and working through His people today, The Supernatural Skyline will expand your vision of the Kingdom to include exciting new spiritual possibilities. Written for thinking Christians who want church life to be meaningful, relevant, and culturally engaging, The Supernatural Skyline contends that the church needs to accept the “keys to the Kingdom” and use those keys to unlock doors currently closed to Christ and His purpose. Defining the Kingdom of God as Jesus’ life enacted in every sphere—justice, government, economics, education, art—any realm that influences people and their culture—this book will challenge you to consider fresh concepts and biblically sound principles.


Author : Hubert Damisch
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One of today's foremost art historians and critics presents a strikingly original view of architecture and the city through the twin lenses of cultural theory and psychoanalysis. In engaging a subject that has been of continuing interest to Damisch over the last 30 years, he develops a unique way of looking at the city and its architecture, the landscape and its spaces.

The Troubling Stone

Author : Scott Roberts
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Identical ten-year-old twins Kim and Tim are no longer the darlings of the Willem family. That changed when the new baby, Abby, arrived. The twins resent Abby and make up their minds to become difficult. So when weird things begin happening, their parents don’t believe them when they talk about the large, old-fashioned black car that glides by with no driver; the small, grey dog with the golden, glowing eyes watching from the hedges; and the gnome-like intruder in the basement, who disappears behind the furnace when followed. The situation becomes even more interesting when Kim and Tim meet the new special education instructor, Mr. Harrison Heed; the two children soon discover that he’s much more than a teacher at their school. Then, something unnatural occurs; baby Abby is abducted by thieving creatures called hdodas.

Allegheny and Skyline

Author : Ronald Dunham
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In his walk of fame, children's author, Liberty Orleans has crossed many streets. But for this gentle author the last one is the hardest.

The Trouble with Shooting Stars

Author : Meg Cannistra
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“A story brimming with hope and sparkling with magic. Meg Cannistra’s writing shines as bright as any shooting star.” —Cassie Beasley, author of Circus Mirandus “Loving, imaginative, and gorgeously written, this book shines with magic and heart.” —Anne Ursu, author of The Lost Girl Wonder meets Mary Poppins in this heartfelt debut novel about magic, healing, and the importance of family. Twelve-year-old Luna loves the nighttime more than anything else. It’s when no one gives her “that look” about the half mask she has to wear while healing from a disfiguring car accident. It’s also the perfect time to sit outside and draw what she sees. Like the boy and girl from the new family next door…zipping out of the window in a zeppelin and up to the stars. At first she thinks she’s dreaming. But one night they catch her watching. Now Luna spends her nights on adventures with them, as they clean full moons, arrange constellations, and catch jars of stardust. She even gets to make a wish on a shooting star they catch. But Luna learns that no wish is strong enough to erase the past—as much as she may hope to.

The Trouble with a Small Raise

Author : Camilla T. Crespi
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Simona needs a raise badly, but her boss is too busy with HH&H's new advertising campaign for a fancy perfume to give her the time of day. She gets up early one morning to confront Fred one last time only to find him lying on the plush carpet of his office murdered. Who is the killer and why? Maybe it's the art director who hungered for Fred's job. Or the jilted ad executive. Or the secretive CEO. Or the overworked Office Manager. There are too many suspects to sort through, but when the cute detective assigned to the case discovers incriminating evidence in Simona's desk, she knows she better find the murderer fast. "Replete with well-drawn characters Nothing spoils the fun of this thoroughly engrossing whodunit, [which introduces] one of the boldest and most likable female sleuths." -Publishers Weekly "Small Raise presents a complicated plot and a lot of intriguing ad business colleagues, and introduces Simona's "When in doubt, cook" philosophy. My kind of woman." -Joyce Christmas, Mysterious Women "Crespi has a light touch with location and atmosphere, and her characters are far from the staid characters often found in series books." -Ellen Nehr, Murder Ad Lib "Ms. Crespi truly shines in the humor department. Realistic and richly detailed Crespi will undoubtedly win a following among those who become acquainted with her heroine." -Stevanne Carter, Mostly Murder


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Nashville Skyline

Author : Francis Fesmire
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"It is the 1980's and John Gabriel 'Gabe' Rutherford, an emergency physician living in exile on a houseboat, is trapped in the nightmares of the past whether it be reliving his Father's suicide or charging on Yankee breastworks at the Battle of Franklin. Gabe's greatest hope for survival in this world is his true love, Elizabeth Halcyonn Morgan, who goes by the nickname Sis. As the story unfolds, we follow Gabe in his vain attempt to escape from his responsibilties to himself, to others, and to God. In the dramatic conclusion, we learn that life has meaning, that our world has a caring God, and that life does offer second chances."--Book cover.