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True State Trooper Stories

Author : Charles A. Black
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True State Trooper Stories. Sgt. Charles Black is a 35 year veteran of the Iowa State Patrol during those years he has had many experiences and he shares his favorites in this book. In 35 years I have seen a lot of changes from the name of the organization to the primary function.

Memoirs Of A State Trooper

Author : Retired Corporal Timothy Schell
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I was born and raised in the small By: Retired Corporal Timothy Schell borough of Blandon, located in Berks County Pennsylvania. There wasn’t much to do there except hang out and have fun with your friends. We played football, basketball, home run king and went swimming in the local dam. I have two older brothers who I look up to; Larry and Garry. I looked to them for guidance and advice. We were close while growing up, but they got me into trouble as big brothers often do. I went to Fleetwood Area High School where I lifted weights and ran track and fi eld for four years. I met my wife Kristel in Fleetwood. I used to ride my bike four miles one way just to see her. I was an average normal kid with big dreams of being a police offi cer and helping others. I obtained my goal through hard work and dedication and support from my family. I have a nice house, a gorgeous wife and two beautiful daughters; Aubrey and Morgan. If you work hard, stay close to your family and to God, your goals will be fulfilled.

Activities of Regulatory and Enforcement Agencies Relating to Small Business Federal Communications Commission

Author : United States. Congress. House. Select Committee on Small Business
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Assignment Illinois State Trooper

Author : Charles Neuf, CPP
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It is the 1960's; The Detective is on State Police assignment. Jack Maybee, a husky thirty year old Trooper who worked out of the State Capitol building for only two people, the State Police Chief and the Governor of the State. Jack Maybee, a street wise, police wise, State Trooper with only two years on the force and little background in investigation, but he knew how to operate on both sides of the street. After leaving High school and before becoming a State Trooper, Jack had worked as a Farmer, Forest Fire Fighter, Railroad laborer, Coalminer, and a Merchant Marine on a Inland waterways Towboat as a licensed Tankerman. Jack had two big draw backs, he was not afraid of anyone or anything, including the Chief, the Governor or those in Central Command that resented him.

One Dark Morning The True Story of Surviving a Fallen Trooper

Author : Linda Q. Cavazos
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True Police Stories of the Strange Unexplained

Author : Ingrid P. Dean
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Early one evening, I was patrolling alone and decided to stop a vehicle with its taillight out. I had no way of knowing that this seemingly routine decision would lead to a strange twist of fate years later. . . These true, first-hand accounts from law enforcement officials across the nation reveal how intuition, apparitions, UFOs, prophetic dreams, and other forces beyond our understanding have impacted them in the course of duty. The weird and unexplained experiences in this book take place in the midst of the death-defying gun battles, thrilling rescues, and heart-searing tragedies that police officers face every day—and reveal the fascinating inner lives of the heroic men and women behind the badge.

Grandpa s Bedtime Stories True Tales of Adventure the Mysterious and the Unexplained

Author : Don Manning
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In Grandpa’s Bedtime Stories: True Tales of Adventure, the Mysterious and the Unexplained, Don Manning weaves true tales of his exciting encounters with Bigfoot, mountain lions, and bears and recounts stories of his mysterious experiences with UFOs and the paranormal and spiritual realms. Sprinkled throughout are nuggets of wisdom and insight.

Patrolling the Heart of the West

Author : Steve Raabe
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For decades, Trooper Steve Raabe patrolled some of the most desolate and dangerous highways in America. Alone in the remote Nevada desert, miles from any backup, Raabe was forced to contend with murderers, thieves, perverts, dope peddlers, and the occasional runaway train.While often tragic and terrifying, Raabe¿s true tales also abound with his signature wit and playful good cheer. Policing can be a deadly serious business, but for Raabe it also entailed buying a prisoner an ice cream cone on a hot summer day, or laughing along with some good old boys before booking them into jail as you¿ll discover in Patrolling the Heart of the West.In our contentious and politicized era, when police officers are too often portrayed as either infallible superheroes or oppressive henchmen, Raabe¿s charming collection reminds us that cops are mostly just ordinary men and women who've chosen an extraordinary career.

Catalog of Copyright Entries

Author : Library of Congress. Copyright Office
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True Stories of Law and Order

Author : Kevin Dwyer
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Part of the reason millions of fans tune in to Law & Order is the gritty realism of its storytelling. The monumentally popular show has included many episodes inspired by actual cases ripped from the headlines. Here are the fascinating and shocking facts behind 25 of the hit show's most popular episodes--and, just as in the television drama, the actual crime is just the beginning, as you follow these cases from the initial stages of the investigation through the trial and up to the often controversial verdicts.--From publisher description.

True Detective Stories

Author : Stanley Forbes
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True Story Ten Greatest Love Stories

Author : .....
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A collection of love stories from the magazine True story.


Author :
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Alaska Stories

Author : John Miller
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Alaska Stories is filled with an array of classic and recent voices--native Alaskans and newcomers, environmentalists and hunters, essayists and fiction writers. From the childhood view of the expansive frontier in Robert Coles's 'Distances' to the ever-contracting world that fatally injured explorer V. Swanson recorded in his journal. Alaska Stories takes readers to a land that occupies a distinctly mythic place in American history.

True Bear Tales

Author : David E. Young
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The State Trooper

Author : Milton R. Palmer
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One Deadly Night

Author : John Glatt
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On September 28, 2000, former Indiana State Trooper David Camm made a frantic call to his former colleagues in the state troopers office: He'd just walked into his garage, and found lying on the floor the bodies of his 35-year-old wife, Kim, and their two children, Brad and Jill, ages 7 and 5. This was the kind of crime that could tear the heart out of a community. The Camm's lived the American Dream. They had what seemed like a loving marriage, a nice little house with a white picket fence, and two adorable children. To top it all off, David Camm was a pillar of the community who had dedicated his career to the enforcement of the law and the sanctity of human life. Then, this happened. Three days later, it got worse when police arrested David Camm for the triple murder. Soon, new stories started emerging: stories about mistresses and violent bursts of temper. And as the ugly truth about the Camms' marriage got uglier and the evidence against David started piling up, two families-and the community at large-took positions at opposite sides of a yawning and bitter divide. Was David Camm a dedicated, conscientious public servant-the victim of unspeakable tragedy, railroaded by an unfair system? Or was he a cold-hearted murderer who earned his three murder convictions and every one of the 195 years behind bars to which he was sentenced? Investigative journalist John Glatt finds out in this gripping new book.

Jersey Troopers II

Author : George J. Wren Jr.
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Jersey Troopers II chronicles the continuing patrol of the New Jersey State Police and its preeminent Outfit of Jersey Troopers. The first sequel to Leo J. Coakley's original Jersey Troopers A Fifty Year History of the New Jersey State Police, Jersey Troopers II recounts the second era of the New Jersey State Police, an era fraught with an evolution of social change and unparalleled technological advancements. Jersey Troopers II encompasses a thirty-fi ve-year period, from 1971 to 2006, articulated through the actions and deeds of Jersey Troopers. During this period, they faced a multitude of progressive services and advancement while trying to hold true to the steadfast traditions that earned the New Jersey State Police the title of being The Best of the Best. This is an in-depth record of many noteworthy cases and events that impacted Jersey Troopers during a time fi lled with intrigue and passion that revolved around an ever-changing world harboring a soaring criminal element and fanatical terrorism. It was a time marked by tragic losses and hostilities, when diversified services and progressive leadership brought a once rural state constabulary into the 21st Century as a model of modern policing. These are the real stories of Jersey Troopers told by a Jersey Trooper!

Road Track

Author :
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The American Catalogue

Author :
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