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Gaagar mein saagar

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The Indian P E N

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Asian Women

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Reference India S Z

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Kalyana Mitra Volume 9

Author : Prof. Katta Narasimha Reddy
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Volume IX, Literature: This volume contains 20 articles on Literature and Literary studies. Topics covered in the Volume include Charaka and Susrutha Samhita, Ramayana, Puranas, Literature of the Mughal period like Babur-nama, Annamayya Samkirtanas, Women’s Literature and poets. This Volume serves as a source book for students, research scholars and teachers of Literature, Literary Criticism in historical context. This volume also highlights the love and affection of Prof. P. Chenna Reddy enjoys in the intellectual world. The felicitation Volume is brought out in a series of 12 independent books covering a total of 460 articles. Every volume contains two sections. The first section contains the biographical sketch of Prof. P. Chenna Reddy, his achievements and contribution to archaeology, history and Society. The second section of each volume is subject specific, E.g., Volume-I on Archaeology, Volume II on Early and Medieval Indian History, Volume III on Modern Indian History, Volume IV on Epigraphy and Numismatics, Volume V on Art , Volume VI on Architecture, Volume VII on Religion and Philosophy, Volume VIII on Economy, Trade and Commerce, Volume IX on Literature, Volume X Tribalore and Folklore, Volume XI Contemporary India and Diaspora, Volume XII, Tourism and contains as many as 460 articles and contributed by renowned scholars.

Anthems of Resistance A Celebration of Progressive Urdu Poetry

Author : Ali Husain Mir
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"Let a thousand verses bloom. Anthems of Resistance is about the iconoclastic tradition of poetry nurtured by Ali Sardar Jafri, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Javed Akhtar, Fehmida Riyaz and all those who have been part of the progressive writers' movement in the Indian subcontinent. It documents the rise of the Progressive Writers' Association, its period of ascendancy, its crucial role in the struggle for independence, and its unflagging spirit of resistance against injustice. In the process, the book highlights various aspects of the PWA's aesthetics and politics such as its internationalist ethos, its romance with modernity, its engagement with feminism, its relationship to Hindi cinema and film lyrics, and the vision of a radically new world which its members articulated with passion. Part history, part literary analysis, part poetic translation, and part unabashed celebration of the PWA era, this book is truly a unique resource. This is a lucidly written account of a glorious chapter in the history of Indian literature. The powerful verses of the PWA poets are wonderfully translated and, along with the highly accessible transliteration, offer the general reader a rare opportunity to appreciate the writings that helped shape a nation. Anthems of Resistance is truly an inspiring and pleasurable read." - Professor Mushirul Hasan, Vice Chancellor, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi "Such a gift from the Brothers Mir! Lyrical and thoughtful, this introduction to the vast swathe of progressive Urdu poetry belongs on all our shelves, and in all our hearts. It is a companion worthy of the poetry itself. A singular achievement." - Professor Vijay Prashad, Director of International Studies, Trinity College, Connecticut, US "Like the many poets they celebrate, the authors write with passion and conviction ... Their book makes for a joyous and exhilarating read." -Professor C.M. Naim, Professor Emeritus, University of Chicago

Women Writing Violence

Author : Shreerekha Subramanian
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Women Writing Violence engages with select contemporary novels in which women characters resist violence and redefine notions of community by imagining bonds with the exiled and the disempowered. The author interweaves the literary landscapes of African-American writer Toni Morrison with the oeuvre of South Asian writers Mridula Garg, Tahmina Durrani, Amrita Pritam, Bapsi Sidhwa, and Mahasweta Devi. This results in the opening of a new gateway into the thinking about violence and survival through a feminist, transnational lens. Subramanian places women's literary imaginary at the margins of both the nation-state and the patriarchal community. She creates a specifically female language and emphasizes the ingenious ways in which women characters in novels restore dignity and agency to their kin and beloved. The book focuses on voice and narrative techniques within the novel and transgresses the confines of the Enlightenment discourse to reckon with conceptual categories such as community and belonging.

Rang E Hina

Author : Hina Rizvi Haider
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The author has strived-through Rang e Hina to put into words the things we experience as the staggering tsunami of time washes over us, dousing us in sensation until we are drenched to the bone in life's profound complexities, submerging us in wisdom and ambition until our minds are left swimming in the depths of what is and what could have been. She wishes this book to be a product of the empathy for the pain the people around her feel, the empathy that she keeps close to her heart when she writes. Poetry, in the perspective of the author, is a beautiful way to communicate one's thoughts to people’s hearts, and to thwart it as just being a play on words with the intention of receiving accolades of applause is utterly wrong. The author wishes with all her heart that her words dutifully portrayed her thoughts and feelings and hoped that her core message of love and empathy in every form reaches the hearts of every reader.

Rooh Meeting Soul

Author : Paramjit Kaur Pirzada
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We exist. We like. We love. We lose. We grieve. We reflect. We move on. We learn. Finally, we live. Each verse and shayari in my poetic endeavour is a sincere, raw and honest reflection of my life’s greatest learning’s, purest thoughts, and deepest emotions. Written from my heart (dil se), these poems are seemingly ordinary yet powerful everyday emotions, thoughts and situations that we experience but tend to not necessarily ponder upon as we get preoccupied with the mundane aspects of our lives. Based on a combination of intimate observations of the world and deeply personal experiences of the poet, these poems and shayari’s cover a myriad range of topics from approaching life with the right mindset to taking control of our circumstances, to living in the moment, to taking risks to succeed in life, to finding faith, to experiencing and exhibiting love, compassion, joy ,fear, worry , to dealing with sorrows and failures. Underlying the message throughout the various sections in the book is a heartfelt message of optimism and positivity Compiling them over a __ of years, the poet wishes for the readers to pause, assimilate and most importantly relate to her thoughts, hoping to enable a community of shared dialogue and interaction. For when all else fails, there are words. And in the end, words will set us free.

Dissertation Abstracts International

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