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Tupolev TU 22

Author : Sergey Burdin
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This historic Russian aircraft was first delivered to the Soviet Air Force at the height of the Cold War in 1961. It remained in service until replaced by the much modified Tu-22M Backfire which was introduced in the early 1970s and still remains in service. It was the first Soviet supersonic bomber and was used for reconnaissance and bombing, in the latter role carrying either conventional or nuclear bombs. The early aircraft had a range of 1,800 miles but later models had a much increased radius of action through the introduction of in-flight refuelling. This book looks at the design and development of the aircraft up to the introduction of the type M Backfire. Details of construction, weapon systems, photo-reconnaissance and jamming equipment are included to cover the several variant models. Operational use is explained and the text includes many first-hand accounts from Russian aircrew of the period. The book will be superbly illustrated by unique official photographs and manuals.

Tupolev Tu 128 Fiddler

Author : Alan Dawes
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"The first comprehensive account in English of the development and operation of Russia's least known postwar jet fighter. Only ever operated over the former Soviet Union's vast northern territory by an elite group of Soviet Air Force aircrew, it was little known even to most Russian military personnel and the majority of Soviet citizens. Although never flown in anger, the Tu-128 played a hugely important part in protecting the nation's Artic approaches against foreign incursions for almost a quarter of a century. The reader will discover the rationale behind its selection and training of aircrew, operation of quick reaction alerts, manual and automated ground controlled intercepts and cooperation with the Sovier Union's first AWACS, its stable-mate the Tu-126 Moss. With numerous previously unpublished photographs, diagrams and expert text, the Tu-128 Fiddler will prove indespensable to enthusiasts and historians alike." --- from jacket cover.

Super Snoopers

Author : Bob Archer
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The US Air Force has performed peripheral reconnaissance adjacent to the traditional foe of Russia, China, North Korea and others for seven decades. Evolving from rudimentary aircraft to an unprecedented level of sophistication, the current, elderly airframes boast unmatched performance. The book details the aircraft, equipment, sensors, air bases involved, and limited operational details-as much remains highly classified. Additionally, stories by the personnel involved, who have flown these mission, and often faced their quarry at very close range. The majority of aircraft involved are the Boeing C-135 series, including more than 100 different airframes, of 48 different versions. Missions include strategic intelligence, airborne command and control, treaty compliance, Open Skies, weather reconnaissance, aerial refuelling, and transportation. Details the different aircraft missions, bewildering programme names, operating locations, and flying units involved. Background support organisations are presented. A potted history of every aircraft involved is included, together with units operated, and designations applied. Sixty years of operations, which continue to this day, are mostly shrouded in secrecy. A cat and mouse adventure, throughout the Cold War, into the new peace dividend, and now in the face of renewed Russian aggression. The veil of secrecy is lifted, ever so slightly!

Monino Museum Moscow

Author : Ken Duffey
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One of the premier collections of Soviet and Russian aircraft, the Monino museum opened in 1960 and covers an area of about 20 hectares. It has on display more than 173 aircraft and 127 aero engines, with 44 of its exhibits having been declared as monuments of science and technology. The Monino museum charts the history of Soviet and Russian aviation from the earliest pre-revolutionary days until the present time, with exhibits in the form of models, artefacts, posters, aero engines, weapons etc., as well as airframes, ejection seats, rockets covering the later period. This book describes and illustrates all the exhibits on display in this amazing museum. It serves as a guide for those visiting Monino, and a mouth-watering taste for those unable to get there in person!


Author : Paul Duffy
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This book focuses on the aircraft designs of the man often referred to as the father of Russian aviation, Andrei Nikolaevich Tupolev. Born in Russia in 1888, Tupolev went on to design aircraft that earned Russia worldwide acclaim for their contributions to aviation in the 1920s, '30s, and '40s.

Tupolev TU 22 Blinder

Author : Sergey Burdin
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Describes the design, development, production, and operation of the Tupolev Tu-22 Blinder bomber.

A Compendium of Armaments and Military Hardware Routledge Revivals

Author : Christopher Chant
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First published in 1987, The Compendium of Armaments and Military Hardware provides, within a single volume, the salient technical and operational details of the most important weapons. The complete range of hardware used in land, sea and air forces throughout the world at the time of publication is covered, from tanks to rocket systems, helicopters to cruise missiles, alongside full details of size, weight and operational range. The book’s main strength lies in the detail it gives of armament and associated ammunition capabilities, and of the sensors and other electronics required for the weapons to be used effectively. A key title amongst Routledge reference reissues, Christopher Chant’s important work will be of great value to students and professionals requiring a comprehensive and accessible reference guide, as well as to weapons ‘buffs’.

In Cold War Skies

Author : Michael Napier
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Throughout the second half of the 20th century, international relations across the globe were dominated by the Cold War. From 1949 until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, US and Soviet strategic forces were deployed across the Arctic Ocean in North America and Northern Russia, while the best-equipped armed forces that the world had ever seen faced each other directly across the 'Iron Curtain' in Europe. In Cold War Skies examines the air power of the major powers both at a strategic and at a tactical level throughout the 40 years of the Cold War. In this fascinating book, acclaimed historian Michael Napier looks at each decade of the war in turn, examining the deployment of strategic offensive and defensive forces in North America and Northern Russia as well as the situation in Europe. He details the strategic forces and land-based tactical aircraft used by the air forces of the USA, USSR, NATO, Warsaw Pact countries and the European non-aligned nations. He also describes the aircraft types in the context of the units that operated them and the roles in which they were used. The text is supported by a wide range of first-hand accounts of operational flying during the Cold War, as well as numerous high-quality images.

My Target Was Leningrad

Author : Philip Goodall
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Russia s Top Guns

Author :
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