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TV Series Tarot

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Adaptable TV

Author : Yvonne Griggs
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This book focuses on the significantly under-explored relationship between televisual culture and adaptation studies in what is now commonly regarded as the ‘Golden Age’ of contemporary TV drama. Adaptable TV: Rewiring the Text does not simply concentrate on traditional types of adaptation, such as reboots, remakes and sequels, but broadens the scope of enquiry to examine a diverse range of experimental adaptive types that are emerging within an ever-changing TV landscape. With a particular focus on the serial narrative form, and with case studies that include Penny Dreadful, Fargo, The Night Of and Orange is the New Black, this study is essential reading for anyone who is interested in the complex interplay between television studies and adaptation studies.

Web TV Series

Author : Dan Williams
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Today, people can watch television shows, feature films, live sporting events, and just about anything they want on their computers, tablets or phones. As the new media marketplace continues to grow, so does demand for original content and opportunites for filmmakers. Online distributors - such as YouTube, Hulu, and Funny or DIe - are interested in acquiring web series (episodic digital entertainment, like mini-TV shows) that attract audiences and appeal to advertiser. Web TV Series...How to Make and Market Them provides advice and expertise to help readers create their own original, successful online shows - projects that can be profitable, potentially developed into film or television properties, and help to start a career in the industry. Readers will learn how to develop characters and stories designed for new media platforms, and find tips for planning, shooting, and editing that are tailored specifically to web series production. This book also extensively covers the latest distribution platforms and social media marketing strategies, as well as examples of how to find financial sustainability through advertisers, branded content, and sponsorship partners. Web Series has all of the tools necessary for both aspiring and experienced filmmakers to make the most of this growing new medium.

1001 TV Series

Author : Paul Condon
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This is the ultimate book for the Netflix and boxset generation, featuring all the greatest drama series ever broadcast as well as the weirdest game shows, controversial reality TV experiments and breathtaking nature documentaries. It is a must for anyone who wants to know why India's Ramayan is legendary, why Roots was groundbreaking, or what the ending of Lost was all about. Written by an international team of critics, authors, academics, producers and journalists, this book reviews TV series from more than 20 countries, highlights classic episodes to watch and also provides cast summaries and production details.

Never Fear The Tarot

Author : Heather Graham
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We asked twenty-six authors to write stories based on the Tarot, with the cards determining which stories the authors would write. Over the course of several months we reached out to some of the best genre authors and proposed our idea. Once we had our authors, we took a tarot deck and a list of all twenty-six names. We would read the author’s name, shuffle the deck, and draw a card. That tarot card and its traits were all the authors had to go on. The card was removed, the deck was reshuffled, and the next name was read off. This anthology contains twenty-six stories based on the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana and the four cards of the Minor Arcana. Award-winning and New York Times bestselling authors combine their talents to deal out twenty-six dark tales influenced by the Tarot.

Supernatural Tarot Deck and Guidebook

Author : Minerva Siegel
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Join the hunt for answers with this collectible Supernatural tarot deck and guidebook, featuring Sam and Dean Winchester, their friends, their enemies, and all the angels, demons, ghosts, and monsters of the hit TV series. The long-running television series Supernatural is now an illustrated tarot deck! Featuring original artwork inspired by classic tarot iconography, the 78-card deck includes all your favorite characters from Sam and Dean to Bobby Singer to Castiel to Crowley. The deck also comes with a helpful guidebook explaining the meaning of each card as well as a few simple spreads for easy readings. It’s the perfect gift for Supernatural fans and tarot enthusiasts alike!

Suicide Blonde

Author : Vincent Curcio
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The life of Gloria Grahame offers a portrait of the Academy Award-winning actress who achieved enormous success in Hollywood until her notorious and shocking personal life sent her on a downward spiral to self-destruction

The Tarot Therapy Deck

Author : Steve Hounsome
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The Tarot Therapy Deck has been created to express the underlying energy of each Tarot card, allowing the individual to relate to them in their own way. This book is the companion to the deck. The cards show this energy in the natural world, which we are part of and intrinsically linked to. It is this energy that we have an instinctive relationship with. By relating to this connection through the cards we can utilise this causal level to absorb, accept and grow. The Tarot Therapy Deck then becomes a therapeutic guide, inspiring us to live a life of empowered passion. The structure of the Tarot deck is the same as that of the human being and the Tarot Therapy deck is a celebration of the sacred energy that exists in all of us and the world in which we live. This book is the essential guide through the deck, offering a full explanation of every card, the background to its creation and how to use it.

Science Fiction Fantasy Book Review Annual

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The Blackstone Book of Magic Illusion

Author : Harry Blackstone
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The complete Blackstone story and the history of magic from the 1920s to today.

Tarot Therapy Volume 2

Author : MR Steve Hounsome
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This book is an exploration and examination of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, as experienced and understood by the author, Steve Hounsome. In the ten years since he published the first in this three volume series, Steve has undertaken his own 'Seekers Quest' and here he presents this unique view of the Major Arcana. In what is at times a highly personal account of his experience with the energy of the cards, Steve demonstrates how the energy or power of each of the cards can be used in a therapeutic way to promote healing and development of the self. For those working as professional Tarot readers this book can be an invaluable aid, but as Steve himself found, this must first be done within you. This book shows you how. Volume 3 of the Tarot Therapy series will explore the energy of the Minor Arcana.

Tarot Therapy Volume 3

Author : MR Steve Hounsome
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In this, the third and last of his Tarot Therapy series, Steve Hounsome examines and explores the Minor Arcana of the Tarot. As with the previous two volumes in this work, the cards are seen in a therapeutic context, existing as the underlying energies and forces from which our selves and lives are shaped and take form. The elemental and numerical energies are here combined in each of the Minor Arcana cards to produce their unique energy. This book gives an insight into what can happen when we receive and assimilate those energies as we go about our lives. This book completes a radical new view of the Tarot, taking it away from the fortune-telling booth and into the therapist's consulting room. Having read this book, your view of the Tarot may never be the same again and both you and your clients will be all the better for it!

Rain Taxi Review of Books

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Instant Tarot

Author : Monte Farber
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Read tarot card predictions within minutes with the Instant Tarot! The authors unique Instant Tarot system is devised to enable beginners to read virtually every Tarot deck. The clearly organized Instant Tarot text interprets every card in each of the eleven meaning-specific positions of the celtic cross spread. With detailed instructions, sample questions, helpful diagrams, and a handy index, readers can easily navigate the book. The ingenious layout of Instant Tarot allows individuals to also ask any question using a one-card, three-card or full eleven card "Celtic Cross" spread to get revealing, inspiring answers to your burning questions about love, money, career...everything! It's great for parties, small groups of friends and especially by yourself where, undisturbed, you will often see subtle and formerly hidden meanings emerge from the text. You can set up and do tarot readings right away using the instructions provided. No memorization is required, because each card is interpreted according to the position it appears in — the book tells you right where to look. “Using tarot cards has helped us to improve our intuitive abilities which, when blended with our logical minds, has enabled us to make better decisions that have guided us to great success, especially our forty plus year loving marriage. The tarot adds spice to your life but you cannot live on spice alone. Your free will to make decisions is your "main course." Instant Tarot has been designed to help you properly access the tarot’s ancient truths and put them to immediate use. It is our sincere desire that our book, the first and only one of its kind in the tarot's long history, will help you to better understand your own inner voice and its ability to direct you.” –Monte Farber and Amy Zerner

The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows 1946 present

Author : Tim Brooks
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AMERICA'S #1 BESTSELLING TELEVISION BOOK-- NOW REVISED AND UPDATED! The biggest and best television reference ever published, this is the guide you'll turn to again and again for information on every nighttime network series ever telecast and all the top syndicated and cable series! From The Ed Sullivan Show, The Honeymooners, and Happy Days to Party of Five, The X-Files, and Dharma & Greg, this comprehensive directory lists every program alphabetically and includes the complete broadcast history, cast list, and plot summary, along with exciting behind-the-scene stories about the shows and stars. EXTENSIVE ORIGINAL CABLE COVERAGE with more than XXX entries, from Larry King Live to Talk Soup and South Park. MORE THAN 350 NEW NETWORK AND SYNDICATED SERIES, including Ally McBeal, The Practice, Will & Grace, and Sports Night. UPDATED LISTINGS OF CONTINUING SHOWS, including Frasier, The Simpsons, and 60 Minutes. BRAND-NEW APPENDIX listing network Web addresses. SPECIAL FEATURES! - Annual program schedules at a glance for the past fifty-three years - Top-rated shows of each season - Emmy Award winners - Longest running series - Spinoff series - Theme songs - Fascinating history of the "Seven Eras" of TV programming - More than fifty entries for the leading cable networks - And much, much more!

Popular Witchcraft

Author : Jack Fritscher
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Popular Witchcraft: Straight from the Witch’s Mouth, inspired by the British Gerald Gardner’s Witchcraft Today, was the first book to be published on popular American witchcraft and remains the classic survey of white and black magic. Newly revised and updated for twenty-first-century readers, the author—an ordained but marvelously fallen exorcist—tells all about the evil eye, the queer eye, women and witch trials, the Old Religion, magic Christianity, Satanism, and New Age self-help. Jack Fritscher sifts through legends of sorcery and the twisted history of witchcraft, including the casting of spells and incantations, with a focus on the growing role of witchcraft in popular culture and its mainstream commercialization through popular music, Broadway, Hollywood, and politics. As seriously historical as it is fun to read, there is no other book like it.

Creeping Flesh

Author : David Kerekes
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Taking its cue from the fanzines of yesteryear, Creeping Flesh is an ongoing appreciation of horror, fantasy and exploitation movies with a distinctive retro sensibility. Volume two follows the success of the first one with another highly entertaining and informative mix of the classic and the obscure in exploitation movies and in classic television. Reviews, interviews and features on the rape-revenge film, cheerleader films of the 1970s, Triad cinema, Australian fantasy, children's television fantasy, archive television and much more.

Tarot Mysteries of Thoth

Author : Tamara von Forslun
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Since the beginning of time, humankind has stood in awe of the universe and its many magickal marvels—even the very planet Earth that we live on—realizing that there is a Goddess and God the created all that is. Their greatest creations were their children: the Wicces of old, and the Wiccans of tomorrow. There have been many secrets within all religious orders, but the coffer of knowledge of these esoteric occult and religious organizations has now been opened for all to learn and understand. In Tarot Mysteries of the Thoth, author Tamara Von Forslun shares these secrets of Wicca and brings clarity and sensitivity to budding seekers of the craft as they come to know and learn the religion of old. As the third book in her series on witchcraft and Wicca, this guidebook focuses on the training of the initiated Wicce by working the tarot as internal alchemy for the modern Wicce. It will challenge modern-day Wicces with a series of training lessons that are practical in the advancement of becoming a priest or priestess of the old religion of Wicca. In order to develop on your magickal journey as a Wicce, you must learn to connect at a very deep earthly level, and you must have an intensity that will help you gain the ability to positively change the very world you live in—not only on a microcosmic level, but on a macrocosmic, universal level as well. The lessons in Tarot Mysteries of the Thoth will aid in your development.

Television Character and Story Facts

Author : Vincent Terrace
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A dictionary listing of network and syndicated television programs which aired from September 1945 to December 1992. Includes information on the casts of the shows, history, plotlines, and soundtrack titles.