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Uncanny Vol 1

Author : Andy Diggle
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Weaver has six billion skill sets... but only one last chance! Born with an uncanny ability, he can steal other people's memories, abilities, and expertise for a limited time. A man with a power like that could change the world, but as a professional gambler, con-man, and thief-for-hire, Weaver prefers to look out for Number One. That is, until he finds himself drawn into a dangerous game of international intrigue where the rules keep changing, the players are hidden, and the first thing he stands to lose is his life. And maybe, just maybe, he isn't so unique after all. Collects the complete storyline from issues #1-6 of the regular monthly Uncanny comic book series.

The Lone Ranger Vol 8 The Long Road Home

Author : Ande Parks
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The legend of the Lone Ranger and Tonto lives on, in two-fisted tales from the Old West! Thrill to the famous masked man's adventures as he avenges the cold-blooded murder of Abilene marshal Tom "Bear River" Smith, rescues a stranded wagon and its precious cargo from a deadly Colorado blizzard, saves an elderly rainmaker from a lynch mob during a season of drought, pursues a high-strung outlaw after a botched bank heist, foils the train robbery by a war-obsessed Chiricahua renegade, and averts the starvation of an Arapaho tribe after pleasure-seekers hunt their only food source - the American buffalo - to near extinction. Also, Tonto takes center stage in a origin story that proves that a rider is only as good as his horse, as his escape from Fort Garland leads to a fateful first encounter with his trusty stead, Scout.

Gothic Modernisms

Author : A. Smith
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This is the first full length exploration of the relationship between Gothic fiction and Modernism in fiction and film. The Gothic's fascination with images of the fragmented self is echoed in the Modernist concern with the psyche and the paranoia of the everyday. The contributors explore how the Gothic influences a range of writers including James Joyce, D.H. Lawrence, Virginia Woolf, May Sinclair, Elizabeth Bowen and Djuna Barnes.

Other Lives

Author : Sonam Kachru
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Human experience is not confined to waking life. Do experiences in dreams matter? Humans are not the only living beings who have experiences. Does nonhuman experience matter? The Buddhist philosopher Vasubandhu, writing during the late fourth and early fifth centuries C.E., argues in his work The Twenty Verses that these alternative contexts ought to inform our understanding of mind and world. Vasubandhu invites readers to explore experiences in dreams and to inhabit the experiences of nonhuman beings—animals, hungry ghosts, and beings in hell. Other Lives offers a deep engagement with Vasubandhu’s account of mind in a global philosophical perspective. Sonam Kachru takes up Vasubandhu’s challenge to think with perspective-diversifying contexts, showing how his novel theory draws together action and perception, minds and worlds. Kachru pieces together the conceptual system in which Vasubandhu thought to show the deep originality of the argument. He reconstructs Vasubandhu’s ecological concept of mind, in which mindedness is meaningful only in a nexus with life and world, to explore its ongoing philosophical significance. Engaging with a vast range of classical, modern, and contemporary Asian and Western thought, Other Lives is both a groundbreaking work in Buddhist studies and a model of truly global philosophy. The book also includes an accessible new translation of The Twenty Verses, providing a fresh introduction to one of the most influential works of Buddhist thought.

Haunting Modernisms

Author : Matt Foley
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This book is about haunting in modernist literature. Offering an extended and textually-sensitive reading of modernist spectrality that has yet to be undertaken by scholars of either haunting or modernism, it provides a fresh reconceptualization of modernist haunting by synthesizing recent critical work in the fields of haunting studies, Gothic modernisms, and mourning modernisms. The chapters read the form and function of the ghostly as it appears in the work of a constellation of important modernist contributors, including T. S. Eliot, Virginia Woolf, D. H. Lawrence, Elizabeth Bowen, Wyndham Lewis, Richard Aldington, and Ford Madox Ford. It is of particular significance to scholars and students in a wide range of fields of study, including modernism, literary theory, and the Gothic.

Spirits and Animism in Contemporary Japan

Author : Fabio Rambelli
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This book draws attention to a striking aspect of contemporary Japanese culture: the prevalence of discussions and representations of “spirits” (tama or tamashii). Ancestor cults have played a central role in Japanese culture and religion for many centuries; in recent decades, however, other phenomena have expanded and diversified the realm of Japanese animism. For example, many manga, anime, TV shows, literature, and art works deal with spirits, ghosts, or with an invisible dimension of reality. International contributors ask to what extent these are cultural forms created by the media for consumption, rather than manifestations of “traditional” ancestral spirituality in their adaptations to contemporary society. Spirits and Animism in Contemporary Japan considers the modes of representations and the possible cultural meanings of spirits, as well as the metaphysical implications of contemporary Japanese ideas about spirits. The chapters offer analyses of specific cases of “animistic attitudes” in which the presence of spirits and spiritual forces is alleged, and attempt to trace cultural genealogies of those attitudes. In particular, they present various modes of representation of spirits (in contemporary art, architecture, visual culture, cinema, literature, diffuse spirituality) while at the same time addressing their underlying intellectual and religious assumptions.

Urban Gothic of the Second World War

Author : S. Wasson
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This book examines writing in the Gothic mode which subverts the dominant national narrative of the British home front. Instead of seeing wartime experience as a site of fellowship and emotional resilience, Elizabeth Bowen, Anna Kavan, Mervyn Peake, Roy Fuller and others depict shadowy figures on the margin of the nation.

British Women Short Story Writers

Author : Emma Young
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Essays tracing the evolving relationship between British women writers and the short story genre from the late Nineteenth Century to the present day.

The Indian Graphic Novel

Author : Pramod K. Nayar
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This book is a detailed study of the Indian graphic novel as a significant category of South Asian literature. It focuses on the genre’s engagement with history, memory and cultural identity and its critique of the nation in the form of dissident histories and satire. Deploying a nuanced theoretical framework, the volume closely examines major texts such as The Harappa Files, Delhi Calm, Kari, Bhimayana, Gardener in the Wasteland, Pao Anthology, and authors and illustrators including Sarnath Banerjee, Vishwajyoti Ghosh, Durgabai Vyam, Amrutha Patil, Srividya Natarajan and others. It also explores — using key illustrations from the texts — critical themes like contested and alternate histories, urban realities, social exclusion, contemporary politics, and identity politics. A major intervention in Indian writing in English, this volume will be of great importance to scholars and researchers of South Asian literature, cultural studies, art and visual culture, and sociology.

Haunted Landscapes

Author : Ruth Heholt
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Examines the concept of landscape as a multitude of places and spaces haunted by spectres, memory, trauma and nostalgia in literature, art and film from Victorian times to the present.

Beyond Tish

Author : Douglas Barbour
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Presents new writng by those associated with the first nineteen issues of Tish, as well as interviews and critical essays on the recent writing of the best known among them.

Vampires Zombies Werewolves and Ghosts

Author : Barbara H. Solomon
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They are the fearful images that have stalked humanity’s nightmares for centuries, supernatural creatures that feast on flesh and haunt the soul, macabre and uncanny beings that frighten and fascinate the imagination. Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves, and Ghosts collects classic stories from literary masters inspired by folklore and mythology who dared to explore the darker side of human nature and crafted tales that defied convention, stirred up controversy, and gave life to a storytelling genre that has endured for generations. With stories by Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling, Henry James, Anne Sexton, Oscar Wilde, Yvonne Navarro, Fritz Leiber, Ramsey Campbell, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Angela Carter, and others…

The Supernatural Index

Author : Michael Ashley
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Indexes story collections by editor, book title, author, and story title

Real Cities

Author : Steve Pile
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'...this is a book with an interesting thesis, and a welcome contribution to the literature. Pile has opened up a productive theoretical and empirical space for further study and exploration' - RGS-IBG Urban Geography Research Group What is real about city life? Real Cities shows why it is necessary to take seriously the more imaginary, fantastic and emotional aspects of city life. Drawing inspiration from the work of Walter Benjamin, Sigmund Freud and Georg Simmel, Pile explores the dream-like and ghost-like experiences of the city. Such experiences are, he argues, best described as phantasmagorias. The phantasmagorias of city life, though commonplace, are far from self-evident and little understood. This book is a path-breaking exploration of urban phantasmagorias, grounded empirically in a series of unusual and exciting case studies. In this study, four substantial phantasmagorias are identified: dreams, magic, vampires and ghosts. The investigation of each phantasmagoria is developed using a wide variety of clear examples. Thus, voodoo in New York and New Orleans shows how ideas about magic are forged within cities. Meanwhile vampires reveal how specific fears about sex and death are expressed within, and circulate between, cities such as London and Singapore. Taken together, such examples build a unique picture of the diverse roles of the imaginary, fantastic and the emotional in modern city life. What is "real" about the city has radical consequences for how we think about improving city life, for all too often these are over-looked in utopian schemes for the city. Real Cities forcefully argues that an appreciation of urban phantasmagorias must be central to what is considered real about city life.

Bilingual journal of the cole fran aise d Extr me Orient

Author :
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Living with Zombies

Author : Chase Pielak
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Depictions of the zombie apocalypse continue to reshape our concept of the walking dead (and of ourselves). The undead mirror cultural fears--governmental control, lawlessness, even interpersonal relationships--exposing our weaknesses and demanding a response (or safeguard), even as we imagine ever more horrifying versions of post-apocalyptic life. This critical study traces a shift in narrative focus in portrayals of the zombie apocalypse, as the living move from surviving hypothetical destruction toward reintegration and learning to live with the undead.

Comic Book Index

Author : Johnny Lauck
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Book Review Index

Author :
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The Penguin Book of Indian Ghost Stories

Author : Ruskin Bond
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From Conan Doyle and Rudyard Kipling to Satyajit Ray and R. K. Narayan, this text is a collection of spine-chilling tales of the supernatural from India.


Author :
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