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Unsteady Combustion

Author : F. Culick
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This book contains selected papers prepared for the NATO Advanced Study Institute on "Unsteady Combustion", which was held in Praia da Granja, Portugal, 6-17 September 1993. Approximately 100 delegates from 14 countries attended. The Institute was the most recent in a series beginning with "Instrumentation for Combustion and Flow in Engines", held in Vimeiro, Portugal 1987 and followed by "Combusting Flow Diagnostics" conducted in Montechoro, Portugal in 1990. Together, these three Institutes have covered a wide range of experimental and theoretical topics arising in the research and development of combustion systems with particular emphasis on gas-turbine combustors and internal combustion engines. The emphasis has evolved roughly from instrumentation and experimental techniques to the mixture of experiment, theory and computational work covered in the present volume. As the title of this book implies, the chief aim of this Institute was to provide a broad sampling of problems arising with time-dependent behaviour in combustors. In fact, of course, that intention encompasses practically all possibilities, for "steady" combustion hardly exists if one looks sufficiently closely at the processes in a combustion chamber. The point really is that, apart from the excellent paper by Bahr (Chapter 10) discussing the technology of combustors for aircraft gas turbines, little attention is directed to matters of steady performance. The volume is divided into three parts devoted to the subjects of combustion-induced oscillations; combustion in internal combustion engines; and experimental techniques and modelling.

Combustion of Two Phase Reactive Media

Author : L. P. Yarin
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Combustion of Two-Phase Reactive Media addresses the complex phenomena involved in the burning of solid and liquid fuels. In fact, the multiplicity of phenomena characteristic of combustion of two-phase media determine the contents. The three parts deal with: the dynamics of a single particle; combustion wave propagation in two-phase reactive media; and thermal regimes of combustion reactors. The book generalizes the results of numerous investigations into the ignition and combustion of solid particles, droplets and bubbles, combustion wave propagation in heterogeneous reactive media, the stability of combustion of two-phase media, as well as the thermal regimes of high-temperature combustion reactors. It merges findings from the authors’ investigations into problems of two-phase flows and material from graduate-level courses they teach at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

Solid Propellant Chemistry Combustion and Motor Interior Ballistics 1999

Author : Vigor Yang
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NAS Technical Summaries

Author :
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Annual Research Briefs

Author : Center for Turbulence Research (U.S.)
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Initiation and Flame Propagation in Combustion of Gases and Pyrophoric Metal Nanostructures

Author : Nikolai M. Rubtsov
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This book presents new data on combustion processes for practical applications, discussing fire safety issues in the development of flame arresters and the use of noble metals in hydrogen recombiners for nuclear power plants. It establishes the basic principles of production of metal nanostructures, namely nanopowders of metals and compact products made of them, with the preservation of the unique properties of nanoproducts.

Liquid Propellant Rocket Combustion Instability

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High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering 09

Author : Wolfgang E. Nagel
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At the end of the year 2008, we have seen a strategic step towards a funct- ning HPC infrastructure on Tier-0 level in Germany. Based on an agreement (Verwaltungsabkommen") between the Federal Ministry of Education and " Research (BMBF) and the state ministries for research of Baden-Wurttem- · berg, Bayern, and Nordrhein-Westfalen, a budget of overall 400 Million Euro had been allocated - equally shared between federal and state authorities in a?ve year time frame - to establish the next generation of HPC systems at the Gauss Centre for Supercomputing (GCS) - consisting of the three nat- nal supercomputing centres HLRS (Stuttgart), NIC/JSC (Julich), and LRZ · (Munich). As part of that strategic initiative, in May 2009 already NIC/JSC has installed the?rst phase of the GCS HPC Tier-0 resources, an IBM Blue Gene/P with roughly 300. 000 Cores, this time in Julic · h, With that, the GCS provides the most powerfulhigh-performance computing infrastructure in - rope already today. HLRS and its partners in the GCS have agreed on a common strategy for the installation of the next generation of leading edge HPC systems. Over the next few years, HLRS and LRZ as the other two GCS centers will upgrade their systems accordingly. The plan is to have a Tier-0 HPC system within GCS operating at any time in this?ve year period. Asanintermediatestep, HLRShasreplacedmostoftheirNECSX-8nodes by the NEC SX-9/12M192, a system with roughly 20 TFLOPs peak

Stabilization and Dynamic of Premixed Swirling Flames

Author : Paul Palies
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Stabilization and Dynamic of Premixed Swirling Flames: Prevaporized, Stratified, Partially, and Fully Premixed Regimes focuses on swirling flames in various premixed modes (stratified, partially, fully, prevaporized) for the combustor, and development and design of current and future swirl-stabilized combustion systems. This includes predicting capabilities, modeling of turbulent combustion, liquid fuel modeling, and a complete overview of stabilization of these flames in aeroengines. The book also discusses the effects of the operating envelope on upstream fresh gases and the subsequent impact of flame speed, combustion, and mixing, the theoretical framework for flame stabilization, and fully lean premixed injector design. Specific attention is paid to ground gas turbine applications, and a comprehensive review of stabilization mechanisms for premixed, partially-premixed, and stratified premixed flames. The last chapter covers the design of a fully premixed injector for future jet engine applications. Features a complete view of the challenges at the intersection of swirling flame combustors, their requirements, and the physics of fluids at work Addresses the challenges of turbulent combustion modeling with numerical simulations Includes the presentation of the very latest numerical results and analyses of flashback, lean blowout, and combustion instabilities Covers the design of a fully premixed injector for future jet engine applications

NASA Aerodynamics Program Annual Report 1991

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