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Urbanization in China

Author : Houkai Wei
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This book traces the history of urbanization in China and discusses major problems and challenges the country is facing as it undergoes a profound social transformation. The author argues that as China tries to build not just more but also better cities, i.e., cities that are not only economically competitive but also people- and environment-friendly, it should adopt urbanization strategies and policies that promote integrated development for both rural and urban areas, and coordination among otherwise disparate objectives – such as industrialization, ecological modernization, informatization and cultural heritage preservation – nationwide and at various scales.

The Great Urbanization of China

Author : Ding Lu
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As China rises to become the world's largest economy, it is expected to alleviate half-a-billion people from being rural villagers to urban residents in the coming decades. The great urbanization of the world's most populated country is sure to be one of the most remarkable social-economic events in the 21st century. This book aims to give the reader a clear and comprehensive review of this unfolding event. It not only presents a historical review of the evolution of public policies and institutional reforms regarding urban development, but also an up-to-date survey and in-depth analysis of various social-economic forces that define and contribute to the process of urbanization. The target audiences include students of modern China and professionals interested in China's urban development. The general public as well as scholars may also find the book informative and fascinating.

New Paths to Urbanization in China

Author : Yu Zhu
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While most developed countries were urbanized in the nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries, urbanization in developing countries is mainly a late-twentieth century and early twenty-first century process. Therefore studies on urbanization patterns in developed countries can provide an important base of information and analysis for solving the urban problems in developing countries. New urbanization patterns first emerged in some coastal provinces. These were a product of China's reform and open-door processes, and are still in the process of further development and diffusion to other provinces in China. This book explores the causes, effects and implications of these new urbanization patterns through case studies in areas where the patterns are most developed.

China s New Urbanization Strategy

Author : China Development Research Foundation
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Urbanization is one of the major challenges facing China. Of China’s 1.3 billion people, around half still live in rural areas. There has been huge migration from rural areas to cities in recent years, a trend that is likely to continue strong for some time. The strains that this vast migration puts on China’s cities are enormous. This book makes available for the English-speaking reader the results of a large group of research projects undertaken by CDRF, one of China’s leading think tanks, into the details of rural-urban migration, the resulting urban growth and the problems associated with all this. The book goes on to put forward a new strategy, which aims to ensure that China’s urbanization proceeds in an orderly manner and that people and their needs are put at the centre of the strategy. Key parts of the strategy include that 'city clusters' should become the main form of urbanization; that these should be arranged geographically in a pattern of 'two horizontal lines and three vertical lines'; that industrial and employment structures should highlight regional features and diversity; that urban public services should be more equitably distributed; that there should be new forms of urbanization management and city governance to accelerate urbanization and ensure harmonious social development; and that the whole process should be conducted in an ecological, 'green' way.

Urbanization in China

Author : Richard J R Kirkby
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Originally published in 1985, Urbanisation in China is based on extensive original research and fieldwork, considers the whole problem of urbanisation in China. Starting with an outline of the pre-communist legacy, the author traces population changes and urban growth throughout the communist period, assesses policies aimed at restricting urban growth and contrasts the reality of urban China with the image the authorities have tried to project. The policy changes that occurred following the death of Mao are analysed and concludes with a consideration of likely developments up to the end of the century.

China s Urbanization and the World Economy

Author : Fan Zhang
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Urbanization has become a new driving force in Chinaês development. Through China's urbanization process, Chinaês role in the world economy will change from the worldês major workshop to one of the worldês central markets. The increase in demand tr

The urbanization process in China and its impacts on the environment

Author : Thomas Schneider
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This paper reviews the urbanization process in China during the past decades and gives a prospect for the near future. It is shown, that in a remarkably short period, China increased its urban population to more than 50 percent of the entire population. This rapid urbanization was mainly driven by rural-urban migration in the course of the industrialization process and by the in situ urbanization, as a mainly government related factor. The paper afterwards identifies energy and resources, pollution and land consumption as the major areas where by urbanization caused challenges need to be tackled.

China Urbanizing

Author : Weiping Wu
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China turned majority urban only in the recent decade, a dramatic leap given that less than 20 percent of its population lived in cities before 1980. This book situates China’s urbanization in the interconnected forces of historical legacies, contemporary state interventions, and human and ecological conditions. It captures the complexity of the phenomenon of urbanization in its historical and regional variations, and explores its impact on the country’s socioeconomic welfare, environment and resources, urban form and lifestyle, and population and health. It is also a book about China, in which the contributors provide new perspectives to understand the transitions underway and the gravity of the progress, particularly in the context of demographic shifts and climate change. The chapters in China Urbanizing, written by American and Chinese scholars, achieve three interconnected aims. The first is to explore how the process of urbanization has shaped and been influenced by the social, economic, and physical interactions that take place in and beyond cities, and the state interventions intended to regulate such interactions. The second is to examine the shifts and evolutions emerging in urban China, such as the economic slowdown, population aging and low fertility rates, and how cities interact with the environment and planet given China’s rising role in the global discourse on climate change. The third is to explore new sources of information for conducting research on urban China, such as satellite and street-level imagery data and online listings, to account for the complexity and heterogeneity that characterize contemporary Chinese urbanization. Contributors: Juan Chen, Dean Curran, Deborah Davis, Peilei Fan, Qin Gao, Pierre F. Landry, Shi Li, Shiqi Ma, Justin Remais, Alan Smart, Shin Bin Tan, Jeremy Wallace, Sarah Williams, Binbin Wu, Weiping Wu, Guibin Xiong, Wenfei Xu.

Urbanization Regional Development and Governance in China

Author : Jianfa Shen
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Rapid urbanization in China in recent decades and the challenges of social and regional integration and governance have been issues of major concern. This book explores the course of urbanization and development in China over recent decades. It considers a range of issues including urbanization, changing urban and regional systems, regional integration and governance. The book pays particular attention to the economic relations between Hong Kong and mainland China and how regional development, integration and governance unfold in the Hong Kong-Pearl River Delta region.

Urbanization in China

Author : Yan Song
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Unprecedented urbanization is taking place in China and will continue over the next decades. China's level of urbanization rose from 18 percent in 1978 to 30 percent in 1995 and to 39 percent in 2002. It is expected that China will quadruple its total GDP and reach 55 percent of urbanization by 2020. Urbanization in China is a comprehensive process involving transformations in many areas, including the management of spatial expansion via modern urban planning, the administration of land use changes via land policy reforms, the process of rural-to-urban migration, and the development of public finance systems. All of these changes are part of China's transition from a centrally planned economy to a socialist market economy.