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Useful Medical Words

Author : José Leyva
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This book will be a valuable resource for nurses and other healthcare professionals who deal with Spanish speaking patients. It is a guide that contains the key and most frequently used healthcare terms. It will also be useful for Spanish speaking nurses who want to have a better communication while interacting with English speaking healthcare professionals.


Author : Robert Fortuine
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This book is a history of the medical vocabulary presented in topical (rather than dictionary) form. While most other books on medical words are arranged as dictionaries, rather than topically, and are much more selective in their presentation, this book entertains a comprehensive and historical approach to the subject. It is written primarily for physicians, biomedical scientists, and medical students, but should also appeal to anyone in the health professions or biological sciences with a 'feel' for medical history and the English language. It will also be useful to some teachers of English or linguistics. The idea of the book developed over at least a decade, and brings together for the author a lifelong interest in words, classical and modern languages, and the history of medicine. The purpose is not only to foster the more precise use of the language of medicine by doctors and biomedical scientists, but also to enhance their enjoyment of the vocabulary they use professionally on a daily basis. Readers will find that the book contains a wealth of knowledge and provides for some very pleasurable reading.

Swahili Medical Dictionary and Phrasebook

Author : Mjf Cooper
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book is for doctors, nurses and other clinicians working or living in East Africa. It will also be useful for expatriates living in Swahili-speaking countries. A short introduction to Swahili is included. A wide range of clinical and practical topics is covered in detail.Further information about this book is available at

The Legal Speller with Useful Medical Terms

Author : Sheila B. Sloane
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A Quick Reference to Medical Terminology

Author : Juanita J. Davies
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This is a must-have, on-the-spot, quick reference tool for medical terminology. Medical terms, especially multisyllabic ones such as laryngotracheobronchitis, can be overwhelming, but with this quick reference, definitions are easy to find and understand. And the information is made handy anytime and anywhere! Features Alphabetical order of terms makes it easy to search for information. Terms using the same word element are "chunked" together to make them easier to learn and remember. Comprehensive appendices provide common prefixes and suffixes, rules for forming plurals, a pronunciation table and illustrations. An easy-to-learn system is provided to help the user analyze medical words into their word elements (prefixes, roots, suffixes) then define and combine the elements to determine definitions. Memory Keys associate words and word elements with interesting facts about their derivation throughout the book.

Medical Language Instant Translator

Author : Davi-Ellen Chabner
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Format : PDF, ePub
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The Medical Language Instant Translator, 5th Edition equips you with the quick-reference information you need to understand even the most complicated and specialized medical terminology. This handy pocket book gives you instant access to everything from the top 100 prescription drugs to medical abbreviations, symbols, and acronyms. Based on Chabner's The Language of Medicine, this practical resource is ideal for any health care environment. Quick, portable access to key medical terms and other need-to-know information. Common diagnostic tests and procedures. Easily confused medical terms. Overview of body systems anatomy with full-color illustrations. Medical abbreviations, acronyms, symbols and more! NEW! Updated terms and definitions. NEW! Updated topics, including professional organizations and diagnostic categories.

Medical Terminology For Dummies

Author : Beverley Henderson
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Grasp and retain the fundamentals of medical terminology quickly and easily Don't know a carcinoma from a hematoma? This friendly guide explains how the easiest way to remember unfamiliar, often-tongue-twisting words is to learn their parts: the prefix, root, and suffix. Medical Terminology For Dummies breaks down the words you'll encounter in your medical terminology course and gives you plain-English explanations and examples to help you master definitions, pronunciations, and applications across all medical fields. For many, the language of medicine and healthcare can be confusing, and frequently presents the greatest challenge to students – this guide was designed to help you overcome this problem with ease! Packed with ideas, study materials, quizzes, mind maps, and games to help you retain the information, Medical Terminology For Dummies quickly gets you up to speed on medical prefixes, suffixes, and root words so you'll approach even unfamiliar medical terms with confidence and ease. Bone up on words that describe and are related to the body's systems Correctly pronounce and understand the meanings of medical terms Find tricks and study tips for memorizing words Build your knowledge with helpful word-building activities If you're working toward a certification or degree in a medical or healthcare field, or if you're already on the job, Medical Terminology For Dummies is the fast and easy way to learn the lingo.

Lippincott s New Medical Dictionary

Author : Henry Ware Cattell
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Essential Medical Terminology

Author : Peggy S. Stanfield
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This popular introduction to medical terminology is flexible enough to be used in a traditional or a self-instructional course format. The level of detail is appropriate for those students needing only a general knowledge of medical terminology, particularly medical secretaries, medical technologists, medical librarians, and persons in all allied and paramedical health professions. After studying the basics of pronunciation, students can study the chapters in any order the instructor deems appropriate. The text has been thoughtfully revised based on the feedback of many adopters. The result is a more streamlined presentation with enhanced student learning aids. Organizational changes include the following: all general word parts are grouped together in Unit One; a review chapter on root words is provided in Unit Four, immediately before the body systems; the coverage of body systems in Unit Five closely parallels the content of earlier chapters; and an overview of each body system is included at the beginning of the chapters in Unit Five.

Quick Medical Terminology

Author : Shirley Soltesz Steiner
File Size : 83.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Expand your working medical vocabulary Work at your own pace to master the latest terms andtechniques Learn all the essential Greek and Latin building blocks Learn at your own pace with the guidebook that has sold over400,000 copies What word is used to describe a fatty tumor? Why are qualifiersnecessary in medical terminology? How does kinesialgia occur? Whatdoes "involution" mean? With Quick Medical Terminology: ASelf-Teaching Guide, Fourth Edition, you'll discover theanswers to these questions and many more. Using a unique word-building system that begins with a review ofGreek and Latin word roots, Shirley Steiner provides the toolsnecessary for building and sustaining a large working repertoire ofmedical terms. This new fourth edition helps readers understand thesimple logic behind hundreds of seemingly incomprehensible words,featuring new review exercises and up-to-date examples. Thestep-by-step, clearly structured format of Quick MedicalTerminology makes it fully accessible, providing an easilyunderstood, comprehensive overview. Like all Self-Teaching Guides, Quick Medical Terminologyallows you to build gradually on what you have learned-at your ownpace. Questions and self-tests reinforce the information in eachchapter and allow you to skip ahead or focus on specific areas ofconcern. Packed with useful, up-to-date information, this clear,concise volume is a valuable learning tool and reference source forpractitioners and students who need to expand, improve, or refreshtheir medical vocabularies.

The Richmond and Louisville Medical Journal

Author :
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The American Journal of the Medical Sciences

Author :
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A Text book of Practical Therapeutics

Author : Hobart Amory Hare
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The Medical Times and Gazette0

Author :
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The Grand Panjandrum and 2 699 Other Rare Useful and Delightful Words and Expressions

Author : Julius Nicholas Hook
File Size : 73.84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Relates anecdotes and defines nearly three thousand seldom- or never-used English words, dividing the words by subject for easy reference

B A R D in the Practice

Author : Ed Warren
File Size : 20.31 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Forewords by Mayur Lakhani, Mike Pringle and Philip R Evans Respectively Chairman of Communications and Publishing, Royal College of General Practitioners, London; Head of School and Professor of General Practice, University of Nottingham; Former President of WONCA Region Europe This groundbreaking book describes a completely new approach to the medical consultation, focusing on four key points: Behaviour, Aims, Room and Dialogue (B.A.R.D.). This practical approach has gained support from the Royal College of General Practitioners and reflects the way real family doctors consult in the real world, to the benefit of both the practitioner and the patient. Practical suggestions are made throughout the guide, with training exercises to aid in application. B.A.R.D in the Practice provides important reading for all general practitioners and general practitioner registrars.

English Spanish Spanish English Medical Dictionary Fourth Edition eBook

Author : Glenn T. Rogers
File Size : 52.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The single best dictionary for communicating with Spanish-speaking patients! The book that breaks the language barrier between healthcare professionals and Spanish-speaking patients! This pocket-sized book contains virtually all health-related terms likely to occur in a conversation between a health worker and a Spanish-speaking patient, including common colloquialisms and slang terms not found in similar dictionaries. You will have instant access to more than 20,000 words and terms used in medicine, nursing, and dentistry, along with tips, a pronunciation guide, abbreviations, and sample dialogues. The fourth edition includes expanded sample dialogue on history taking and performing a physical examination. Here's why this is the single-best Spanish-English dictionary: The most useful terms - Updated to include the latest terminology as well as medical colloquialisms and hard-to-translate phrases - covers general medicine, psychiatry, nursing, dentistry, physical therapy, social work, and more - lists over 700 drug names The most accurate translations - All technical terms have been verified through word frequency analyses on large databases of medical literature in Spanish and English The most scholarly - Lists parts of speech; indications of gender; and irregular plurals, preterites, and past participles - provides useful example phrases

Health Services Assistance

Author : Kathryn Austin
File Size : 38.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Achieve high standards in patient-focused care. Health Services Assistance provides complete coverage of core and elective units for assisting in nursing work in acute care. Exercises throughout the text provide students with the means to self-assess and extend their skills and knowledge. Foundation skills are developed early, underpinning understanding of the specialist acute care chapters that follow. Students are encouraged to reflect and contextualise their learning and to practise techniques in small groups. Activities break up the material so information is easier to retain. Self-check, extension activities and discussion questions can be incorporated into an institution's assessment strategy. Health Services Assistance is structured by competency for HLT33115 Certificate III in Health Services Assistance, supporting nursing in acute care, and is packed with specific cases and examples, as well as including additional content on palliative care and mental health. Each chapter addresses a competency, with a volume of learning that underpins the assessment requirements. The book is structured so that elements and criteria are communicated by the section headings. Teach following the qualification structure, using the print book, eBook or LMS integration.

Essential 18000 Medical Words Dictionary In English Greek

Author : Nam H Nguyen
File Size : 30.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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a great resource anywhere you go; it is an easy tool that has just the words you want and need! The entire dictionary is an alphabetical list of medical words with definitions. This eBook is an easy-to-understand guide to medical terms for anyone anyways at any time. The content of this eBook is only to be used for informational purposes. μια μεγάλη πηγή όπου κι αν πάτε. είναι ένα εύκολο εργαλείο που έχει μόνο τις λέξεις που θέλετε και χρειάζεστε! Το όλο λεξικό είναι μια αλφαβητική λίστα ιατρικών λέξεων με ορισμούς. Αυτό το ηλεκτρονικό βιβλίο είναι ένας εύκολος-κατανοητός οδηγός για τους ιατρικούς όρους για οποιονδήποτε οποτεδήποτε ανά πάσα στιγμή. Το περιεχόμενο αυτού του ηλεκτρονικού βιβλίου πρέπει να χρησιμοποιείται μόνο για ενημερωτικούς σκοπούς.

Interesting and Useful Medical Statistics

Author : William Howard Kayy
File Size : 23.98 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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