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Privacy and Identity Management Fairness Accountability and Transparency in the Age of Big Data

Author : Eleni Kosta
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This book contains selected papers presented at the 13th IFIP WG 9.2, 9.6/11.7, 11.6/SIG 9.2.2 International Summer School on Privacy and Identity Management, held in Vienna, Austria, in August 2018. The 10 full papers included in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 27 submissions. Also included are reviewed papers summarizing the results of workshops and tutorials that were held at the Summer School as well as papers contributed by several of the invited speakers. The papers combine interdisciplinary approaches to bring together a host of perspectives: technical, legal, regulatory, socio-economic, social, societal, political, ethical, anthropological, philosophical, historical, and psychological.

Vertical Challenge

Author : Jay P. Spenser
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"Vertical Challenge" chronicles the most innovative and least remembered of the helicopter industry's pioneering companies. Founded by Stanley Hiller, Jr., Hiller Aircraft produced conventional and ramjet helicopters, flying platforms, and other fascinating flying machines. (Transportation)

UK EU and Global Administrative Law

Author : Paul Craig
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Partially based on the Hamlyn Lectures, 2014. -- ECIP galley.

Mobile Enterprise Soltions

Author :
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Vertical Challenge

Author : Anthony J. Broughton
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'Vertical Challenge' takes place in a world where the hero - Mike Randle - an ex-mercenary, always has a woman hanging off his arm, and an endless supply of get-out clauses. He has to deal with an old flame, Paula, and Tanya, a sexy female with strong desires, as well as his partner Suzie.

Challenge the Vertical

Author :
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Author : Judith Sally
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Swim, Run, and Bike your way to math success! Judith and Paul Sally, accomplished mathematicians and experienced teachers, offer a challenging athletic workout to the minds of their young readers through exercises in areas of number theory and geometry that extend beyond the realm of basic mathematics in the school curriculum. The activities in the book present readers with a dynamic and fresh perspective on mathematics, encouraging active and energetic responses leading to a level of thinking that carries over into college mathematics. The book's novel games coach the players to experience the satisfaction and confidence that accompany meaningful investigations of mathematical ideas. This book will provide a stimulus to make scientific competition as much a part of our educational culture as the athletic activities to which we are accustomed.

Every Single Day

Author : Donna Huisjen
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Huisjen has created a fast-paced, refreshing two-minute time out in her daily readings that combine a brief story, scriptural reflection, a prayer, and an inspirational thought to help bring godly encouragement to the maddening pace of any day. Imagine taking a refreshing two-minute time-out that will bring godly encouragement to the maddening pace of any day. That's just what Donna Huisjen has created with her fast-paced daily readings that combine a brief story, a scriptural reflection, a prayer, and an inspirational thought to take you through the day. As a single adoptive mom who raised three special-needs daughters, her struggles and joys will strike a familiar chord with any mother. Her thoughts on topics such as character development, compassion, appreciating each child's uniqueness, and savoring simple pleasures are sure to brighten every single day with positive perspective-builders.

Vertical Challenge

Author : Jay Spenser
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Vertical Challenge: The Hiller Aircraft Story Chronicles the most innovative and least remembered of the helicopter industry's pioneering companies. Founded by Stanley Hiller, Jr., Hiller Aircraft produced conventional and ramjet helicopters, flying platforms, and other fascination flying machines.

A Catalogue of the Various Agricultural Implements Seeds Roots Manures and Other Articles

Author : Agricultural Society of England
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Fun with the Family Massachusetts 7th

Author : Marcia Glassman-Jaffe
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Geared towards parents with children between the ages of two and twelve, Fun with the Family Massachusetts features interesting facts and sidebars as well as practical tips about traveling with your little ones.

A Sail of Two Idiots 100 Lessons and Laughs from a Non Sailor Who Quit the Rat Race Took the Helm and Sailed to a New Life in the Caribbean

Author : Renee Petrillo
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“It was the best of dreams, it was the worst of dreams, it was an age of consulting the nautical experts, it was the age of landlubber foolishness, it was the epoch of determination, it was the epoch of despair, it was the season of hurricanes, it was a spring of beachcombing...” If you dream about chucking it all away and sailing toward an island life, read this first Renee and Michael didn’t have any boating experience and when their plans to remedy that fell through the two had to learn everything the hard way. Despite themselves they managed to get from Miami to Grenada, eventually dropping the anchor of their cruising catamaran at the island of their dreams. Determined to save future sailors from themselves, A Sail of Two Idiots includes lessons Renee and Michael learned and shares them with you as examples of what and what not to do. This a how-to guide wrapped in a funny story—kind of like getting your serving of vegetables from a slice of pizza. Read this and make your dream of sailing away a reality. Includes: “What Broke?” sections explores the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of a cruising multihull "Island” section provide assessments of the islands of the Caribbean

Skylanders Trap Team Signature Series Strategy Guide

Author : BradyGames
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The wildly popular Skylanders series returns with the ultimate adventure, featuring the new Trap Master Skylanders and over 40 trappable villains. With Cloudcraker Prison destroyed and Skylands' most notorious villains set free, players must find and capture these evildoers using the magic of Traptanium. Once trapped, the villains' awesome powers can be used to fight for good!

Global Competition Enforcement

Author : Paulo Burnier da Silveira
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Global Competition Enforcement New Players, New Challenges Edited by Paulo Burnier da Silveira & William Evan Kovacic In a short span of years, the landscape of global competition has changed significantly. In particular, international cooperation in competition law enforcement has greatly strengthened the battle against abuse of dominance, cartels, anticompetitive mergers and related political corruption. This thoroughly researched book explains the current situation regarding joint investigations, identifies common problems and considers possible solutions and future developments. In addition to covering issues of competition policy, its authors look in detail at practice in both merger and conduct investigations in a variety of countries. The following aspects of the subject and more are examined in depth: the interface between antitrust and anti-corruption; the digital economy’s challenges to competition authorities; convergent aims and rules among different competition authorities; regional organizations with competition mandates; competition neutrality and state-owned enterprises; and leniency programmes. Although necessarily there is considerable information on major antitrust regimes like those of the United States and the European Union, chapters by local experts highlight lessons to be learned from the work of competition authorities in five continents including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, India, Japan, Mauritius, Mexico, Peru and South Africa. The contributors include competition enforcers, regulators, academics, practitioners and leading commentators from a range of jurisdictions. Adding up to an authoritative analysis from the enforcer’s perspective, the studies presented in the book clarify the approaches and priorities of competition enforcement authorities – including those of major emerging economies – and provide expert guidance on dealing with transnational investigations. Antitrust lawyers, corporate counsel and interested academics as well as policymakers will benefit immeasurably from this book’s wealth of informative detail.

Trekking in the Alps

Author : Kev Reynolds
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An inspirational larger format guidebook to 20 summer treks in the Alps across Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France and Slovenia, including the classics such as the Tour of Mont Blanc and lesser-known routes like the Traverse of the Slovenian Alps. Perfect for planning, the treks included are: Tour of Mont Blanc, Tour of the Matterhorn, Tour of Monte Rosa, Walker's Haute Route, Tour of the Jungfrau Region, Tour of the Vanoise and Dolomites AV 1 & 2; (longer trans-Alpine routes) GR5 (Lake Geneva to Nice), Eastern Alps E5, Italian Alps GTA and the Traverse of the Slovenian Alps; and (for the Alpine adventurer) Alpine Pass Route, Tour of the Oisans, Tour of the Queyras, Tour of Mont Ruan, Stubai High Route, Zillertal High Route, Gran Paradiso AV2 and the Ratikon Hoehenweg. Outline schedules for each trek allow you compare the routes and become inspired to take up the challenge. Basic day-by-day route descriptions for each route are illustrated with maps and profiles, helping you choose the best routes to walk.

Coastal Trails of the Carolinas

Author : Johnny Molloy
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With hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches and barrier islands, the coastline of North and South Carolina is one of the most treasured shorelines in the country. Coastal Trails of the Carolinas celebrates this vibrant region by offering the best hikes along this gorgeous coast. Written by veteran guidebook author Johnny Molloy and including additional information on local sights and attractions, Coastal Trails of the Carolinas will offer everything hikers need to explore this treasured shoreline.

The Legend of the Sea

Author : Gilles Martin-Raget
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Gilles Martin-Raget is France's top marine photographer, with a worldwide reputation for spectacular action shots. It is for this reason he was the official photographer for last year's America's Cup competition. This book is a celebration of 30 years of his stunning photography, which is instantly recognisable for its drama, perfect composition and eye-catching angles. Martin-Raget has refined and perfected his unique technique over three decades, and this collection shows precisely why he has made his mark. The book is arranged thematically, including fast-paced racing shots, dramatic photos taken from the end of the bow, spectacular accidents at sea, beautiful classic yachts, incredible superyachts, almost futuristic images from the forefront of modern yacht development and, of course, the America's Cup. A lavish gift for fans of high quality coffee table photographic books or a fine souvenir for those who for who followed the America's Cup, this collection includes some of the best marine photographs ever taken.

Radical Democracy and Collective Movements Today

Author : Alexandros Kioupkiolis
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The 'Arab spring', the Spanish indignados, the Greek aganaktismenoi and the Occupy Wall Street movement all share a number of distinctive traits; they made extensive use of social networking and were committed to the direct democratic participation of all as they co-ordinated and conducted their actions. Leaderless and self-organized, they were socially and ideologically heterogeneous, dismissing fixed agendas or ideologies. Still, the assembled multitudes that animated these mobilizations often claimed to speak in the name of ’the people’, and they aspired to empowered forms of egalitarian self-government in common. Similar features have marked collective resistances from the Zapatistas and the Seattle protests onwards, giving rise to theoretical and practical debates over the importance of these ideological and political forms. By engaging with the controversy between the autonomous, biopolitical ’multitude’ of Hardt and Negri and the arguments in favour of the hegemony of ’the people’ advanced by J. Rancière, E. Laclau, C. Mouffe and S. Zizek the central aim of this book is to discuss these instances of collective mobilization, to probe the innovative practices and ideas they have developed and to debate their potential to reinvigorate democracy whilst seeking something better than ’disaster capitalism’.

Maps and the Writing of Space in Early Modern England and Ireland

Author : B. Klein
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Maps make the world visible, but they also obscure, distort, idealize. This wide-ranging study traces the impact of cartography on the changing cultural meanings of space, offering a fresh analysis of the mental and material mapping of early modern England and Ireland. Combining cartographic history with critical cultural studies and literary analysis, it examines the construction of social and political space in maps, in cosmography and geography, in historical and political writing, and in the literary works of Marlowe, Shakespeare, Spenser and Drayton.

Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

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