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Voices from the Pandemic

Author : Eli Saslow
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From the Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporter, a powerful and cathartic portrait of a country grappling with the Covid-19 pandemic—from feeling afraid and overwhelmed to extraordinary resilient—told through voices of people from all across America The Covid-19 pandemic was a world-shattering event, affecting everyone in the nation. From its first ominous stirrings, renowned journalist Eli Saslow began interviewing a cross-section of Americans to capture their experiences in real time: An exhausted and anguished EMT risking his life in New York City; a grocery store owner feeding his neighborhood for free in locked-down New Orleans; an overwhelmed coroner in Georgia; a Maryland restaurateur forced to close his family business after forty-six years; an Arizona teacher wrestling with her fears and her obligations to her students; rural citizens adamant that the entire pandemic is a hoax, and retail workers attacked for asking customers to wear masks; patients struggling to breathe and doctors desperately trying to save them. Through Saslow's masterful, empathetic interviewing, we are given a kaleidoscopic picture of a people dealing with the unimaginable. These deeply personal accounts constitute a crucial, heartbreaking record of the sweep of experiences during this troubled time, and show us America from its worst and to its resilient best.

Religious Voices in the Politics of International Development

Author : Paul J. Nelson
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This first study of faith-based development NGOs’ (FBOs) political roles focuses on how U.S. FBOs in international development educate and mobilize their constituencies. Most pursue cautious reformist agendas, but FBOs have sometimes played important roles in social movements. Nelson unpacks those political roles by examining the prominence of advocacy in the organizations, the issues they address and avoid, their transnational relationships, and their relationships with religious and secular social movements. The agencies that educate and mobilize U.S. constituencies most actively are associated with small Christian sects or with non-Christian minority faiths with historic commitments to activism or service. Specialized advocacy NGOs play important roles, and emerging movements on immigration and climate may represent fresh political energy. The book examines faith-based responses to the crises of climate change, COVID-19, and racial injustice, and argues that these will shape the future of religion as a moral and political force in America, and of NGOs in international development.

Unheard Voices of the Pandemic

Author : Dao X. Tran
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Unheard Voices of the Pandemic reveals through first-person narratives what happened the year the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the United States. The seventeen stories included in this collection speak to the precarity, uncertainty, and injustice of that year, but also to bravery, solidarity, and generosity. Although the shadow cast by the COVID-19 pandemic is long, the insights gleaned through listening can last longer.

COVID 19 and Communities

Author : Giuseppina Campisi
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This volume presents an interdisciplinary reflection on the SARS-COV-2 pandemic and its consequences elaborated in real-time. It embodies the University of Palermos values and mission by bringing together academics of very diverse disciplinary fields on an issue that is disrupting all aspects of individual and community existence. This volume captures the voices of academics during the pandemic, allowing to crystallize the discourses that are emerging in a wide variety of scientific fields as events unfold and knowledge is rapidly evolving. They share the belief that to shed adequate light on the complex and multifaceted phenomenon of the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences necessarily requires the adoption of an interdisciplinary approach, the consideration of a multiplicity of perspectives, and of a variety of levels of analysis. The organization of the single contributions in chapters allows the exchange of different perspectives, whilst conveying a general overall framework to the interpretation of the many facets of the changes and crisis generated by COVID-19. The volume addresses both academics and professionals dealing with the processes and the consequences brought forth by the pandemic and presents a solid example of the commitment an academic institution should devote to society and communities.

The Pandemic Perhaps

Author : Carlo Caduff
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In 2005, American experts sent out urgent warnings throughout the country: a devastating flu pandemic was fast approaching. Influenza was a serious disease, not a seasonal nuisance; it could kill millions of people. If urgent steps were not taken immediately, the pandemic could shut down the economy and Òtrigger a reaction that will change the world overnight.ÓÊ The Pandemic Perhaps explores how American experts framed a catastrophe that never occurred. The urgent threat that was presented to the public produced a profound sense of insecurity, prompting a systematic effort to prepare the population for the coming plague. But when that plague did not arrive, the race to avert it carried on. Paradoxically, it was the absence of disease that made preparedness a permanent project. The Pandemic Perhaps tells the story of what happened when nothing really happened. Drawing on fieldwork among scientists and public health professionals in New York City, the book is an investigation of how actors and institutions produced a scene of extreme expectation through the circulation of dramatic plague visions. It argues that experts deployed these visions to draw attention to the possibility of a pandemic, frame the disease as a catastrophic event, and make it meaningful to the nation. Today, when we talk about pandemic influenza, we must always say Òperhaps.Ó What, then, does it mean to engage a disease in the modality of the maybe? Ê

Academic Voices

Author : Upasana Gitanjali Singh
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Academia's Digital Voice: A Conversation on 21st Century Higher Education provides critical information on an area that needs particular attention given the rapid introduction and immersion into digital technologies that took place during the pandemic, including quality assurance and assessment. Sections discuss the rapid changes called into question as student mobility, pedagogical readiness of academics, technological readiness of institutions, student readiness to adopt online learning, the value of higher education, the value of distance learning, and the changing role of administration and faculty were thrust upon institutions. The unprecedented speed of international lockdowns caused by the pandemic necessitated HEIs to make rapid changes in both teaching and assessment approaches. The quality of these and sacrosanctity of the academic voice has long been the central tenet of higher education. While history is replete with challenges to this, the current, rapid shift to online education may represent the greatest threat and opportunity so far. Focuses on the academic voice in HEI Presents an authentic message and mode for the new world we live in post COVID Includes a section on academic predictions for higher education institutions

Poems for a Pandemic Voices from the front line of a global epidemic

Author : Angela Marston
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A collection of brilliant poems written by people working on the frontline of the Covid-19 pandemic All revenues received by HarperCollins directly from sales of this ebook will be donated to NHS Charities Together for their Covid-19 appeal.

Affirmations of the Light in Times of Darkness

Author : Laura Aversano
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• Offers transformational writings that actively transmit the author’s healing wisdom and spiritual support, guiding the reader through the abyss and into the light hidden within • Includes affirmations that address trauma, depression, grief, anger, and revelation; awaken individual spiritual paths; provide solace and protection; and contribute to the collective evolution of humanity and the earth An ancestral empath, medical intuitive, spiritwalker, psychic channel, and modern-day mystic, Laura Aversano comes from an ancient lineage of Sicilian adepts, and seers. Displaying the strongest characteristics of her lineage in centuries, she has been communicating with the spirit world since childhood and is also trained in the divine mysteries of esoteric Christianity, in plant medicine and shamanism by indigenous elders, and in many modes of hands-on therapy. As a daily healer with limitless compassion, Laura works with a long waiting list of the physically, mentally, and spiritually wounded. Even at a distance and in absentia with clients and in words to readers, she miraculously lets each person’s destiny work for itself. Contact with her sometimes seems as if nothing happened; then the astonishing takes place. In this collection of inspired prayers and powerful affirmations, the author actively transmits her healing wisdom and spiritual support, guiding the reader through thoughts and emotions into the uncharted territory of the unknown, through the abyss and into the light hidden within. Addressing trauma, depression, grief, anger, and revelation, her words awaken individual spiritual paths, provide solace and protection, and contribute to the collective evolution of humanity and the earth. Sending healing vibrationally as well as through the written word, her activated prayers and affirmations affect change invisibly but profoundly. Reading her words will leave you forever transformed, initiated into the spiritual path of light, even in times of darkness.

The Pandemic Cookbook

Author : Li Yang Hsu
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Tiny Voices Talk

Author : Toria Bono
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When tiny voices talk, three amazing things happen: they share surprising ideas and insights; they realise they are not so tiny; and they empower other tiny voices to talk too.Drawing on the winning formula of her Tiny Voice Talks podcasts, Toria Bono has compiled a great resource full of top tips and actionable advice from a range of tiny voices across the educational spectrum. The assembled voices speak on a broad range of topics relating to education and learner development - from mentoring, metacognitive skills and period education, to trauma-informed practice, nurturing curious learners and finding flow in the classroom.But above all, this book is a call to action for all those in our schools who have yet to find their voice to find it - and use it. There are big people with big voices (and big egos) in education, yet they are the minority. The majority consists of great people just getting on with doing great things - more often than not with people, not data, at the heart of their practice. This book inspires such people to find and use their voice; and when tiny voices talk to tiny voices, everyone wins. Suitable for teachers, teaching assistants and school leaders in all phases.