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Walking on the Moon

Author : Carl R. Green
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"Explores the Apollo 11 mission, including the beginning of the Apollo program, the astronauts who made the journey to the moon, the technology that made it possible, and the historic moon landing"--Provided by publisher.

Imagine You Were There Walking on the Moon

Author : Caryn Jenner
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Journey back in time to learn all about the incredible Moon landing mission in Imagine You Were There... Walking on the Moon. Follow the Apollo 11 Moon landing from beginning to end by putting yourself in the shoes of the incredible people who made it happen, from scientists and astronauts, to suit makers and even those watching at home – you'll truly feel like you were there! Blended with stunning photographs and captivating artwork, step-by-step details of events leading up to the mission are combined with eyewitness accounts and features on people who helped make the first Moon landing happen. A staggering 400,000 people, many of them working 'behind the scenes' at NASA, helped to achieve this historic milestone. Discover the wonder of history's most iconic events in the Imagine You Were There... series, celebrating events that changed the world and the amazing people who made them happen.

Dark Moon Walking

Author : R.J. McMillen
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It’s been more than eight years since ex-cop Dan Connor put a troubled criminal named Walker behind bars, and a year since he handed in his badge after losing the woman he loved. The remote islands off the Pacific Northwest coast seem like the perfect destination for his retirement. That is until a wave of increasingly sinister events disrupts his peace. When a mysterious boat drives Connor from his anchorage and a marine biologist working in the area goes missing, Connor is forced to team up with his former nemisis, Walker, who has been released from jail and is struggling with his own demons. They have little in common, but when a life hangs in the balance and others are threatened, the knowledge and skills of these two men from very different cultures are the perfect mix. With an eclectic cast of characters and a riveting plot, the first Dan Connor Mystery, Dark Moon Walking, is a fast-paced, suspenseful thriller that will keep you turning the pages until its explosive conclusion.

Walking on the moon

Author : Michael Lamarina
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The Art of Mindful Walking

Author : Adam Ford
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As an Anglican priest and former Priest-in-Ordinary to the Queen, a lecturer in Buddhism, and a devoted walker, Adam Ford is an inspiring guide with a refreshingly eclectic viewpoint. Contemplating the concept of a purposeful walking, he applies the notion of mindfulness to walks ranging from a simple journey to work to a personal odyssey in the Australian outback. Exploring the idea of the walk as both medium and metaphor, and considering ideas of pilgrimage alongside the notion of the walk in literature, he draws on his personal experience of both spirituality and walking. This book celebrates and enchances those moments: both for the hardened hiker and those who like to contemplate past walks from the comfort of their armchair.


Author : Erling Kagge
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'Everything moves more slowly when I walk, the world seems softer . . .' From the bestselling author of Silence comes an illuminating exploration of the joy of walking. From those perilous first steps to great expeditions, from walking to work to walking to the North Pole, Erling Kagge explains that he who walks lives longer, and better. 'After having put my shoes on and let my thoughts wander, I am sure of one thing - to put one foot in front of the other is one of the most important things we do.' 'Erling Kagge is a philosophical adventurer - or perhaps an adventurous philosopher' - New York Times 'Drawing on the experiences of Kagge's extraordinary life in wild places, this is a book of great concentration' - Robert Macfarlane, on Silence

I Took the Moon for a Walk

Author : Carolyn Curtis
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A boy takes the moon for a walk through his neighborhood. On board pages.

Covert Modality in Non finite Contexts

Author : Rajesh Bhatt
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Main description: This book investigates the distribution and interpretation of Covert Modality. Covert Modality is modality which we interpret but which is not associated with any lexical item in the structure that we are interpreting. The book analyzes a class of environments that involves covert modality e.g. infinitival questions, infinitival relative clauses, purpose clauses, the 'have to' construction, and the 'is to' construction.

Walking with Glenn Berkenkamp

Author : Glenn Berkenkamp
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Discover the joys of mindful walking to find balance, build awareness, and engage body and mind Glenn Berkenkamp invites us to discover how we sense, move, think, and feel in our bodies. By reframing the joys and opportunities presented to us by the act of walking, he shows us how to become reflective and inwardly directed, even as we take in the world around us. With 35 different walks and the help of a "Which Walks to Do When" user guide, Glenn gives us options for every occasion and emotion. Feeling off-center? Try a centering walk. Feeling down? Lift your spirit with a gratitude walk or a prayer walk. There are walks for listening, grounding, and grieving, as well as rain walks, full moon walks, mindful dog walks, and more. He includes walks for all ability levels, including fun walks for children. As we walk with Glenn, we settle, clarify, and balance our bodies, minds, and spirits--opening to new perspectives and possibilities we didn't know were there.

Headways in Science Health Today 5 Teacher s Manual1st Ed 1999

Author :
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