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West Country Witches

Author : Michael Howard
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West Country Witchcraft

Author : Gillian Macdonald
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West Country Witchcraft looks at Witchcraft in its many forms both historical and contemporary, with descriptions of the practitioners, their stories, tools, spells and, magical sites. Travellers in the West Country of England encounter evidence of witchcraft both past and present. The West Country is divided into three counties Somerset, Devon and Cornwall -- each with their own essence and unique energy. This area has been a safe harbor to the ancient Celts and their magical beliefs, and home to many witches, many of whom have adopted guises over the years. Crucial reading for anyone with an interest in this growing subject, with a wealth of anecdotes

Witches Craft

Author : Bruce K. Wilborn
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A guide to the fundamentals, rituals, grimoire, and seasonal rites of Wicca. Do you seek to know more about the foundation and modern practices of witchcraft? In Witches’ Craft, Bruce Wilborn demystifies Wicca—a religion that is loving and nonjudgmental. Wicca’s strength is in its ability to provide spiritual light for a truly diverse group of people. However, its expansive range of rituals and traditions may be confusing to the new practitioner. Witches’ Craft provides detailed explanations of practices from each of the five major Wiccan traditions, removing the shroud of mystery surrounding one of the fastest-growing religions of the twenty-first century.

Witch Hunts in Europe and America

Author : William E. Burns
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Covering witch hunts from Germany to New England, this concise encyclopedia is a fascinating reference on the hunt to find and persecute those who practiced witchcraft.

Johnny Kingdom s West Country Tales

Author : Johnny Kingdom
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There are few people better acquainted with the West Country than Johnny Kingdom. His knowledge of local wildlife is second to none, but he's also a fount of knowledge when it comes to all the old stories that get passed down from generation to generation. West Country Tales is a charming collection of these local myths and legends, interwoven with many more anecdotes from Johnny himself and his forbears and friends. The atmospheric West Country landscape lends itself perfectly to dramatic tales of eerie hauntings and ghostly happenings, daring smugglers and dashing highwaymen, and many have heard of - or might even have seen - the modern-day legend that is the Beast of Exmoor. But what about the Flying Fish of Exmoor, a slippery catch of Johnny's that sailed up and over a bridge into the back seat of a passing open-top car, never to be seen again? Gently humorous and wonderfully evocative, it's only a matter of time before some of Johnny's own tales weave their way into West Country lore.

West Country Witchcraft

Author : Roy Radford
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Magic and Witchery in the Modern West

Author : Shai Feraro
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This book marks twenty years since the publication of Professor Ronald Hutton’s The Triumph of the Moon, a major contribution to the historical study of Wicca. Building on and celebrating Hutton’s pioneering work, the chapters in this volume explore a range of modern magical, occult, and Pagan groups active in Western nations. Each contributor is a specialist in the study of modern Paganism and occultism, although differ in their embrace of historical, anthropological, and psychological perspectives. Chapters examine not only the history of Wicca, the largest and best-known form of modern Paganism, but also modern Pagan environmentalist and anti-nuclear activism, the Pagan interpretation of fairy folklore, and the contemporary ‘Traditional Witchcraft’ phenomenon.

Popular romances of the west of England or The drolls traditions and superstitions of old Cornwall

Author : Robert Hunt
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Cursed Britain

Author : Thomas Waters
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The definitive history of how witchcraft and black magic have survived, through the modern era and into the present dayCursed Britain unveils the enduring power of witchcraft, curses and black magic in modern times. Few topics are so secretive or controversial. Yet, whether in the 1800s or the early 2000s, when disasters struck or personal misfortunes mounted, many Britons found themselves believing in things they had previously dismissed – dark supernatural forces.Historian Thomas Waters here explores the lives of cursed or bewitched people, along with the witches and witch-busters who helped and harmed them. Waters takes us on a fascinating journey from Scottish islands to the folklore-rich West Country, from the immense territories of the British Empire to metropolitan London. We learn why magic caters to deep-seated human needs but see how it can also be abused, and discover how witchcraft survives by evolving and changing. Along the way, we examine an array of remarkable beliefs and rituals, from traditional folk magic to diverse spiritualities originating in Africa and Asia.This is a tale of cynical quacks and sincere magical healers, depressed people and furious vigilantes, innocent victims and rogues who claimed to possess evil abilities. Their spellbinding stories raise important questions about the state’s role in regulating radical spiritualities, the fragility of secularism and the true nature of magic.

The Last Witches of England

Author : John Callow
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"Fascinating and vivid." New Statesman "Thoroughly researched." The Spectator "Intriguing." BBC History Magazine "Vividly told... extremely moving." BBC History Revealed On the morning of Thursday 29 June 1682, a magpie came rasping, rapping and tapping at the window of a prosperous Devon merchant. Frightened by its appearance, his servants and members of his family had, within a matter of hours, convinced themselves that the bird was an emissary of the devil sent by witches to destroy the fabric of their lives. As the result of these allegations, three women of Bideford came to be forever defined as witches. A Secretary of State brushed aside their case and condemned them to the gallows; to hang as the last group of women to be executed in England for the crime. Yet, the hatred of their neighbours endured. For Bideford, it was said, was a place of witches. Though 'pretty much worn away' the belief in witchcraft still lingered on for more than a century after their deaths. In turn, ignored, reviled, and extinguished but never more than half-forgotten, it seems that the memory of these three women - and of their deeds and sufferings, both real and imagined – was transformed from canker to regret, and from regret into celebration in our own age. Indeed, their example was cited during the final Parliamentary debates, in 1951, that saw the last of the witchcraft acts repealed, and their names were chanted, as both inspiration and incantation, by the women beyond the wire at Greenham Common. In this book, John Callow explores this remarkable reversal of fate, and the remarkable tale of the Bideford Witches.