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What Can I Say I Like Sushi

Author : K. B. H. Wcisf Co
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Funny Lined Journal Notebook For Food Lovers Who Loves Sushi

Daughters of Destiny

Author : Lori Ann Rossi
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A girl born into a world she knows nothing about; stripped away at birth by gruesome circumstances. Stone Ridge Lake holds many secrets of the past Serenity never knew. But they stay hidden for sixteen years; until she comes face to face with them all. Her mother's shocking murder has secrets of its own. Who she really is, and what she really is will change her life forever. Will she be strong enough to survive the danger of knowing the truth? Or is she only putting her life on the line to meet a tragic end? Will she stand alone or will a champion come to her aid? Expect the unexpected.

Proceedings of the Biennial Convention International Longshoremen s and Warehousemen s Union

Author : International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union
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What Can I Say I Like Sushi

Author : Spruce Publishing
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Notebook Features: 110 blank lined interior pages Premium matte cover Perfect to pair with gel pen, ink or pencils 6" x 9" dimensions; lightweight and portable size for taking on the go Perfect for jotting down thoughts, taking notes, writing, organizing, goal setting, meeting notes, doodling, lists, journaling and brainstorming Notebooks and journals make a great gift or complimentary item for any gift-giving occasion

Running Wild Novella Anthology Volume 3 Book 3

Author : Barbara Lockwood
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Before you pick up Book 3, please tell us you've already read Book 1 and Book 2. Yes? Good. No? No. Why not? They will only make you feel like you've never felt before. Introduce you to worlds you never knew existed. And make you more joyful than you thought possible. Why? Because these are great stories and great writing that simply do not fit neatly in a box.

Sushi Daze

Author : Rob Payne
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JAMIE SCHMIDT IS WORRIED that he’s already jumped the shark. Like the show Happy Days, which went progressively downhill after the episode in which the Fonz water-skied over a shark enclosure, Jamie feels his life has passed its best-before date. After a semi-epiphanic moment with a cop and a car hood, Jamie decides to move to Japan to become a teacher at the BIGSUN English School, drawn by their fractured-English ad and the promise of a life-altering experience. Once there, Jamie quickly feels not altered but alienated in this new culture of Hello Kitty breast pumps and neurotic roommates. As a gaijin (foreigner), he struggles to find his way in a land where he doesn’t speak the language and can’t interpret the culture. What’s worse, Jamie’s students are more interested in learning dialogue from Pulp Fiction and Deliverance than building their conversation skills. Enter Cassandra—blond, charismatic and technically his boss—who makes Jamie see that there are worse things than being young and free in one of the world’s most energetic cities. Sushi Daze is a hip, smart and funny coming-of-age story that perfectly captures the Lost in Translation Zeitgeist. A cultural road trip through a seldom seen side of Japan, it races through karaoke bars and (almost) to the top of Mt. Fuji. Rob Payne is once again the king of the quick-witted comeback, his irreverent style tempered by a talent for recognizing the inner truths that all of us are searching for.

Sushi Master

Author : Nick Sakagami
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Learn to make sushi at home with lessons from the masters. Nick Sakagami, the only person outside of Japan to earn the designation osakana meister, introduces the fundamentals of sushi, starting with the fish. Photography from Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market offers an inside look at where most of our tuna comes from, and a deep dive into the tools, techniques, and etiquette of sushi ensure you'll never look at a California roll the same way again. Expert recipes from Sakagami's favorite international sushi chefs and clients include variations of: Maki Sashimi Nigiri Onigiri (rice balls) Sushi Master also includes recipes for traditional Japanese soups, including two different types of miso, plus appetizers like tsukemono (Japanese pickles), shishito pepper, and spicy scallop carpaccio. Once you've mastered the staples, you can move on to advanced techniques, such as searing, marinating, aging, and adding garnishes. This comprehensive guide also includes tips on sourcing your ingredients and best practices for sustainability. Sushi Master is your definitive guide to mastering the art of sushi.

The Quiz Book 2

Author : Sarah Jane Brian
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Quizzes, questions, and activities for girls to foster self-discovery in such areas as personal style, friendship, and life skills.

Masculinity and Body Weight in Japan

Author : Genaro Castro-Vázquez
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Drawing on the concept of the somatic self, Castro-Vázquez explores how Japanese men think about, express and interpret their experiences concerning bodyweight control. Based on an extensive ethnographic investigation, this book offers a compelling analysis of male obesity and overweight in Japan from a symbolic interactionism perspective to delve into structure, meaning, practice and subjectivity underpinning the experiences of a group of middle-aged, Japanese men grappling with body weight control. Castro-Vázquez frames obesity and overweight within historical and current global and sociological debates that help to highlight the significance of the Japanese case. By drawing on evidence from different locations and contexts, he sustains a comparative perspective to extend and deepen the analysis. A valuable resource for scholars both of contemporary masculinity and of medical sociology, especially those with a particular interest in Japan.

The Selfie Vote

Author : Kristen Soltis Anderson
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The GOP’s leading millennial pollster offers an eye-opening look at America’s shifting demographics and reveals how these changes will affect future elections. The American electorate is undergoing a radical transformation. Cultural factors are reshaping how a new generation of voters considers issues. Demographic shifts are creating an increasingly diverse electorate, and technological advances are opening new avenues for voter contact and persuasion. Kristen Soltis Anderson examines these hot-topic trends and how they are influencing the way youth, women, and minorities vote. Blending observations from focus groups, personal stories, and polling results, the Republican pollster offers key insights into the changing nature of American politics. The Selfie Vote introduces you to tech-savvy political consultants and shows you how these hip young pollsters and consultants are using data mining and social media to transform electoral politics—including tracking your purchasing history. Make some purchases at a high-end culinary store? Crave sushi? Your choices outside the ballot box can reveal how you might vote. And anyone interested in the future of politics should know where these cultural trends are heading. Data-driven yet highly readable, The Selfie Vote busts established myths about campaigns and elections while offering insights about what’s ahead—and what it could mean for American politics and governance.

A Body in the House

Author : Lawrence Friedman
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Doo wop Girls of the Universe

Author : Finuala Dowling
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Going to Ground

Author : Amy Blackmarr
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A woman in her mid-thirties moves from the city to rural Georgia and shares her reflections and discoveries about the natural world around her, from her snake phobia to life without hot water. 15,000 first printing. Tour.

The Paper Wall

Author : Ira Victor Morris
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BBC Music Magazine

Author :
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Under My Skin

Author : Alison Jameson
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Hope and Larry marry on a whim. They are twenty-two, crazy for each other and penniless. What Larry doesn't know is that behind her bohemian spirit and adorably off-beat humour, Hope is hiding a secret from her past. What Hope doesn't know is that her secret is going to tear her and Larry apart. The only person Hope reveals her secret to is Matilda, an internet pal she's never met. Matilda says the right things and Hope trusts her. But Matilda too has a dark secret - an obsession with a man who doesn't want her. After Larry leaves her Hope is heartbroken, but she tries to make a life without him. However, when she hears he has disappeared in New York, she drops everything and goes to find him. That's when she finally meets Matilda. What started as an innocent internet friendship results in the collision of four lives - with dramatic consequences, and the hope that true love will win in the end.


Author : American Society of Newspaper Editors. Convention
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True Lies of a Drama Queen

Author : Lee Nichols
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Elle Medina finds her already chaotic life taking a turn for the worse when she inadvertently ruins her best friend's wedding, her phone psychic business fails, her boyfriend discovers that she really is not attending graduate school, and naked photos of her mysteriously appear on the Internet. Original.

Dippin My Spoon

Author : Nina Foxx
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The House Spirit and Other Stories

Author : Kanoko Okamoto
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As a young woman Okamoto dedicated herself to the pursuit of literature. Her metier was the poetic form, tanka, which she used to express passionate feelings of love or hate, joy or sorrow. By the time of her European travels in the early '30s her reputation as a poet was well established. Upon her return to Japan, Okamoto began writing stories and novellas.