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Where Hunting Dogs Rest

Author : Martin Usborne
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Moving portraits of abandoned Spanish hunting dogs taken in rescue centers in Spain

International Wildlife Encyclopedia Brown bear cheetah

Author : Maurice Burton
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This twenty-two volume set presents the appearance and behavior of thousands of species of animals along with species population and prospects for survival in a arranged alphabetically and easy-to-read format.

Animals and Hunters in the Late Middle Ages

Author : Hannele Klemettilä
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This book explores views of the natural world in the late Middle Ages, especially as expressed in Livre de chasse (Book of the Hunt), the most influential hunting book of the era. It shows that killing and maiming, suffering and the death of animals were not insignificant topics to late medieval men, but constituted a complex set of issues, and could provoke very contradictory thoughts and feelings that varied according social and cultural milieus and particular cases and circumstances.

Training the Versatile Hunting Dog

Author : Chuck Johnson
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This is a revised and expanded second edition.

How to Train Hunting Dogs to Hunt Rabbits and Coon

Author : Walter James
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The American hunting dog

Author : W.H. Miller
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The Dream Hunters Epoch

Author : Shirley G. East
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THE PALEO INDIAN SERIES: CLOVIS THE DREAM HUNTERS EPOCH A frightened abandoned child struggles to survive the terrifying perils of the Pleistocene Llano Estacado to become a powerful woman, protected by Spirit Mammoth Mother; her only friend a huge Dire Wolf. Set against the panoramic backdrop of the Great Plains, Rocky Mountains and Llano Estacado of Wyoming, Colorado, Texas and New Mexico, the reader will thrill to meet the majestic Columbian Mammoth, shiver with fear at the attack of a fi erce Saber Toothed Tiger and come to love a very special Dire Wolf. She seeks and fi nds Th e People only to be threatened by an evil Dreamer who recognizes her as a threat and seeks her death. Th e Dream Hunters series will both captivate and educate the reader as they learn about the Clovis people, that early Paleo-Indian culture which has so intrigued and eluded the archaeologists for decades. Th e author has applied her fi rst hand experience as continued to back fl ap

Notes of an East Siberian Hunter

Author : A. A. Cherkassov
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Synopsis by Vladimir Beregovoy Notes of an East Siberian Hunter by A. A. Cherkassov is among the oldest bestsellers in Russia, in print since 1865. This book has often been called an encyclopedia of hunting in nineteenth century East Siberia. It has been cherished and read and reread by generations of hunters and naturalists. It was my dream to share its content with the world outside Russia. I met Steve Bodio*, who is also a naturalist and a professional writer with experience in hunting and Russian literature and history. Working together, we completed its first translation into English. The book is narrated in a lively, colloquial Siberian folk dialect; we tried to preserve it as much as possible. Its content includes meticulous descriptions of hunting methods, wildlife, ways of life, customs and even superstitions common among Russian frontiersmen and the native people of East Siberia in the nineteenth Century. It will be a good reference for historians, biologists, geographers, ethnographers, hunters, linguists and serious environmentalists. V. B *Stephen Bodio, author of Eagle Dreams, On the Edge of the Wild, and Querencia among other titles-- see for reviews.

Draft Environmental Document Sections 300 306 5 310 5 311 and 354 Title 14 California Code of Regulations Regarding Resident Game Bird Hunting

Author :
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On the Move

Author : Sue Boinski
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Getting from here to there may be simple for one individual. But as any parent, scout leader, or CEO knows, herding a whole troop in one direction is a lot more complicated. Who leads the group? Who decides where the group will travel, and using what information? How do they accomplish these tasks? On the Move addresses these questions, examining the social, cognitive, and ecological processes that underlie patterns and strategies of group travel. Chapters discuss how factors such as group size, resource distribution and availability, the costs of travel, predation, social cohesion, and cognitive skills affect how individuals as well as social groups exploit their environment. Most chapters focus on field studies of a wide range of human and nonhuman primate groups, from squirrel monkeys to Turkana pastoralists, but chapters covering group travel in hyenas, birds, dolphins, and bees provide a broad taxonomic perspective and offer new insights into comparative questions, such as whether primates are unique in their ability to coordinate group-level activities.

An Encyclopaedia of Rural Sports Or Complete Account of Hunting Shooting Etc

Author : Delabere Pritchett Blaine
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A System of Practical Medicine

Author : Alfred Lebbeus Loomis
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A System of practical medicine v 4 1898

Author : Alfred Lebbeus Loomis
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Lay the Mountains Low

Author : Terry C. Johnston
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America's bestselling frontier writer combines his unique skills as both an acknowledged historian and a consummate storyteller, blending historical fact with powerful human emotions to vividly recreate the past for his millions of readers. In his most ambitious novel to date, Terry C. Johnston combines all the drama and gut-wrenching tragedy to tell the story of the Nez Perce War as a whole cloth, a complex tapestry of deeply wrought emotions and bitter betrayal. Johnston breathes life into little-known characters from this terrifying conflict that will leap out of the past with compelling urgency-page after page, everyone you will meet were real people at the most crucial point of their lives. This is a story of individuals, knitted together in a compelling mosaic of emotions that will sweep you up and carry you along at a gallop. Despite one bloody skirmish after another, the Non-Treaty bands of Nez Perce still believe they can leave all the turmoil and killing behind in Idaho, fleeing General O.O. Howard's army across the Lolo Trail into Montana Territory. Looking Glass and the fighting chiefs lead their people to the "Place of the Ground Squirrels"-there to rest a few days while the women cut new lodgepoles, the children play for the first time in many weeks, and everyone celebrates leaving the war behind, rejoicing that they are on their way to the buffalo country. But there in the Big Hole of southwestern Montana, a chill, misty dawn covered the advance of Colonel John Gibbon's Seventh U.S. Infantry as they stole down upon the sleeping, unsuspecting village...unleashing the bloodiest onslaught of the Nez Perce War!

An Encyclop dia of Rural Sports or a Complete account historical practical and descriptive of hunting shooting fishing racing and other field sports and athletic amusements of the present day Illustrated by R Branston etc

Author : Delabere Pritchett BLAINE
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Guide to Hunting Dogs

Author : Claude Rossignol
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Author : David Vincent
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While this is a work of fiction, it is based on actual events that took place during the time of Napoleon Bonaparte. Therefore, some of the characters in this book are based on historical figures that took part in these events. Other characters are entirely fictitious and are not meant to resemble anyone known or unknown to the author.

The Gentleman Farmer

Author :
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Physiology Series One

Author : D. Robertshaw
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Kentucky Folktales

Author : Mary Hamilton
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The storytelling tradition has long been an important piece of Kentucky history and culture. Folktales, legends, tall tales, and ghost stories hold a special place in the imaginations of inventive storytellers and captive listeners. In Kentucky Folktales: Revealing Stories, Truths, and Outright Lies Kentucky storyteller Mary Hamilton narrates a range of stories with the voice and creativity only a master storyteller can evoke. Hamilton has perfected the art of entrancing an audience no matter the subject of her tales. Kentucky Folktales includes stories about Daniel Boone's ability to single-handedly kill a bear, a daughter who saves her father's land by outsmarting the king, and a girl who uses gingerbread to exact revenge on her evil stepmother, among many others. Hamilton ends each story with personal notes on important details of her storytelling craft, such as where she first heard the story, how it evolved through frequent re-tellings and reactions from audiences, and where the stories take place. Featuring tales and legends from all over the Bluegrass State, Kentucky Folktales captures the expression of Kentucky's storytelling tradition.