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Where the Indus Is Young

Author : Dervla Murphy
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This book is pure Murphy; detailing her winter travels in the Karakoram Mountains and the frozen Western Himalayas, as she, her six year old daughter, and the four-footed Hallam navigated crumbling tracks and bottomless chasms.

Where the Indus Is Young

Author : Dervla Murphy
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Where the Indus is Young

Author : D. Murphy
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From Pole to Pole A Book for Young People

Author : Sven Anders Hedin
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Soc Servcs Brit Indus Ils 192

Author : A. F. Young
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First Published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Catalog of Copyright Entries New Series

Author : Library of Congress. Copyright Office
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Part 1, Books, Group 1, v. 23 : Nos. 1-128 (Issued April, 1926 - March, 1927)

Geography for young children

Author : Geography
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Snuffing Out the Moon

Author : Osama Siddique
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2084 bce: In the great city of Mohenjodaro, along the banks of the Indus, a young man named Prkaa becomes increasingly mistrustful of the growing authority of a cult of priests. 455 ce: In the fabled university city of Takshasilla, Buddhamitra, a monk, is distressed by how his colleagues seem to have lost sight of the essence of the Buddha's message of compassion. 1620 ce: During the reign of the Mughal emperor Jahangir, a pair of itinerant fortune seekers endeavour to swindle the patrician elite, only to find themselves utterly disillusioned. 1857 ce: Mir Sahib, a wandering minstrel, traverses the realms of human deception even as a rebellion against the British Raj is advancing across India. 2009 ce: In contemporary Lahore, the widow Rafiya Begum navigates legal complexities in order to secure her rights and fend off predatory charlatans. 2084 ce: A scholar revisits the known history of the cataclysmic events that led to world domination by ruthless international water conglomerates. Across epochs and civilizations, these are intensely personal journeys that investigate the legitimacy of religion and authority, and chronicle the ascent of dissent. Snuffing Out the Moon is a dazzling debut novel that is at once a cry for freedom and a call for resistance.

Settling Disputes Between Ethnoregional Groups in Young Democracies

Author : Humaira Linda Afzal
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The Young Lady s Own Book

Author : Author of The young man's own book
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A Complete Edition of the Poets of Great Britain Young Gray B West Lyttleton Moore Boyce Thompson Cawthorne Churchill Falconer Lloyd Cunningham Green Cooper Goldsmith P Whitehead Brown Grainger Smollet Armstrong

Author :
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The Indus Challenge

Author : R. Durgadoss
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Bharat is in chaos. While the kingdoms fight each other, Alexander's forces gather for the assault, their leader lured by tales of supernatural weapons and the elixir of immortality. Only one man can save the subcontinent from domination by the Greeks: the young Chandragupta Maurya, trained under the aegis of the 'dark Brahmin', Chanakya. When an ancient seal is found, sharing the secrets of the brahmastra, the redoubtable weapon of the Mahabharat, it is up to Rudra, young commander of the Mauryan Nava Yuva Sena and lifelong friend and confidante of Chandragupta, to decode it. Along with his fellow commandos and with the able guidance of his guru, Rudra embarks on a quest that takes him from the snowy peaks of the Himalayas to the seas of Rameshwaram, hunting the clues that will lead him to the brahmastra. On the way, he meets the Chiranjivis, ancient beings tasked with divine duties and learns the secrets behind his own birth and his mysterious powers. But Rudra must be careful, for not all enemies were dispersed with the death of the mighty Alexander. Treachery lurks in the home and when Rudra is framed for the attempted murder of his sovereign, he must pull every trick at his disposal to reveal the enemy and save his kingdom from plunging, once more, into bloodshed and chaos. A historical, mythological adventure story, The Indus Challenge is sure to appeal to readers interested in the storied past of India and the legends woven into its soil.

Young Titan

Author : Michael Shelden
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In modern memory, Winston Churchill remains the man with the cigar and the equanimity among the ruins. Few can remember that at the age of 40, he was considered washed up, his best days behind him. In Young Titan, historian Michael Shelden has produced the first biography focused on Churchill’s early career, the years between 1901 and 1915 that both nearly undid him but also forged the character that would later triumph in the Second World War. Between his rise and his fall, Churchill built a modern navy, experimented with radical social reforms, survived various threats on his life, made powerful enemies and a few good friends, annoyed and delighted two British monarchs, became a husband and father, took the measure of the German military machine, authorized executions of notorious murderers, and faced deadly artillery barrages on the Western front. Along the way, he learned how to outwit more experienced rivals, how to overcome bureaucratic obstacles, how to question the assumptions of his upbringing, how to be patient and avoid overconfidence, and how to value loyalty. He also learned how to fall in love. Shelden gives us a portrait of Churchill as the dashing young suitor who pursued three great beauties of British society with his witty repartee, political f lair, and poetic letters. In one of many never-before-told episodes, Churchill is seen racing to a Scottish castle to prepare the heartbroken daughter of the prime minister for his impending marriage. This was a time of high drama, intrigue, personal courage, and grave miscalculations. But as Shelden shows in this fresh and revealing biography, Churchill’s later success was predicated on his struggles to redeem the promise of his youth.

Young Humphry Davy

Author : June Z. Fullmer
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The Poems of Young

Author : Edward Young
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Agriculture Handbook

Author :
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Set includes revised editions of some issues.

Young Men

Author :
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The Young men s magazine

Author : British and foreign young men's society
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Young For Life

Author : Marilyn Diamond
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The coauthor of Fit for Life and a doctor who recovered from heart disease after being given a very limited life expectancy outlines a health-bolstering program for overweight and nutritionally deficient readers that focuses on reversing the signs of aging, incorporating convenience exercises and preventing disease. 75,000 first printing.

Cross Cultural Considerations in the Education of Young Immigrant Learners

Author : Keengwe, Jared
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The rapid growth in online and virtual learning opportunities has created culturally diverse university classes and corporate training sessions. Instruction for these learning opportunities must adjust to meet participant needs. Cross-Cultural Considerations in the Education of Young Immigrant Learners brings together professional discourse regarding best practices, challenges, and insights on both higher education and corporate training settings. This book is a vital instrument for instructional designers, faculty, administrators, corporate trainers, students and researchers interested in design and facilitation of online learning for a global audience.