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Wicked Good Words

Author : Mim Harrison
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How to sound like you're from here, no matter where you are in America "Simultaneously full of witty asides and linguistic erudition, Wicked Good Words is one of those rare books that you will read too fast and will find yourself wishing you could read for the first time all over again." -Ammon Shea, author of Reading the OED "As someone who grew up in the land of wicked pissa Sox games, what a delight it was to read about alligator pears, sundogs, piggling, sad cakes, doodinkus, jacklegs, and so many other American regionalisms." -David Wolman, author of Righting the Mother Tongue Wicked Good Words is a collection of words and phrases from places across the United States. Organized by region and peppered with engaging sidebars, it's a uniquely American road trip. You'll discover: *In Ohio, that titillating talk about a four-way is all about a type of chili. *When you rush the growler in Appalachia, you're filling your lunch pail with beer. *A frog strangler in the South will send you running for cover: it's a heavy rain. *In Louisiana and Texas, someone caught pirooting is nosing around. *In the Northwest, something that's spendy is too expensive. *A skeeter hawk, darning needle, snake feeder, spindle, ear sewer, needle, snake doctor, and stinger all refer to the same thing: a mosquito, depending on where you get attacked.

The Wicked Good Book

Author : Stephen Gleasner
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Intergalactic travelers had their Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Evolutionists had Darwin's The Origin of Species. And now Mainers can have their very own manual for the good life in Maine. Styled around the Dangerous Book for Boys, The Wicked Good Book is a pithy, nostalgic, practical, and irreverent guide to getting the most out of living in the Pine Tree State. It includes helpful tips on everything from outsmarting blackfly attacks to living to tell about a moose attack. Also included are the necessary quotes that all lovers of Maine should know by heart; important historical moments; essential gear to wear in the woods, in the Old Port, and at bedtime. Plus, limericks to amuse; hunting tips on how to bag the bird or deer; a guide to the Mine sky; the 7 Wonders of Maine; the correct way to chop a tree' how to prepare for a Maine winter like it might be your last; identification of native flora and fauna; and more. A blend of hearty survival skills with everyday common sense and a fair amount of humor provides for the Uber-Maine experience.

Wicked Good Barbecue

Author : Andy Husbands
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Enjoy and share these incredible, award-winning barbecue recipes from renowned chefs Andy Husbands and Chris Hart at your next barbeque!

The Essential Evangelical Parallel Bible

Author : John R. Kohlenberger, III
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The Essential Evangelical Parallel Bible enables readers to easily compare a quartet of modern translations that span the full range of approaches, from the most precise and literal to the most dynamic and reader-friendly. The New King James Version and English Standard Version permit close word-study, while the New Living Translation and The Message present the text as its earliest audiences might have experienced it. The complete texts of the four translations featured in this volume are conveniently displayed on facing pages (two translations per page), with the same set of verses on each one. The EEPB is particularly noteworthy because it is the first parallel Bible to feature the updated NLT text.

Orthodox Prayer Life

Author : Mattá al-Miskīn
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This volume evolved experientially: the fruit of fifty-five years of solitude by a contemporary Coptic Orthodox desert monk besieged by prayer. Fr Matta's prayer life initially was formed under the direction of the sayings of the Russian Fathers, and later expanded under the direction of other Fathers, both Eastern and Western. He imparts to his readers "a whole course" on prayer.

Shared Thoughts on Random Subjects

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A collection of Addresses sharing thoughts on everyday themes with a Christian connection. Dip in to find something to help, discuss or entertain. Add your own notes and favourite quotes.

Psalm LXIV Malachi

Author : William Jenks
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Plain and Useful Selections from the Books of the Old and New Testament According to the Most Approved Modern Translations By Theophilus Browne

Author :
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Text Mining in Practice with R

Author : Ted Kwartler
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A reliable, cost-effective approach to extracting priceless business information from all sources of text Excavating actionable business insights from data is a complex undertaking, and that complexity is magnified by an order of magnitude when the focus is on documents and other text information. This book takes a practical, hands-on approach to teaching you a reliable, cost-effective approach to mining the vast, untold riches buried within all forms of text using R. Author Ted Kwartler clearly describes all of the tools needed to perform text mining and shows you how to use them to identify practical business applications to get your creative text mining efforts started right away. With the help of numerous real-world examples and case studies from industries ranging from healthcare to entertainment to telecommunications, he demonstrates how to execute an array of text mining processes and functions, including sentiment scoring, topic modelling, predictive modelling, extracting clickbait from headlines, and more. You’ll learn how to: Identify actionable social media posts to improve customer service Use text mining in HR to identify candidate perceptions of an organisation, match job descriptions with resumes, and more Extract priceless information from virtually all digital and print sources, including the news media, social media sites, PDFs, and even JPEG and GIF image files Make text mining an integral component of marketing in order to identify brand evangelists, impact customer propensity modelling, and much more Most companies’ data mining efforts focus almost exclusively on numerical and categorical data, while text remains a largely untapped resource. Especially in a global marketplace where being first to identify and respond to customer needs and expectations imparts an unbeatable competitive advantage, text represents a source of immense potential value. Unfortunately, there is no reliable, cost-effective technology for extracting analytical insights from the huge and ever-growing volume of text available online and other digital sources, as well as from paper documents—until now.

Stories of Slavery and Freedom

Author : Linda Brent
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“Stories of Slavery and Freedom” is collection of narratives of slaves and works of famous writers on the struggle for liberation from slavery. Undoubtedly, the “narrative of slaves” is a documentary source that reveals from the inside through the eyes of slaves all aspects of their life, often hidden from slave owners. Contents: Frederick Douglass - The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Frederick Douglass - My Bondage and My Freedom Solomon Northup - Twelve Years a Slave Booker T. Washington - An Autobiography Linda Brent - Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Harriet Beecher Stowe - Men of Our Times Louis Hughes - Thirty Years a Slave From Bondage to Freedom Olaudah Equiano - The Interesting Narrative of the Life Olaudah Equiano, Or Gustavus Vassa, The African Sarah H. Bradford Harriet - The Moses of Her People Henry Clay - Bruce William Still - The Underground Railroad Olive Gilbert - The Narrative of Sojourner Truth Bernardin de Saint Pierre - Paul and Virginia With A Memoir Of The Author Andrew Lang - In the Wrong Paradise and Other Stories Harriet Beecher Stowe - Uncle Tom's Cabin Henry M. Stanley - My Kalulu, Prince, King and Slave Mary H. Eastman - Aunt Phillis's Cabin Mayne Reid - The Boy Slaves Henryk Sienkiewicz - Through the Desert