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Wireless Communications and Mobile Commerce

Author : Nansi Shi
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Mobile commerce is based on the rapidly growing applications of wireless technologies and mobile communications. This study collects holistic perspectives to explore strategic considerations regarding potential opportunities and issues in mobile commerce.

Mobile Computing and Wireless Communications

Author : Amjad Umar
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This book, suitable for IS/IT courses and self study, presents a comprehensive coverage of the technical as well as business/management aspects of mobile computing and wireless communications. Instead of one narrow topic, this classroom tested book covers the major building blocks (mobile applications, mobile computing platforms, wireless networks, architectures, security, and management) of mobile computing and wireless communications. Numerous real-life case studies and examples highlight the key points. The book starts with a discussion of m-business and m-government initiatives and examines mobile computing applications such as mobile messaging, m-commerce, M-CRM, M-portals, M-SCM, mobile agents, and sensor applications. The role of wireless Internet and Mobile IP is explained and the mobile computing platforms are analyzed with a discussion of wireless middleware, wireless gateways, mobile application servers, WAP, i-mode, J2ME, BREW, Mobile Internet Toolkit, and Mobile Web Services. The wireless networks are discussed at length with a review of wireless communication principles, wireless LANs with emphasis on 802.11 LANs, Bluetooth, wireless sensor networks, UWB (Ultra Wideband), cellular networks ranging from 1G to 5G, wireless local loops, FSO (Free Space Optics), satellites communications, and deep space networks. The book concludes with a review of the architectural, security, and management/support issues and their role in building, deploying and managing wireless systems in modern settings.

Mobile and Wireless Systems Beyond 3G Managing New Business Opportunities

Author : Pagani, Margherita
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Mobile and Wireless Systems Beyond 3G: Managing New Business Opportunities explores new business opportunities and critical issue related to mobile and wireless systems beyond 3G. This book identifies motivations and barriers to the adoption of 3G mobile multimedia services and provides an end-user perspective on mobile multimedia services that are likely to emerge with the roll out of Third Generation Mobile Services (3G). Mobile and Wireless Systems beyond 3G: Managing New Business Opportunities presents a single source of up-to-date information about mobile commerce including the technology (hardware and software) involved, security issues and factors driving demand adoption (consumer and business). This book provides researchers and practitioners with a source of knowledge related to this emerging area of business, while also facilitating managers and business leaders' understanding of the industrial evolutionary processes.

Mobile Commerce

Author : Brian Ernest Mennecke
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"M-commerce (mobile commerce) applications for both individuals and organizations are expected to grow considerably over the next few years. This book addresses issues pertaining to the development, deployment, and use of these applications. Provided is a single source of up-to-date information about mobile commerce, including the technology involved, research on the expected impact of this technology on businesses and consumers, and case studies describing state-of-the-art m-commerce applications and lessons learned. The role of m-commerce in the automotive industry, advertising, and the wireless classroom is addressed."

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Author : Library of Congress
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The Essential Guide to the Business of U S Mobile Wireless Communications

Author : John P. Burnham
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The book offers end-to-end coverage of these issues, and more."--BOOK JACKET.

Global Mobile Commerce Strategies Implementation and Case Studies

Author : Huang, Wayne
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Explores global m-commerce strategies and technological standards, and provides cases of the subject from a global perspective.

Mobile Computing

Author : David Taniar
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"This multiple-volume publication advances the emergent field of mobile computing offering research on approaches, observations and models pertaining to mobile devices and wireless communications from over 400 leading researchers"--Provided by publisher.

M Commerce

Author : Norman Sadeh
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The first complete introduction to the technology and business issues surrounding m-commerce With the number of mobile phone users fast approaching the one billion mark, it is clear that mobile e-commerce (a.k.a. "m-commerce") is the next business frontier. Authored by a recognized international authority in the field, this book describes the brave new world of m-commerce for technical and business managers alike. Readers learn about the driving forces behind m-commerce, the impact of WAP, 3G, mobile payment, and emerging location-sensitive and context-aware technologies. A comprehensive look at emerging m-commerce services and business models, as well as the changing role of mobile network operators, content providers, and other key players. The author concludes with informed predictions about the future of m-commerce.

E commerce and Development Report

Author :
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Handbook of Research on Mobile Multimedia Second Edition

Author : Khalil, Ismail
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"The book is intended to clarify the hype, which surrounds the concept of mobile multimedia through introducing the idea in a clear and understandable way, with a strong focus on mobile solutions and applications"--Provided by publisher.

Wireless Internet Mobile Business

Author : Harvey M. Deitel
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This text is designed for wireless internet/web courses and advanced internet/web programming courses focusing on the wireless internet found in computer science, CIS, MIS, business, and engineering departments. While the rapid expansion of wireless technologies such as cell phones and palm pilots offers many new opportunities for businesses and programmers, it also presents numerous challenges related to issues such as security and standardization.

Encyclopedia of Mobile Computing and Commerce

Author : Taniar, David
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The "Encyclopedia of Mobile Computing and Commerce" presents current trends in mobile computing and their commercial applications. Hundreds of internationally renowned scholars and practitioners have written comprehensive articles exploring such topics as location and context awareness, mobile networks, mobile services, the socio impact of mobile technology, and mobile software engineering.

The Wall Street Journal

Author :
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Handbook of Research in Mobile Business

Author : Bhuvan Unhelkar
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"This reference book brings together various perspectives on the usage and application of mobile technologies and networks in global business"--Provided by publisher.

Broadband Wireless Communications Business

Author : Riaz Esmailzadeh
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Wireless Telecommunications Business provides comprehensive coverage of the present status and future evolution of wireless telecommunications, giving practical cost and benefit advice to industry decision makers and key players involved in the design, construction, and implementation of the technology.

M commerce Crash Course

Author : P. J. Louis
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The past, present, and future of wireless telecom technology -- explained in one volumeThe convergence of current cellular and PC voice networks with the new wireless networks means anyone working in the telecommunications industry (or interested in investing) needs the inside scoop on the next generation of telecommunications. You’ll find it in M-Commerce. Expert P.J. Louis’ one-of-a-kind guide lets you understand the merging of 3rd generation, or 3G, wireless technologies with the Internet, a convergence that’s transforming the economics of the telecommunications industry and driving massive growth in wireless usage. Focusing on how network management and customer care must evolve with the technologies, the book provides you with business models and an understanding of service provisioning as well as technology. You’ll learn about: The telecom network Wireless networks Next Generation Networks Interconnection Differentiation Global Services Types of next generation service providers Next generation network signaling SS7/ATM/B-ISDN Billing in next generation networks Next generation network management Next generation economics

The Mobile Commerce Revolution

Author : Tim Hayden
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Your Definitive Guide to Profiting from Mobile Commerce With more than 60% of Americans carrying smartphones, your mobile commerce opportunities are immense: not someday, right now. But, to fully capture those opportunities, it’s not enough to build an app. You need to know how mobile is transforming your customers’ behavior, your organization, and your competitive environment. You need to assess and apply a wide spectrum of strategies, tactics, and technologies: from responsive web design and location-based tactics to mobile payment systems. You need to change your processes and your culture. The Mobile Commerce Revolution covers all this and more. Mobile commerce pioneer Tim Hayden and consumer behavior expert Tom Webster draw on their experience helping clients of all kinds to succeed with mobile— from startups to the world’s top brands. Packed with indispensable data and cutting-edge case studies, this guide will take you from planning to action to profit! Discover how customer mobile behavior is radically maturing and shifting Weave mobility throughout your marketing mix and business operations Prepare for the instant and impulse when your customer wants to buy Identify mobile tactics that are actually influencing purchases Earn confidence from customers that you will protect their privacy Use payment technologies to reduce friction and make it easier to buy Deliver richer, more powerful stories and mobile experiences Understand customers through “Little Data”: qualitative studies to physically observe behavior Grasp purchase attribution: why people buy

Comparison Shopping Services and Agent Designs

Author : Wan, Yun
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"This book investigates the effects of the evolution of comparison-shopping techniques and processes with the ready availability of online resources over the past few years"--Provided by publisher.

Innovative Technologies for Information Resources Management

Author : Khosrow-Pour, D.B.A., Mehdi
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As information resource management becomes increasingly dependent on emerging technologies to combat its challenges and decipher its effective strategies, the demand builds for a critical mass of research in this area. Innovative Technologies for Information Resource Management brings together compelling content related to the continually emerging technologies in areas of information systems such as Web services, electronic commerce, distance learning, healthcare, business process management, and software development. Focusing on the implications innovative technologies have on the managerial and organizational aspects of information resource management, this book provides academcians and practitioners with a requisite and enlightening reference source.