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Wolf in Shadow

Author : David Gemmell
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“David Gemmell tells a very real adventure, the stuff of true epic fantasy.”—New York Times bestselling author R. A. Salvatore John Shannow, The Jerusalem Man, lived in a world that had toppled on its axis. Civilization had been replaced by ruthlessness and savagery. Relentless in his quest for peace, Shannow followed a path that led only to bloodshed and sorrow. Abaddon, the Lord of the Pit, sought to plunge mankind into a new Satanic era. His Hellborn army spewed forth from the Plague Lands with an unholy force stemming from human sacrifice. For it was the blood of innocents that fueled the corrupted Sipstrassi Stones of Power—the source of Abaddon's might. But the Hellborn made a fatal mistake—they took the woman who had stolen Shannow's heart. He would move Heaven and Earth to save her or he would die trying. “Gemmell . . . keeps the mythic currents crackling.”—Publishers Weekly

The Wolf s Shadow

Author : Cecilia Dominic
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Life as she knew it is over. At the next full moon, the real trouble begins… Epidemiologist Joanie Fisher can’t catch a break. After her lab burns to the ground, her boss simultaneously fires her and ends their affair. And though she’s inherited her grandfather’s multimillion-dollar estate, Joanie’s shocked to discover the property comes infested with werewolves. Confronted by a ruggedly handsome shifter who begs her to continue her cutting edge research into the wolves’ physical changes, Joanie unearths a sinister conspiracy that puts her own life in danger. And as she pushes hard to find the cure, shadowy figures will do anything to make sure she never develops a treatment… including resorting to murder. Can Joanie end the wolfish disease before she’s next on a killer’s list? The Wolf’s Shadow is the first book in the pulse-pounding Lycanthropy Files urban fantasy series. If you like strong female characters, insidious cabals, and medical thriller-style storytelling, then you’ll love Cecilia Dominic’s hair-raising genre mashup. Buy The Wolf’s Shadow to claw your way to the truth today. Series order: The Wolf's Shadow Long Shadows Blood's Shadow A Million Shadows: A Lycanthropy Files novella ***This book was formerly titled, The Mountain's Shadow, originally published by Samhain Publishing in October 2013***

In the Shadow of a Rainbow The True Story of a Friendship Between Man and Wolf

Author : Robert Franklin Leslie
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First published in 1974, this classic tale of friendship, courage, and the wild has captured hearts of all ages. In 1970, a young Indian who introduced himself as Gregory Tah-Kloma beached his canoe near the author's Babine Lake campsite in the backwoods of British Columbia. Night after night by the campfire, the young Indian told the remarkable story of his devotion to a pack of timber wolves and their legendary female leader: Náhani, "the one who shines." This extraordinary tale has touched many readers over the years with its moving portrayal of the friendship between Greg and Náhani. Certain names and locations have been altered, but the facts of Gregory Tah-Kloma's adventures with Náhani are as he told them to Robert Leslie.

Wolf Shadow s Promise

Author : Karen Kay
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Warrior's Woman He had vowed to make her his wife when she was a mere girl. But now that Alys Clayton was a woman grown and ripe for the love of an honorable man, Moon Wolf knew that man could not be him. For she had since been named Wolf Shadow, a warrior pledged to protect his people. A well-born beauty like Alys deserved much more than a revel Indian could give her. And Moon Wolf loved her too much to deny her anything... Alys had long waited for the day when she would be reunited with the darkly handsome suitor who had filled her young heart with yearning. And once in Moon Wolf's tender embrace, she longed to fulfill their vow of love. But Moon Wolf struggled against his passion, stubbornly denying her the one thing that would make her truly his. Now Alys was determined to show the noble warrior that he need not walk alone and that theirs was a love meant to be...

The Wolf and the Shadow Monster

Author : Avril McDonald
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Wolfgang is excited to be allowed to have his friends over to stay for the whole night. They all have great fun until the lights go out and Wolfgang's secret fear of the dark is revealed. His friends laugh at him until they hear his story and see the Shadow Monster for themselves! Spider shows Wolfgang a special magic spell to make scary things go away. The magic spell is so good that all of his friends want to try it on the things that scare them too. Life can sometimes be scary but there are some great tricks out there to make scary things not so scary anymore. You can even have a little fun with it! Suitable for 4- to 7-year-olds.

Shadow of the Wolf

Author : Michael Parker
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Shadow of the Wolf

Author : James Barwick
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Author : C. R. Penny
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No one had time to think about what it was or how to react to it. With the energy of two million hydrogen bombs, the asteroid blasts through the atmosphere in a second—sweeping half the planet clean of all life. As a few lucky survivors stand in the darkness and look to the skies with gratitude for their lives, black snow starts falling and the great famine begins. It is 2012, and the world has changed forever. Shadow is a plains wolf who has always had food and shelter—all the things he needed to survive—until the great darkness arrived. The wolf is near death when a she-human happens upon him and frees him from his cage at the zoo. She and her dog Champ lead Shadow deep into the forest in a desperate attempt to survive. Eventually tragedy strikes, leaving Champ and Shadow alone. As Shadow and Champ venture high in the mountains, they discover a small wolf pack living on the carcasses buried under the soot-laden snow. As the sun returns and fresh buds form, Shadow must find acceptance within a new family.

The Shadow of the Wolf

Author : Freeman, R. Austin
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Shadow of the Wolf

Author : Brent Ghelfi
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In the aftermath of an apparent terrorist attack, the headquarters of an American oil company haemorrhages chemical-pink smoke into the Moscow smog. A Russian army captain carrying a priceless Fabergé egg and digital evidence of horrific wartime atrocities is murdered and relieved of both these prizes. And in the snowy mountains of southern Russia, a terrorist named Abreg-who once held Volk captive in a Chechen mud pit-hatches a plan to lure him back into his grasp.Shadow of the Wolf finds covert agent Colonel Alexei Volkovoy grieving for his lost love, Valya, and struggling to stay afloat in a world of political intrigue and underground plots. But when he takes out his anger on the wrong man, he gains a powerful enemy in the highest reaches of the Kremlin...