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Women of Influence Women of Vision

Author : Helen S. Astin
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A new perspective on leadership / In the spirit of the times : Three generation s of women leaders / Becoming leaders: Key influences and experiences / The com mon thread: a passion for justice and social change / Leadership for change: in itiatives and outcomes / Key skills and strategies of leaders / Strains and cos ts of leadership / Learning from the past and looking toward the future / A lea dership legacy, a leadership resource.

Women of Vision

Author : Denise Du Pont
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Essays by women writers discuss the influence of feminism, the portrayal of women, and the differences between science fiction and mainstream literary fiction

Women of Influence

Author : Hayley Paige International
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On a global scale, women are changing the trajectory of their lives as they make the decision to step into their power and leave their mark on the world. No longer are they striving for success in only one or two areas of their lives; they are choosing to have it all-without external expectation or restrictions. These women have travelled difficult paths that have tested their resolve in achieving their goals (specifically in the field of entrepreneurship), but not once have these obstacles proven to distract from their vision. They've each very consciously decided to become the very best versions of themselves, and whilst on their journey, they've transformed into Women of Influence. "Women of Influence" presents 12 women, all of whom tell their individual stories as they travel towards their own definition of success. Although unique, they all recognise in one another the determination and strength needed to leave an impact on the world, while changing the preconception of what it means to be a woman adopting a multitude of roles in a fast-paced world-and the perceived limitations. Encouraging ladies across the world to stay focused on their vision as they build their dreams and businesses, "Women of influence" emphasises the power we have in moving out of our past and into our future with the aim of shaping the world through focused impact, business improvement and positive change.

Women of Vision

Author : Eileen Gavin, PhD
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Western Women s Lives

Author : Sandra Schackel
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An anthology of essays about 20th-century women living in the western U.S., showing that the image of the pioneer woman has been replaced not with another dominant one, but with many.

Women Administrators in Higher Education

Author : Jana Nidiffer
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Shows the tenacious spirit and hard work of women administrators in their struggles to enhance opportunities for women on college campuses.

The O Neill Vision of Life and the Influence of Women

Author : Constance Johnson DeMott
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Women s Oral History

Author : Susan Hodge Armitage
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Women's Oral History: The "Frontiers" Reader is an essential guide to the practice of gathering and interpreting women's oral accounts of their lives. During the 1970s, whenøwomen's history was just developing, the lack of historical information about women's lives was glaring. Oral history quickly emerged as a vital and necessary tool for documenting the lives and experiences of women, who rarely recorded it for themselves?much less for posterity. Standard models of practicing oral history, however, were inadequate to the job of organizing and interpreting women's lives, and new models that addressed the distinctiveness of the lives of women?in all of their diversity?were needed. As one of the earliest journals devoted to feminist scholarship in the United States, Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies was in the vanguard of the emerging field of women's oral history when it published its first landmark issue on the subject in 1977. Three subsequent issues exploring the evolving field has secured Frontiers' reputation at the forefront of women's oral history. Women's Oral History includes nineteen essays, each addressing the particularity of women's lives and experience. The collection provides both "how to" interview guides and examples of current research in sections covering basic methodology and rationale; the myriad uses of women's oral history; and discoveries and insights gained from oral history applications. The essays raise thought-provoking questions, glean original insights about the lives of women and the practice of history, and call for women to write and record their own histories.

Women in Higher Education 1850 1970

Author : E. Lisa Panayotidis
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This edited collection illustrates the way in which women’s experiences of academe could be both contextually diverse but historically and culturally similar. It looks at both the micro (individual women and universities) and macro-level (comparative analyses among regions and countries) within regional, national, trans-national, and international contexts. The contributors integrally advance knowledge about the university in history by exploring the intersections of the lived experiences of women students and professors, practices of co-education, and intellectual and academic cultures. They also raise important questions about the complementary and multidirectional flow and exchange of academic knowledge and information among gender groups across programmes, disciplines, and universities. Historical inquiry and interpretation serve as efficacious ways with which to understand contemporary events and discourses in higher education, and more broadly in community and society. This book will provide important historical contexts for current debates about the numerical dominance and significance of women in higher education, and the tensions embedded in the gendering of specific academic programs and disciplines, and university policies, missions, and mandates.

Women of Vision

Author : Eileen A. Gavin, PhD
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From the reviews: "Women of Vision blends biographical narrative with psychological perspectives on human development, resulting in a moving and passionate book that is suitable for both academic and nonacademic readers. It is a useful tool for teaching purposes or for simple, enjoyable, and informative reading." --Psychology of Women Quarterly "...a fascinating look of preservation and perceptiveness that is differentiated from its predecessors in its range of disciplines and emphasis...This new 'life course' approach to understanding female leaders gives valuable insight into the lives of these imminent women, furnishing insights into how the social-economic-political milieu and the attitudes and values of the time played a significant role in the lives of these women but also in all our lives. Women of Vision will serve as a springboard for exploration of how the psychologies of individual human lives affect their life-course and as a galvanizing step for many more future women of vision and leadership....The accounts in the book should be of substantial significance for readers interested in gender issues. However, the book will appeal to an even wider audience. Persons hoping to move in new directions in their own lives (e.g., women looking wistfully at new academic and occupational paths after years in stereotypic niches) can surely also find inspiration in the various accounts." We all know of women of great vision; women whose efforts and accomplishments have had a major impact on the arts, politics, women's rights, sports, or science. But often we may not understand how they became such powerful agents of change and what sorts of questions we should ask of their pasts to understand how the trajectories of their lives were formed. In this extraordinary textbook, leading experts cast new light on the role of circumstance, accomplishments, and personality in the development of various twentieth-century women of vision. This is a brand new life-course approach to understanding female leaders and gives valuable insight into the lives of such eminent women as Rachel Carson, Evelyn Gentry Hooker, Georgia O'Keeffe, Eleanor Roosevelt, "Babe" Didrikson Zaharias, Ella Fitzgerald, Alice Paul, Lucille Ball, and many others. Study questions and exercises at the end of each chapter further enhance the text. Women of Vision will serve as the springboard for exploration of how the psychologies of individual human lives affect their life-course and a galvanizing step for many more future women of vision and leadership.

Muslim Women and Politics of Participation

Author : Mahnaz Afkhami
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This volume is about the ways of promoting women's participation in the affairs of Muslim societies: from raising consciousness and changing codes of law, to penetrating the economic markets and influencing national and international policies.

SRRT Newsletter

Author : American Library Association. Social Responsibilities Round Table
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Women as Political Leaders

Author : Michael A. Genovese
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Over the past several years, the fields of Leadership Studies and of Women's Studies have grown tremendously. This book, which is a series of case studies of women who have headed governments across the globe, will discuss the conditions and situations under which women rose to power and give a brief biography of each woman . A special chapter on why no U.S. woman has risen to the top, and a review of the political campaigns of Hillary Clinton, Michele Bachmann and others will be included. This book will be of interest for courses in women and leadership, global politics and gender studies.

Developing Non hierarchical Leadership on Campus

Author : Charles L. Outcalt
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Key figures in the field of non-hierarchical leadership development share their insights on conceptualizing, promoting, and assessing models of leadership based on teamwork, diversity, and service. This volume will be essential for theorists and practitioners in higher education.

The 2nd Dubai International Conference in Higher Education

Author : Lulett Escarpe-Ibarra
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Women in Higher Education

Author : Ana M. Martínez Alemán
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Presents the experience of women in higher education, including entries on gender theory and feminism issues, and an overview of women students, faculty, and administrators.

Becoming a Woman of Influence

Author : Carol Kent
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Carol Kent imparts several principles from the life of Jesus for the making of an effective mentor.

Women in Academic Leadership

Author : Diane R. Dean
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Colleges and universities benefit from diversity in their leadership roles and profess to value diversity - of thought, of experience, of person. Yet why do women remain under-represented in top academic leadership positions and in key positions along the academic career ladder?Why don't they advance at a rate proportional to that of their male peers? How do internal and external environmental contexts still influence who enters academic leadership and who survives and thrives in those roles?""Women in Academic Leadership"" complements its companion volumes in the ""Women in Academe"" series, provoking readers to think critically about the gendered nature of academic leadership across the spectrum of institutional types. It argues that leadership, the academy, and the nexus of academic leadership, remain gendered structures steeped in male-oriented norms and mores. Blending research and reflection, it explores the barriers and dilemmas that these structures present and the professional strategies and the personal choices women make in order to successfully surmount them.The authors pose questions about how women leaders negotiate between their public and private selves. They consider how women develop a vital sense of self-efficacy along with the essential skills and knowledge they need in order to lead effectively; how they cultivate opportunity; and how they gain legitimacy and maintain authenticity in a male-gendered arena.For those who seek to create an institutional environment conducive to equity and opportunity, this book offers insight into the pervasive barriers facing women of all colors and evidence of the need for a more complex, multi-dimensional view of leadership. For women in academe who seek to reach their professional potential and maintain authenticity, it offers encouragement and a myriad of strategies for their growth and development.

Leadership Resources

Author : Center for Creative Leadership, Greensboro, NC.
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This guide provides over 300 pages of resources suggested by leadership educators in surveys, Center for Creative Leadership staff, and search of library resources. This eighth edition is half-new, including web sites and listserv discussion groups, and it places a stronger focus on meeting the needs of human resources professionals and corporate trainers. An annotated bibliography groups leadership materials in several broad categories: overview; in context; history, biography and literature; competencies; research, theories, and models; training and development; social, global, and diversity issues; team leadership; and organizational leadership (180 pages). Includes annotated lists of: journals and newsletters (9 pages); instruments (21 pages); exercises (41 pages); instrument and exercise vendors (5 pages); videos (29 pages); video distributors (4 pages); web sites (6 pages); organizations (21 pages); and conferences (9 pages). (Contains a 66-page index of all resources.) (TEJ)

Women as Transformational Leaders

Author : Michele Antoinette Paludi
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This compilation of scholarly reviews and personal reflections on women and leadership styles focuses on multicultural and organizational issues—empowering information that female leaders can use to break through the glass ceiling. * Contributions from 49 distinguished academic scholars describe research findings and present personal reflections on leadership styles * Bibliographies follow each scholarly chapter * An index provides quick access to topics discussed in scholarly chapters * Appendices include women in leadership organizations, institutes, and graduate programs