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Women Writing and Soul Making

Author : Peggy Tabor Millin
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At once informative and inspirational, this reference delivers the profound message that women have access to a feminine approach to writing, one that differs from what they have been taught. When employed, this approach frees them from the fears that have restrained their creativity.

Intelligent Souls

Author : Samara Anne Cahill
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Intelligent Souls? offers a new understanding of Islam in eighteenth-century Britain. Cahill explores two overlapping strands of thinking about women and Islam, which produce the phenomenon of “feminist orientalism.” One strand describes seventeenth-century ideas about the nature of the soul used to denigrate religio-political opponents. A second tracks the transference of these ideas to Islam during the Glorious Revolution and the Trinitarian controversy of the 1690s. The confluence of these discourses compounded if not wholly produced the stereotype that Islam denied women intelligent souls. Surprisingly, women writers of the period accepted the stereotype, but used it for their own purposes. Rowe, Carter, Lennox, More, and Wollstonecraft, Cahill argues, established common ground with men by leveraging the “otherness” identified with Islam to dispute British culture’s assumption that British women were lacking in intelligence, selfhood, or professional abilities. When Wollstonecraft wrote A Vindication of the Rights of Woman she accepted that view as true—and “feminist orientalism” was born, introducing a fallacy about Islam to the West that persists to this day. Published by Bucknell University Press. Distributed worldwide by Rutgers University Press.

Romantic Women Writers

Author : Paula R. Feldman
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Essays forging a new definition of Romanticism that includes the wide range of women's artistic expression.

Making Face Making Soul

Author : Gloria Anzaldúa
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Literary Nonfiction. Fiction. Latino/Latina Studies. African American Studies. Asian American Studies. Native American Studies. A bold collection of creative pieces and theoretical essays by women of color. New thought and new dialogue: a book that will teach in the most multiple sense of that word: a book that will be of lasting value to many diverse communities of women as well as to students from those communities. The authors explore a full spectrum of present concerns in over seventy pieces that vary from writing by new talents to published pieces by Audre Lorde, Joy Harjo, Norma Alarcón and Trinh T. Minh-ha. "At one level or another, all the work in the collection seeks to find ways to understand and articulate our multiple identities and senses of place.... MAKING FACE/MAKING SOUL is an exciting collection of dynamic, important writings that all women of color and white feminists will learn from, enjoy, and return to again and again and again."--Sojourner"...the pieces are stunning in what they risk and reveal..."--The San Francisco Chronicle

Chicken Soup for the Soul Making Me Time

Author : Amy Newmark
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“Me time” is the cure for what ails you. You know you need it. Here’s how to take care of yourself so that you can be the very best version of you! Do you ever say that you’ll take care of yourself after you finish your to-do list? The personal, revealing stories in this book will convince you to put yourself at the top of that list. Self-care and life balance are what we all neglect most. These 101 true stories from people who turned their lives around will show you how to take care of your physical and mental health. You’ll be inspired by people who have taken back control of their lives and carved out that all-important “me time,” whether that means exercising, reading, meditating, seeing friends, or communing with nature. Whatever your psyche needs is your form of “me time” and that’s something that you deserve. There are many approaches, and at least one of them is bound to work for you. In these pages, you’ll read about men and women who: Put an hour for themselves on their daily to-do lists Pursued long-delayed sports, hobbies, or volunteer work Discovered themselves through travel, fitness, or new careers Learned to ask for help instead of doing it all Started treating themselves as well as they would treat a guest Stopped seeing the people who weren’t making them happy Rediscovered the benefits of exercising and being outside in nature Created their own personal spaces in their homes or outdoors Decluttered their calendars or their homes—and felt liberated

Women Writing and the Industrial Revolution

Author : Susan Zlotnick
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Industrialization in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries inspired deep fears and divisions throughout England. The era's emergent factory system disrupted traditional patterns and familiar ways of life. Male laborers feared the loss of meaningful work and status within their communities and families. Condemning these transformations, Britain's male writers looked longingly to an idealized past. Its women writers, however, were not so pessimistic about the future. As Susan Zlotnick argues in Women, Writing, and the Industrial Revolution, women writers foresaw in the industrial revolution the prospect of real improvements. Zlotnick also examines the poetry and fiction produced by working-class men and women. She includes texts written by the Chartists, the largest laboring-class movement in the early nineteenth century, as well as those of the dialect tradition, the popular, commercial literature of the industrial working class after mid-century.

Women Writing the Nation

Author : Leanne Maunu
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Women Writing the Nation: National Identity, Female Community, and the British - French Connection, 1770-1820 engages in recent discussions of the development of British nationalism during the eighteenth century and Romantic period. Leanne Maunu argues that women writers looked not to their national identity, but rather to their gender to make claims about the role of women within the British nation. Discussing texts by Frances Burney, Charlotte Smith, Mary Wollstonecraft, and others in the late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth centuries, Maunu demonstrates that women writers of this period imagined themselves as members of a fairly stable community, even if such a community was composed of many different women with many different beliefs. They appropriated the model of collectivity posed by the nation, mimicking a national imagined community.

Mary s Way

Author : Peggy Tabor Millin
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In 1989, Peggy Tabor Millin joined a group of non-Catholics as chronicler on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje, Bosnia, where Mary, mother of Jesus, had been appearing to a group of young people since 1981. Although she did not expect to be affected by her journey, what occurred changed her life, leading her along a path she calls "Mary's way." Twenty years later, she understood that Mary had been appearing in order to prepare us for what is happening now. Millin then knew she was to republish the book with a new subtitle to reflect the intent of the messages: Cultivating a Peaceful Heart in Trying Times. This is a book about spiritual connections, about the use of Mary's way in opening a deep communion with divine love, and about the possibility of transformation in our daily lives. Mary's message is universal-individuals from all religious and spiritual paths will find guidance and inspiration. Millin writes, "The spiritual journey has no goal, nothing tangible to grasp, not even a permanent state of being. Enlightenment comes in flashes of in-sight that last as long as they last. Such flashes arise from shifting our focus from the material world to the inner life of the soul. Our outer life then becomes a reflection of our inner reality: increasingly the heart rests in peace and selfless service replaces striving. This shift in focus rearranges our priorities; we give up what no longer serves this higher purpose and are occasionally surprised by glimpses of the resplendent 'pearl of great price.'" Peggy Tabor Millin is author of the award-winning book, Women, Writing, and Soul-Making: Creativity and the Sacred Feminine. She offers classes and retreat for women in the writing process. Her mission is to provide a safe space for women to develop and claim their voice so they can stand in their power and inspire positive change in their world. Learn more about her work at

Sinister Wisdom

Author :
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Who s Who of American Women 1997 1998

Author : Marquis Who's Who
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WHO'S WHO OF AMERICAN WOMEN is the one essential reference to depend on for accurate & detailed facts on American women of achievement. This new edition includes in-depth biographical profiles of prominent, accomplished women.

Soul Making

Author : Edward Sellner
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The author shares his spiritual pilgrimage to England, Ireland and Wales with frankness and sensitivity. This moving book puts readers in touch with the early Celtic saints and gives meaning to the search for spiritual growth.

Feminist Forerunners

Author : Ann Heilmann
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Most critics and scholars have long assumed that the women’s movement was almost exclusively a white middle-class women’s affair. This book counters the prevailing view by putting the spotlight on some remarkable women from other backgrounds, such as African Americans Pauline Hopkins and Amy Jacques Garvey, Mexican American Maria Cristena Mena, and Chinese American Sui Sin Far. Also examined are the work of more obvious New Women, such as Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

The Longman Anthology of Women s Literature

Author : Mary K. DeShazer
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Offering readers key women's writings from the eighth century to the present, this global and multicultural anthology includes selections written in English by women from Great Britain and the U.S. as well as Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Croatia, Ghana, India, New Zealand, Nigeria, South Africa. Organized thematically, the anthology emphasizes five important topics for women writers finding a voice, writing the body, rethinking the maternal, identity and difference, and resistance and transformation. Pivotal works of feminist theory by Woolf, Cixous, Showalter, hooks, Trinh, and others are also included. For those interested in women's literature.

Bright Unequivocal Eye

Author : Jane Kenyon
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In April of 1998 the First Jane Kenyon Conference brought together Donald Hall, Wendell Berry, Galway Kinnell, Alice Mattison, Gregory Orr, and Joyce Peseroff along with a number of scholars, teachers, students, and admirers of Jane Kenyon's poetry. What was said about Jane Kenyon and about her poetry was informed and informative, and often very moving. This volume collects poems and remarks about her and her work by Hall, Berry, Kinnell, Mattison, Orr, and Peseroff, as well as essays by a dozen other conference participants.

Nordic Journal of International Law

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American Women Writers

Author : Lina Mainiero
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Diversity and Change in Early Canadian Women s Writing

Author : Jennifer Chambers
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Diversity and Change in Early Canadian Womens Writing is a collection of nine essays, thematically arranged, dedicated to the works of women writing between 1828 and 1914. It is for all those readers who were certain that there had to be diverse, interesting, socially relevant voices in early Canadian womens writing. It is, equally, for sceptics, who will find that early Canada is not bereft of women writers, or of writing of substance. When Lorraine McMullen published the collection of essays Re(dis)covering Our Foremothers in 1990, she considered the field in its infancy. As keen as literary historians and critics have been to assess the contributions of women to Canadas early cultural scene, this collection moves beyond listing which women were writing in early Canada, and brings together a study of their journalistic and literary works. For a nation caught up in projects to enhance nation-building, and concerned with the development of its national literature, the essays reconnect with early literary works by women. Eighteen years after McMullens, this collection shows the progression along the path that hers initiated. Working with theories of genre, gender, socio-politics, literature, history, and drama, the essayists make cases not only for the women writing, but also for the literary voices they created to work for diversity and social change in Canada.

An Introduction to Women s Writing

Author : Marion Shaw
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This volume is a survey of writing by women from the Middle Ages to the late 1990's. It comprises nine essays by women scholars who are experts in a particular period of literary history and who have an interest in feminist criticism. The book also establishes characteristics belonging to each period, and also suggests ways in which continuities and developments have emerged. Although this text is informed by feminist criticism, it is also designed to be accessible to readers unacquainted with feminist literary theory and caters to both a general and an undergraduate readership.


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