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Word Origins And How We Know Them

Author : Anatoly Liberman
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A guide to the science and process of etymology for the layperson explains how the origins and history of hundreds of words are determined, discussing such topics as folk etymology, changes of meaning in language history, borrowed words, and the methods of etymology.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Weird Word Origins

Author : Paul McFedries
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Get ready to chew the fat. This engaging, humorous new book explains the not-so-common origins of such commonly used phrases as "apple-pie order," "chew the fat," and "hat trick." Presented in a fun, easy-to-read style, it provides entertaining insight on metaphorical phrases, weird words, and strange expressions and takes readers on a journey through the bizarre and eccentric origins that make up our everyday speech. * Word books have gained in popularity not just with students and linguaphiles, but with a general population interested in the fascinating development of our language * Contains back stories for 500 intriguing words and phrases * Fun to flip through and also fun to read cover to cover

Oxford Dictionary of Word Origins

Author : Julia Cresswell
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Contains alphabetically arranged entries that explore the origin, evolution, and social history of over three thousand English language words.

Short Dictionary of Classical Word Origins

Author : Harry E. Wedeck
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Whether one reads only newspapers or nothing more serious than a short story or a novel—whatever one reads one is constantly running up against an allusion to the Ancient Classics of Greece and Rome and, in almost every intelligent sentence or statement, one is meeting words that are fully understandable only if one knows something of their Greek or Latin origins.

Treacle Toast and Tweed English Word Origins for Language Lovers

Author : Betty Kirkpatrick
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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A fascinating guide to the origins of English language words from acne and aubergine, through hooligan and mall to treacle, toast, tweed and more. A book for language lovers.

Little Oxford Dictionary of Word Origins

Author : Julia Cresswell
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Did you know that coconut derives from the Spanish and Portuguese coco for 'grinning face'? Or that giraffes used to be called camelopards? Or that walrus has its origin in Dutch, meaning 'whale horse'. The Little Oxford Dictionary of Word Origins includes 1,000 word histories arranged across 100 wide-ranging themes, from food to phobias, from the universe to love. Featuring words with interesting or surprising origins, it is an irresistible collection of word histories, including dates of origin and an authoritative account of each word's derivation. Beautifully produced and attractively designed, this fascinating volume is a pleasure to browse. It also features a useful index so you can quickly find just the word you are looking for. The perfect gift for word lovers and for anyone with an interest in the English language.

The Origins of English Words

Author : Joseph Twadell Shipley
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There are no direct records of the original Indo-European speech. By comparing the vocabularies of its various descendants, however, it is possible to reconstruct the basic Indo-European roots with considerable confidence. In The Origins of English Words, Shipley catalogues these proposed roots and follows the often devious, always fascinating, process by which some of their offshoots have grown. Anecdotal, eclectic, and always enthusiastic, The Origins of English Words is a diverting expedition beyond linguistics into literature, history, folklore, anthropology, philosophy, and science.

The Origin of Names Words and Everything in Between

Author : Patrick Foote
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Dive Into the Fun Facts Behind Names and Word Origins #1 Bestseller in Words, Language & Grammar, Etymology The best-selling book is back in it’s second volume with more names, more words, and even more in-between than before!What’s in a name? The answer is far more complex and interesting than you may think. From the person behind the popular Youtube channel, NameExplain, comes the second volume of his best-selling book The Origin of Names, Words and Everything in Between. This new book is a fun, interesting and educational journey through the world of etymology. It covers a huge array of names from a variety of topic areas, and includes a bunch of random facts behind the names. From first names, to bodies of water―there’s no name big or small, important or obscure that won’t be explained. Find fun facts. Presented in a light and entertaining manner, The Origin of Names compels you to learn a ton of things you didn’t know you wanted to know. Unlike a dictionary, everything in this book is easy to understand and can be read from start to finish, or in short bursts. It’s also a lot more fun to read―Patrick explains each name with jokes and quips you’re bound to enjoy, and it’s full of pictures too! Be the know-it-all you always wanted to be. In The Origin of Names you’ll: • Learn fascinating word origins and bizarre name meanings • Be able to entertain yourself and friends with random facts • Gain honor and renown for your unrivaled knowledge of etymology If you enjoyed books like Interesting Stories For Curious People, Stuff You Should Know, or The Great Book of American Idioms, then you’ll love The Origin of Names, Words and Everything in Between: Volume II.

Word Origins

Author : Wilfred Funk
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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From a highly respected name in reference literature, an easy-to-access, dependable sourcebook on the origin and development of thousands of words, each word has been thoroughly checked by ranking linguists and the information is presented in a manner as entertaining as fiction, An Outlet bestseller in previous editions. 432 pages. 6 X 9.

Building Vocabulary from Word Roots Grade 6 Kit eBook

Author : Timothy Rasinski, Nancy Padak, Rick M. Newton, and Evangeline Newton
File Size : 74.84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Building Vocabulary from Word Roots provides a systematic approach to teaching vocabulary using Greek and Latin prefixes, bases, and suffixes. Over 90% of English words of two or more syllables are of Greek or Latin origin. Instead of learning words and definitions in isolation, students learn key roots and strategies for deciphering words and their meanings across all content areas. Building Vocabulary from Word Roots: Level 6 kit includes: Teacher's Guide; Student Guided Practice Book (Each kit includes a single copy; additional copies may be ordered in quantities of 10 or more); Assessments to support data-driven instruction; and Digital resources including modeled lessons, 50 bonus activities, and more.