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Write Your Own Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Author : Angela McDonald
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"A fascinating, easy-to-read yet highly informative introduction to hieroglyphs suitable for all novice Egyptologists. Angela McDonald makes learning the language of the pharaohs fun."--Joyce Tyldesley, author of Egypt

Hieroglyphs for Fun

Author : Henry Joseph Scott
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Presents the basic "alphabet" of twenty-four hieroglyphic letters with the approximate English sound they represent and briefly discusses various other aspects of Egyptian culture.

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Author : Kathy Allen
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"Describes the hieroglyphic writing system of ancient Egypt"--Provided by publisher.

Hieroglyphs and Arithmetic of the Ancient Egyptian Scribes

Author : Donald Frazer
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This introductory guide for beginners provides an introduction to the decipherment of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic writing and arithmetic, with a little light hearted humour. All the hieroglyphs portrayed within this book (over 780) are provided free of charge as keyboard characters. They allow the reader to create their own messages, names, numbers and designs which can be easily printed. These hieroglyphs are compatible with all software packages that run on both Windows based and Macintosh computers. This step-by-step guide introduces the reader to the peculiar style of arithmetic and units of measure employed by the ancient Egyptians, from counting loaves and recording the strength of beer to the volume of stone in a pyramid and the recording time.

Lost Knowledge and Forbidden Secrets in Ancient Egypt

Author : Ezra Ivanov
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We are not including in our history the stories of Herodotus and certain other writers who deliberately chose fables over facts and spun yarns for amusement only. We will, however, outline what the priests of Egypt wrote in their sacred records, which we have examined minutely and thoroughly. The author describes an arcane doctrine believed lost to time. It may be based on events that occurred more than 3,000 years ago, but Khaemwas still evokes the mystic heritage of Egypt. Traditional spiritual practices have always given people insight into their environments and allowed them to live harmoniously with them despite hardships that can only be imagined. Despite advancements in science and technology, we do not seem to be as equipped in the modern age. Undoubtedly, this is why we look to pass cultures such as Egypt for the elusive insights and powers we miss. We are like Khaemwas in many ways. We want to comprehend the mysteries of daily life and discover the source of all wisdom. Egypt's mystic heritage continues to attract our attention for these reasons. So many ancients spoke of a legacy. What is it? Egyptian legends freely circulated among travelers, as noted by the Greek historian Diodorus Siculus (60 B.C.E. ). Furthermore, the temples and tombs were regularly documented with similar stories. Some legends spoke of their gods, royal figures, sages, and adventurers who embodied the natural and supernatural forces of the world around them. A great deal of the information was gleaned from ancient texts. Yet they differed from myths of other cultures, including Greek myths, which viewed it as a symbol of natural phenomena or metaphor for the universe rather than a factual narrative. Ancient Egyptians were not so rigid in their philosophical thinking; they made no distinction between myth and legend. Chronicles they inherited from Antiquity were believed to be actual events, either during a historical time when their gods inhabited the Earth or in a dimension they called "timeless time," when human beings had direct access to divine powers. Because legends gave meaning and purpose to the past, present, and future, they were vital and practical.

Computer Activities Through the Year

Author : Susan L. Gimotty
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Contains over fifty activities designed to help students in grades four through eight develop technology skills in the areas of word processing, spreadsheet, Internet, presentation, and graphic design.

Middle Egyptian

Author : James P. Allen
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Middle Egyptian introduces the reader to the writing system of ancient Egypt and the language of hieroglyphic texts. It contains twenty-six lessons, exercises (with answers), a list of hieroglyphic signs, and a dictionary. It also includes a series of twenty-six essays on the most important aspects of ancient Egyptian history, society, religion, literature, and language. Grammar lessons and cultural essays allows users not only to read hieroglyphic texts but also to understand them, providing the foundation for understanding texts on monuments and reading great works of ancient Egyptian literature. This third edition is revised and reorganized, particularly in its approach to the verbal system, based on recent advances in understanding the language. Illustrations enhance the discussions, and an index of references has been added. These changes and additions provide a complete and up-to-date grammatical description of the classical language of ancient Egypt for specialists in linguistics and other fields.

A Research Guide to the Ancient World

Author : John M. Weeks
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A Research Guide to the Ancient World: Print and Electronic Sources is a partially annotated bibliography that covers the study of the ancient world, and closes the traditional subject gap between the humanities and the social sciences in this area of study. This book is the only bibliographic resource available for such holistic coverage.

HIEROGLYPHS OF THE PHAISTOS DISC history and full text translation

Author : Vitaly Surnin
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This book is the preliminary part of a great work titled «THE BOOK OF THE EGYPTIAN: The beginning of the basic Egyptology or a key to the understanding of history, philosophy and world religion». Usually, the introduction is made in the form of a brief preface or foreword, but I got a whole book as the first step in a multi-volume publication of the study. The purpose of this specific introduction as the beginning of serious research – is right at the level of the opening to inspire a reader, showing him in a clear visual and comprehensible form, the whole true mechanism of the hieroglyphic writing. To achieve this, I will completely dispel the myth created by the modern science that hieroglyphs do not convey any meaning (of words, the whole idea), but only individual sounds (letters), or their combination (syllables). This scientific myth will be finally deprived of the status of scientific knowledge, and the translation of the Phaistos disc, on the contrary, will be clearly shown, what is called «broken apart», and will be read in the ancient hieroglyphic language united by the principle of construction – in the language of the ancient Egyptians. I can say that it will not be two simultaneously existing systems of hieroglyphs translation, as well as two Egyptologies, one will be false, and the other – true! To prove the validity of the system of translation I wanted to give you immediately not only a complete translation of the text of the Phaistos disc, where the number of occurrences of each hieroglyph is not big (1 to 19 times), but the translation of the whole ancient Egyptian writing, because the number of times it is used in there is thousands, if not even millions. And each such use of each hieroglyph is translating in the same way, so it creates the full reading of the hieroglyphic texts – writing, which will be easily read by everyone with the dictionary of hieroglyphs in the future. The main reason why I wanted to do it – is because, at first, I read the ancient Egyptian texts and only then, by chance, came across with the hieroglyphs of the Phaistos disc. But then, I decided to set a different aim – to teach the reader to think, and not just to read hieroglyphs. Since we have no ancient Egyptian temple, and you're not its novice, the method of achieving the aims will be different than in the antiquity. First of all, I would suggest not a translation of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, but a complete translation of the Phaistos disc, and at the same time to give them a sort of test of common sense to modern science in the face of particular academies and universities of the world. Let them answer me the question, not knowing the translations of ancient Egyptian texts, – whether they think this translation of the Phaistos disc is correct? So when I completely publish «The Book of Egyptian», it will become clear who they are and where do they lead all of you. As they always test the students, it's a time to test them as well. Will they pass the test, I do not know, but any way, you, my reader, will get to know about it, (in the main manuscript) and will be able to draw your own conclusions about their intellectual level. Therefore, I recommend you to take this message of the book, at least with the attention, because not every day the science gets a ready revelation, designed in the form of scientific study. And here the attention and common sense will help the reader to re-look the original, pure, uncomplicated meaning of the Hieroglyphs, which through the veil of delusion will finally begin to appear in their true, original and vibrant colors – and finally, get from the nether world – into the realm of the living!

King Tut s Tomb

Author : Shannon Baker Moore
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Every new and groundbreaking archaeological discovery refines our understanding of human history. This title examines the exploration and study of King Tut's tomb. The book explores the tomb's creation, traces its discovery and scientific investigation, and discusses future study and conservation efforts. Well-placed sidebars, vivid photos, helpful maps, and a glossary enhance readers' understanding of the topic. Additional features include a table of contents, a selected bibliography, source notes, and an index, plus a timeline and essential facts. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Essential Library is an imprint of Abdo Publishing, a division of ABDO.