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Writing Your Dissertation 3rd Edition

Author : Derek Swetnam
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This book gives you the confidence, tools and techniques to produce a first-class dissertation. It offers practical guidelines to planning realistic timetables and structuring every aspect of your work. Find out how to avoid common mistakes and the best way to present your work, and even how to assess your dissertation in the same way as a university or college tutor does.

Challenges in Writing Your Dissertation

Author : Noelle Sterne
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Different from traditional dissertation writing books, Challenges in Writing Your Dissertation: Coping With the Emotional, Interpersonal, and Spiritual Struggles addresses doctoral students’ often overlooked but crucial issues that can delay dissertation completion. In a straightforward, colloquial style, Dr. Sterne offers discussions, anecdotes, questions, exercises, checklists, role play scripts, and affirmative spiritual statements. In Part One, Sneaking Up on the Dissertation, Dr. Sterne directs readers to explore their academic dreams. In Part Two, Really Doing It, Dr. Sterne assists students to set priorities, begin actually writing, and access many avenues of support. In Part Three, Your Near, Dear, and Despairing Significant Others, Dr. Sterne shows readers how to handle nonsupportive family and friends with strategies to recover their allegiance. In Part Four, Good University Cops and Bad, Dr. Sterne advises students how to choose and live with chairs and committees and utilize other university associates. In Part Five, Graduation: It’s Only a Walk Away, Dr. Sterne counsels almost-doctors to take all necessary steps to graduation and helps them re-enter life ABD—After and Beyond the Dissertation.

Your Undergraduate Dissertation

Author : Nicholas Walliman
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'This is a refreshing and inspiring book, of equal value to both the anxious and the ambitious student' - Lucinda Becker, Department of English Literature, University of Reading In the second edition of this best-selling guide, Nicholas Walliman provides expert, step-by-step advice on managing and developing a successful undergraduate project. This book takes you through each stage of your dissertation, answering questions including: How do I choose an appropriate topic for my dissertation? How do I write a research proposal? What's a literature review, how do I conduct it and how do I write it up? How can I ensure I'm an ethical researcher? What methods of data collection are appropriate for my research question? Once I have collected my data, what do I do? What's the best structure for my dissertation? Full of examples from real student projects, interdisciplinary case studies and illustrated with cartoons to make you smile along the way, this book will tell you all you need to know to write a brilliant dissertation.

Research Projects for Business Management Students

Author : Siah Hwee Ang
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An easy to follow guide for Business and Management students undertaking an extended research project, covering the entire process from start to finish.

Surviving Your Dissertation

Author : Kjell Erik Rudestam
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... This is the most comprehensive and user-friendly book available for helping graduate students complete both quantitative and qualitative dissertations in the social sciences.

Gaining A Master s Degree

Author : Allen Brown
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Britain has over 100 institutes of higher education offering Master's degree courses. Access to higher education opportunities has therefore never been greater. As technology advances and new techniques are developed, there is a growing desire for skill updating and retraining throughout all walks of professional life. One of the most effective means of achieving an advantage in a chosen area is by gaining a Master's degree. There are over 5000 Master's programmes available in the UK, part-time and full-time, and this book aims to be a comprehensive guide to personal preparation, what to expect and how to maximize the benefits from a Master's programme.

How to Write a Better Thesis

Author : David Evans
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This concise guide emphasizes clear and logical structure as the key to a well-written thesis. The book uses a direct and conversational tone while offering concrete examples of common structural problems and the numerous devices, tricks, and tests for avoiding them. It proves that the astute researcher must no longer regard writing as the last chore but rather as a crucial part of the research process. This updated edition demonstrates how computer software can be advantageous and includes a checklist to keep students organized.

Surviving Your Dissertation

Author : Kjell Erik Rudestam
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This book offers a user-friendly guide to preparing a perfect dissertation. Rather than focusing only on how to draft the report itself, the authors provide readers with material on generating a researchable question, as well as methods for assessing blind spots and learning styles that may get in the way of completing a dissertation. Using examples from a wide variety of disciplines, the authors demonstrate how to write up results, develop appropriate writing skills, and ways to construct tables and figures. In addition, the book includes information on writing up qualitative research, using computer technology effectively to assist in the dissertation process and following ethical guidelines in conducting research.

The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
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Dissertation News

Author :
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ePub Field Methods for Academic Research 3rd Edition

Author : Dan Remenyi
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Interviews, focus groups and questionnaires are everyday tools of the academic researcher in business and management studies. Most research degrees and many academic peer reviewed journal papers have employed one or more of these techniques. Ironically the knowledge and skills required to use these tools are not often well taught and the books available on these topics can be daunting. This highly accessible book addresses these three field methods and explains how they may be employed to good effect. The book also provides examples or research protocols, letters and checklists which are of direct use to researchers using these methods.

Conference Record

Author :
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Writing Up Qualitative Research

Author : Harry F. Wolcott
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Using lively examples and friendly tips gleaned from his own and other researchers' experiences, and a warm, reflective writing style, Harry F Wolcott offers readers suggestions for writing up qualitative research.

The Exam Skills Handbook

Author : Stella Cottrell
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Provides an easy-to-follow set of strategies and techniques that build to a plan for achieving your best possible exam performance. It gives practical step-by-step guidance in long-term planning for optimal performance through to last minute revision strategies. This fully updated, two-colour edition includes two brand new chapters.

Writing the Winning Thesis Or Dissertation

Author : Allan A. Glatthorn
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This revision provides a step-by-step approach to making the thesis or dissertation process easier and more manageable.

Guide to the Successful Thesis and Dissertation

Author : James E. Mauch
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A guide to the thesis and dissertation process--how to get through it and how to get the most out of it. This revised and updated edition (2nd, 1988) gives more attention to the use of up-to-date technology, makes new suggestions designed to help foreign students, and gives instructions on preparing the honors thesis. Extensive bibliography. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Making Sense in the Humanities a Student s Guide to Writing and Style

Author : Maurice Legris
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Writing a Thesis

Author : R. Keith Van Wagenen
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This book outlines chapter-by-chapter the steps involved in writing a thesis and proposal. The Introduction and chapters on Methods, Results, and Discussion sections outline the essential content of each section of the thesis. A concluding chapter on style offers practical tips on how to organize, explain, and produce forceful writing. The book presents seven major groupings of statistical analyses, with complete illustrations. It also demonstrates appropriate wording and statistical essentials and offers advice on what not to include.

Philip s Daughters

Author : Estrelda Y. Alexander
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This volume brings together twelve scholars from a variety of scholarly fields including biblical studies, history, theology, sociology, anthropology, and missiology in a multi-disciplinary exploration of themes related to women's leadership within the three branches of the renewal movement: Holiness, Pentecostal and Charismatic traditions. These scholars - women and men - from both within and outside the traditions, draw on various methodologies including hermeneutics, ethnography, critical theory, and historical analysis to explore the experiences and contributions of women from the movement's inception to the present. They keep before us the challenges that still impact women's full participation as equal partners in ministry and leadership on both the American and global scene. The volume looks at the multiple roots of women's marginalization within the renewal movement while suggesting progressive solutions that take seriously the social locations of Pentecostal and Charismatic congregations and the theological foundations on which the movement has been built. At the same time, it locates these discussions within the broader postmodern realities facing the church as it attempts to faithfully live out its witness to the biblical truth that both male and female are created in the God's image and endowed with the capacity to work creatively toward the unfolding of the Kingdom.

The Pictorial edition of the works of Shakspere ed by C Knight 8 vols including a vol entitled William Shakspere by C Knight 8 vols The vol containing the biogr is of the 3rd ed

Author : William Shakespeare
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