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Author : Daniel W. Merrick, Ph.d.
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The YaHuWaH Torah is the restored name version of the Paleo Hebrew name for the creator in English of the LAW of The Almighty as given to Moses. These first five books of the Bible are the first installment in the set of the YaHuWah Bible collection. Designed for the Hebrew Roots of the Faith of the people of Israel with the Messianic restoration of the name of Elohim transliterated as YaHuWaH from the tetragrammaton. A great addition to any sacred scriptures collection translated and tranliterated by Daniel W Merrick, PhD published by Eternal Light & Power Company Publishing.

Deuteronomy the Mishnah Torah of Yahuwah

Author : Antony Michael Hylton
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Torah Time Digest Yahweh Lover of my Soul

Author : Sonya T. Anderson
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Enjoy twelve in-depth thematic Torah studies for your bible study group, Sabbath fellowship, or personal devotion time. The theme of this digest is Yahweh, Lover of My Soul. Topics covered include worshiping at the feet of the Father, becoming a fragrant offering, and praying in the secret place.

A Theological Introduction to the Old Testament

Author : Bruce C. Birch
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First published in 1999, this text has become a standard in seminary and university classrooms. This edition was revised with special attention to deepening and broadening the theological interpretations of issues related to gender, class, and race. Maps and illustrations are included.

A Royal Priesthood

Author : Craig G. Bartholomew
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The third in a series of books that result from annual conferences of the top evangelical hermeneutical scholars in the world.

The Sacred Name Broadcaster

Author :
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Torah Revealed Torah Fulfilled

Author : Jacob Neusner
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Framing the issue of the disposition of Scriptural heritage in broad terms, these three preeminent scholars seek to identify the recurrent tensions, the blatant points of emphasis,the recurring indications of conflict and polemic in the characterizations of the Gospels and the Mishnah, the letters of Paul and the Tosefta. Nearly every Christianity and nearly all known Judaisms appeal for validation to the Scriptures of ancient Israel, their laws and narratives, their prophecies and visions. To Scripture all parties appeal - but not to the same verses of Scripture. In Scripture, all participants to the common Israelite culture propose to find validation - but not to a common theological program subject to diverse interpretation. From Scripture, every community of Judaism and Christianity takes away what it will, but not with the assent of all the others. The authors contribute their combined insights on the Torah, seeking perspective through contrasting the presentation of common topics and contributing to the theological conversation between Judaism and Christianity.

The Old Testament in the Life of God s People

Author : E. A. Martens
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This book celebrates the contributions to Old Testament theology of Elmer A. Martens, President and Professor of Old Testament at Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary, Fresno, California (both positions now Emeritus). It includes 3 essays written by Martens himself, as well as 15 others written by his former students, colleagues, friends, and even one of his professors! The essays are clustered around three topics--Christians' use of the Old Testament, aligning God's people with God's call for justice, and addressing the issue of land in the life of God's people--each of which reflects an area of special interest to Martens. A biographical sketch, a list of the honoree's varied publications, and indexes are included. Martens has had a productive career as teacher, author, and preacher--a career spanning almost six decades and five continents. After 40 years of seminary teaching, Elmer is known to many as professor. He taught his signature class, Old Testament theology, from 1968 to 2004 at Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary, shaping an entire generation of preachers and Bible teachers. His Old Testament theology textbook, God's Design, now in its third edition, continues to be used at the seminary as well as in translation in numerous other schools around the world.

Religion Culture in Ancient Israel

Author : John Andrew Dearman
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Reading the Psalms as a Book

Author : R. Norman Whybray
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This book discusses the theory that the Psalter was compiled with the specific intention that it should be used as a book for private spiritual reading. It is argued that if this were so, the work of the final editors would not have been confined to arranging the psalms in a particular order but would have included additions and interpolations intended to give the whole book a new orientation. An investigation of selected psalms shows that although the Psalter may have become a book for private devotion not long after its compilation, there is little evidence that it was compiled for that purpose.

Kiab r

Author :
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Understanding the Bible

Author : Stephen L. Harris
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A Light to the Nations

Author : Robert Martin-Achard
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World Religions in a Post Modern Age

Author : Henry L. Ruf
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"Presents an introduction to religion and shows how religion differs from metaphysics, provides interpretations of Asian religions, Middle Eastern and Western religions, and provides a declaration of religious freedom for the post-modern age"--Provided by publisher.

People of the Covenant

Author : Henry Jackson Flanders
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Using contemporary literary approaches and the most recent historical scholarship, this introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures provides a thorough and coherent approach to the basic human issues of the Scriptures. It emphasizes the meanings that the Hebrews gave to persons and events in their attempts to manage life's struggles, and provides textual aids that help students understand these ideas and apply them to contemporary issues. Accessible and stimulating to students with a wide range of academic and religious backgrounds, People of the Covenant is grounded in the best scholarly methodologies, respect for the rich literary values of the Old Testament, and concern for its enduring religious relevance.

Understanding World Religions

Author : George W. Braswell
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Theology of the Land

Author : Leonard J. Weber
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Journal of Biblical Literature

Author :
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God and His People

Author : Ernest Wilson Nicholson
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God's covenant with Israel has been a central theme in the study of the Old Testament since ancient times and has been a particularly prominent issue in biblical study during the last hundred years. This book shows that the debate over the covenant held during the last century has made it possible for us to see far more clearly than before how crucial the covenant idea was in the development of the faith of Israel. Far from being merely one among a wide range of terms and ideas that emerged and flourished, "covenant" is a central theme that provided a unique way of looking at the relationship between God and his chosen people.

In an Age of Prose

Author : Tamara Cohn Eskenazi
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