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Yoga Tai Chi and Reiki

Author : Max Sculley
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Max Sculley's definitive critique of Yoga, Tai Chi and Reiki comes with a timely warning that despite these practices' surface appeal for helping fitness, relaxation and health, they are closely linked to underlying Eastern philosophies that are incompatible with Christianity. Vatican documents, including one authored by the present Pope when he was Cardinal Ratzinger, have highlighted the spiritual dangers associated with methods of meditation associated with Eastern religions. Despite these warnings Yoga, Tai Chi and Reiki continue to be promoted in parishes, schools and religious orders. Max Sculley's detailed and well documented analysis of Yoga, Tai Chi and Reika includes gripping personal stories that bring home the dark side of these practices. This book needs to be widely circulated among teachers, clergy and religious.

Elements of Rejuvenation

Author : Merlin's Magic Staff
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Music to enchant every ear in a temple of relaxation and healing. Played during Qi Gong, Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki treatments, Chi Exercise, or simply for meditation, it captivates - making you flow with the spiritual energy into infinite spaces.

Reiki Yoga Meditation Yagyas New Age Practices

Author : Marc Edwards
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Reiki, Yoga, Meditation and Yagyas, presents a case for practicing these ancient disciplines. While many people are meditating, some have had difficulties with meditation because they were not doing Hatha Yoga. It is essential to do yoga & meditation to obtain the best results. Reiki is useful as an added adjunct to keep the body healthy and also open the inner channels, often called the meridians or nadis. Yagyas are the third aspect of the yoga, meditation triangle. The purpose of yagyas is to strengthen ones spiritual connection to the Higher Power, however, yagyas effect all areas of an individual: the body, mind and spirit. These Hindu ceremonies can reduce problems even if youve had them for decades. This book provides practical tips about these disciplines and how they can help anyone achieve higher states of consciousness/Enlightenment in one lifetime.

Yoga Journal Presents Your Guide to Reiki

Author : Journal Yoga
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Discover the healing art of Reiki! The Japanese healing art of Reiki enhances balance and amplifies energy while reducing stress, promoting healing, and significantly improving your quality of life. In Yoga Journal Presents: Your Guide to Reiki, you'll find expert information on the popular hands-on holistic therapy that encourages relaxation and eases pain by transmitting energy between the practitioner and recipient. This accessible and comprehensive guide teaches you how to: Identify where energy enters and leaves the body and encourage the flow of this energy where it is needed Connect with the Universal Life Force through a Reiki attunement Establish your personal Reiki routine for self-treatment and healing others Balance energy flow throughout the body Participate in Reiki shares Create a Reiki-centered spiritual lifestyle Whether you're new to Reiki or already a practitioner, this guide will help you deepen your practice and restore balance throughout the body, mind, and spirit.

La terapia del color en Reiki Heiwa to Ai

Author : Ricard López
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Author : Laura Lee
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BOOK #1: Yoga For Beginners: 25 Easy Yoga Poses for Slimmer Body, Stress Relief and Inner HappinessThis book is a must have for anyone looking for a basic introduction to the practice of yoga. Yoga was first developed in India thousands of years ago and it has become increasingly popular all around the world. While there are many types of yoga, they all have one thing in common: they help you to create a strong toned body and a clear, bright mind. There are more than one hundred different schools or types of yoga, but most of these types are comprised of various poses, breathing exercises and meditation. BOOK #2: Total Chi Fitness: Get Familiar With the Meridian Stretching Exercises for Ultimate Fitness, Performance and HealthTotal chi fitness has a lot of benefits in ensuring that it unblocks your meridians that are the pathway through which your life energy flows and increases the circulation of your life forceBOOK #3: Reiki: The Complete Guide with Tips on How to Enlarge Your Energy, Stay Healthy, and Feel Awesome with Reiki HealingReiki is hundreds of years old and is still practiced by people all over the world. It's the practice of moving energy. In this beginner's level ebook, you will learn how to use reiki to improve your health and your emotional wellbeing. BOOK #4: Tantric Massage: For Beginners - 8 Amazing Secrets to Boost Your Sex Life with Tips for Sensual Tantric Massage and Perfect Love Making This Tantric massage e-book will take you and your romantic partner to places where you have never been. It uses the ancient energy of the chakras and takes your contact with your lover to a new level.In this book, we will teach you the meaning of Tantric massage and the way it is performed. There are specific methods to use in Tantric massage, and it involves some study on your part. We'll start you out in this e-book, and have you feeling like enough of an expert to add Tantric massage to your nightly ritual, whether it leads to a sexual encounter or not. BOOK #5: Tantric Massage: 8 Most of the Most Well Guarded Secrets About the Perfect Tantric MassageIf you've never before experienced Tantric massage, you don't know what you're missing. Almost any type of massage will relax you and help you feel better, but Tantric massage targets your mind, body and spirit. Using ancient methods of massage, you can release the tension and negative energy that can cause depression and disease. You'll feel energized, and better able to face your demanding life. BOOK #6: Reiki: The Essential Guide: Be Healthy and Feel Great With Reiki HealingAre you looking for a way to handle your stress? Do you suffer from a health condition that is already being treated, yet you wonder if something else out there can further help you? Most importantly, do you want to know what your other options are?BOOK #7: Auras: Learn How to Feel, See, and Read the Human AuraDo you have a desire to better understand yourself and the people around you? This is achievable when you tap into your ability to see and feel the human aura. With this book, you will learn how to see and feel the human aura. Along the way, you will also learn about the various colors and layers that a human aura can have as well as what each color means. Getting Your FREE BonusRead this book, and find "BONUS: Your FREE Gift" chapter right after the introduction or after the conclusion.

Religion and Modernity

Author : Detlef Pollack
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This is not a book that provides a new integrated theory of religious change in modern societies, but rather one that develops theoretical elements that contribute to the understanding of some contemporary religious developments. Most of the approaches in sociology of religion are prone to emphasise either processes of religious decline or of religious upswing. For example, secularization theory usually includes a couple of relevant factors—such as functional differentiation, economic affluence or social equality—in order to account for religious change. However, the result of such a theory's empirical analyses seems to be certain in advance, namely that the social relevance of religion is decreasing. In contrast, the religious market model devised by sociologists of religion in the US is inclined to detect everywhere processes of religious upsurge. Religion and Modernity: An International Comparison avoids a purely theoretically based perspective on religious changes. For this reason, Detlef Pollack and Gergely Rosta do not begin with theoretical propositions but with questions. The authors raise the question of how the social significance of religion in its various facets has changed in modern societies, and explain what factors and conditions have contributed to these changes.

Handbook of Child Sexual Abuse

Author : Paris Goodyear-Brown
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A comprehensive guide to the identification, assessment, and treatment of child sexual abuse The field of child sexual abuse has experienced an explosion of research, literature, and enhanced treatment methods over the last thirty years. Representing the latest refinements of thought in this field, Handbook of Child Sexual Abuse: Identification, Assessment, and Treatment combines the most current research with a wealth of clinical experience. The contributing authors, many of whom are pioneers in their respective specialties, include researchers and clinicians, forensic interviewers and law enforcement professionals, caseworkers and victim advocates, all of whom do the work of helping children who have been sexually victimized. Offering a snapshot of the state of the field as it stands today, Handbook of Child Sexual Abuse explores a variety of issues related to child sexual abuse, from identification, assessment, and treatment methods to models for implementation and prevention, including: The impact of sexual abuse on the developing brain The potential implications of early sexual victimization Navigating the complexities of multidisciplinary teams Forensic interviewing and clinical assessment Treatment options for children who have traumagenic symptoms as a response to their sexual victimization Treating children with sexual behavior problems and adolescents who engage in illegal sexual behavior Secondary trauma and vicarious traumatization Cultural considerations and prevention efforts Edited by a leader in the field of child therapy, this important reference equips helping professionals on the front lines in the battle against child sexual abuse—not merely with state-of-the-art knowledge—but also with a renewed vision for the importance of their role in the shaping of our culture and the healing of victimized children.

The Art of Psychic Reiki

Author : Lisa Campion
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From master Reiki teacher Lisa Campion comes The Art of Psychic Reiki, a one-of-a-kind, step-by-step guide for learning the sacred art of Reiki while cultivating the psychic and intuitive skills crucial to this healing energy work. Reiki is a gentle yet powerful, hands-on energy healing method from Japan that’s been gaining in popularity over the last century—not only with bodyworkers and massage therapists in the West but also with medical professionals who can attest to its healing power. Born from the author’s decades of experience with Reiki healing and her own methods, The Art of Psychic Reiki provides everything you need to know about this healing art, including the critical psychic development and empathy training that prepares healers to go out and do the work they were meant to do. If you’re drawn to the healing art of Reiki, you might be a highly sensitive person, with high levels of empathy, intuition, and latent psychic abilities (a combination of intuition and inner knowing, plus the ability to connect with higher wisdom). And since Reiki is a form of energy healing, many new practitioners may experience what’s called a psychic opening as they learn or practice. For this reason, it’s important that every Reiki practitioner master the ability to navigate their empathic and psychic sensitivities while engaged in this work—and this book can help. Whether you’re new to Reiki or you’re a practitioner seeking to deepen your knowledge and enhance your skills, with this guide you’ll learn how to use Reiki to heal yourself and others, cultivate and trust your natural intuition, develop your empathic and psychic abilities, work with your spirit guides, and ground and protect yourself as a practitioner of this sacred healing art.

Clinical Nutrition for Oncology Patients

Author : Mary Marian
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Clincial Nutrition for Oncology Patients provides clinicians who interact with cancer survivors the information they need to help patients make informed choices and improve long-term outcomes. This comprehensive resource outlines nutritional management recommendations for care prior to, during, and after treatment and addresses specific nutritional needs and complementary therapies that may be of help to a patient. This book is written by a variety of clinicians who not only care for cancer survivors and their caregivers but are also experts in the field of nutritional oncology. Important Notice: The digital edition of this book is missing some of the images or content found in the physical edition.

Reiki Way of the Heart

Author : Walter Lübeck
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Reiki is among the most popular esoteric paths of perception today. This book is for everyone who would like to become informed about the possibilities offered by Reiki on the basis of exercises that are easy to learn.

The Everything Reiki Book

Author : Phylameana Lila Desy
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For centuries, Reiki has been valued by Eastern cultures as a means for relieving pain and balancing the body's natural energies. This hands-on healing method is now gaining subscribers in the Western world who seek a mind-body approach to overall wellness. The Everything Reiki Book introduces readers to basic Reiki techniques and teaches them how they can channel positive energy to reduce stress, enhance vitality, and strengthen the immune system. Packed with easy-to-follow instruction and helpful illustrations, The Everything Reiki Book is the perfect resource for readers interested in using this effective touch therapy in the comfort of their own homes. Reiki Master Phylameana lila Désy shows readers how to: Identify and tap into "life energy" Make use of Reiki principles for treating themselves and others Channel positive energy through proper hand placement Use Reiki to alleviate specific ailments, such as indigestion and foot pain Integrate Reiki into all aspects of daily life Written with the beginner in mind, The Everything Reiki Book is a practical approach to all-around wellness for the body, mind, and soul.

Yoga Journal

Author :
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For more than 30 years, Yoga Journal has been helping readers achieve the balance and well-being they seek in their everyday lives. With every issue,Yoga Journal strives to inform and empower readers to make lifestyle choices that are healthy for their bodies and minds. We are dedicated to providing in-depth, thoughtful editorial on topics such as yoga, food, nutrition, fitness, wellness, travel, and fashion and beauty.

The Everything Guide to Reiki

Author : Phylameana Iila Desy
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Everything Guide to Reiki is a comprehensive resource for readers interested in this ancient Japanese hands-on therapy, which has been proven to reduce stress, promote healing, and enhance quality of life. Beyond learning the basics of Reiki's history, readers learn about the placing of hands, how to harness negative energy, promote a healthy immune system, and alleviate specific ailments such as chronic pain, digestive issues, infertility, and depression. Featuring a section on how to get certified and open up your own Reiki practice, The Everything Guide to Reiki is the ideal guide for readers interested in this ancient therapy.

The Energized Workplace

Author : Perry Timms
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Productivity is flatlining, employee wellbeing is at an all-time low and stress at an all-time high. Mental health issues are now the biggest single disability affecting the UK and are estimated to cost the economy £105bn each year. Traditional company design, structures and processes are making these issues worse and leading to unprecedented levels of staff burnout. This not only impacts individual employees, there is also a detrimental effect on overall company performance when employees can't perform to their full potential. It is the responsibility of Organizational Development and HR professionals to address these issues urgently and redesign work to allow people to flourish and businesses to thrive. Full of practical advice, tips and tools, The Energized Workplace provides a blueprint for how practitioners can redesign their organizations to support employees and ensure the business outperforms the competition. It covers everything from why existing structures are causing business output to decline, why traditional processes are holding organizations back and what the consequences of not addressing these design issues will mean for business including increased staff turnover, a rise in employee absence and a decline in company profits. Including case studies from organizations across a range of sectors who have successfully put people at the heart of their workplace design such as CyberClick, Mind Valley, Brewdog and Wegmans and with specific guidance on designing for five generations working side by side, across different countries and on separate time zones, The Energized Workplace will help OD and HR professionals confidently tackle the organizational issues putting their company success and employee health and happiness in jeopardy. This book is essential reading for practitioners needing to deal with the wellbeing crisis and productivity puzzle in the new world of work.

Your Body

Author : Josephine Chia
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In the quest for spiritual advancement or enlightenment, people often view the body as an unimportant element or worse, a hinderance. Your Body: Gateway To The Divine suggests that it is this erroneous idea which gives rise to our continual battle and obsession with our body and body-image. In this book Josephine Chia presents a celebration of the physical body, of the Creator who created it, and is a tool towards understanding how we can use our body and our five senses to find our way home to The Divine.

Bright Star Woman Reiki Yoga Manual

Author : Mercedes Déziel-Hupé
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Reiki is a birthright; we are born with life energy, and we innately know how to best care for ourselves, whether our needs are physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. This Reiki yoga manual is born from a passion for wellness, and from years of dedicated yoga and Reiki practices, independently. The value of each modality and their potential combined power is shared in this practical guide on Reiki yoga. In this book, you will learn how to: - meditate and connect with your own Reiki channel - use mindful breath, yoga exercises and self-treatment to help the flow of Reiki - develop your intuition and a self-care practice - support your physical and emotional body Whether you are a yogi(ni), have an established meditation or energy-based practice, or are a complete beginner who has never set foot on a yoga mat or a zafu, this manual will meet you where you are, and welcome you to yourself. Through Reiki and yoga, the themes presented within this manual provide practical and holistic tools for wellness to conscious women who are busy and looking to reconnect with their intuition, healing ability, and personal power. Whether you are looking to add to your self-care routine or create one from scratch, this manual provides practical self-care that works on many levels and that you can revisit, wherever you are on your wellness and spiritual journey.

Secular Societies Spiritual Selves

Author : Anna Fedele
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Secular Societies, Spiritual Selves? is the first volume to address the gendered intersections of religion, spirituality and the secular through an ethnographic approach. The book examines how ‘spirituality’ has emerged as a relatively ‘silent’ category with which people often signal that they are looking for a way to navigate between the categories of the religious and the secular, and considers how this is related to gendered ways of being and relating. Using a lived religion approach the contributors analyse the intersections between spirituality, religion and secularism in different geographical areas, ranging from the Netherlands, Portugal and Italy to Canada, the United States and Mexico. The chapters explore the spiritual experiences of women and their struggle for a more gender equal way of approaching the divine, as well as the experience of men and of those who challenge binary sexual identities advocating for a queer spirituality. This volume will be of interest to anthropologists and sociologists as well as scholars in other disciplines who seek to understand the role of spirituality in creating the complex gendered dynamics of modern societies.

Easternization of the West

Author : Colin Campbell
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In this provocative and groundbreaking book, Colin Campbell shows that the civilization of the West is undergoing a revolutionary process of change, one in which features that have characterized the West for two thousand years are in the process of being marginalized, to be replaced by those more often associated with the civilizations of the East. Moving far beyond popular trends, Campbell assembles a powerful range of evidence to show how "Easternization" has been building throughout the last century, especially since the 1960s. Campbell demonstrates how it was largely in the 1960s that new interpretations in theology, political thought, and science were widely adopted by a new generation of young "culture carriers." This highly original and wide-ranging book advances a thesis that will be of interest to scholars in many disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.

The Moment

Author : Achim Nowak
File Size : 42.48 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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“Crystal clear and deeply affecting all at once. An inspired roadmap for creating a boldly lived life” from the inspirational author of Infectious ( The Oprah Winfrey Show). What if there was a way of knowing our moments more richly and more deeply as they unfold? What if we experienced more memorable moments in any given day? How might this alter the experience of our lives? That is the tantalizing premise of Achim Nowak’s book, The Moment. It introduces us to 4 simple keys. These keys are entirely common-sense. That is their beauty. Return to experiencing the world with all of your senses. Learn how to tune into prajna wisdom—the wisdom that talks to us as a moment unfolds. Discover ways of receiving and wave-riding energy. And reap the rewards of making time stand still. The Moment is a compulsively readable book. Instead of urging us to do more and work harder, The Moment shows us how to rediscover a childlike delight in the world. Apply the 4 keys, and sumptuous moments will suddenly pop up all around you. You will instantly experience more success in business and in life. You will know the infinite pleasures of living in the moment. “Takes the mysticism out of mindfulness and shows us how to reclaim the simple pleasures in life.”—Tom Asacker, author of The Business of Belief “An irreplaceable and highly readable guide to rediscovering how to see the world as it’s meant to be seen: in the immediate present and with child-like wonder.”—Ben Michaelis, PhD, clinical psychologist, author of Your Next Big Thing