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Dogfish Shark Eradication

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce. Subcommittee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries
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Informal Speech

Author : Edward C. Carterette
File Size : 84.93 MB
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This title is part of UC Press's Voices Revived program, which commemorates University of California Press's mission to seek out and cultivate the brightest minds and give them voice, reach, and impact. Drawing on a backlist dating to 1893, Voices Revived makes high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarship accessible once again using print-on-demand technology. This title was originally published in 1974.

The MATS Flyer

Author :
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Land sharks and sea gulls

Author : William Nugent Glascock
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Sharks Still Don t Get Cancer

Author : I. William Lane
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Traces the most recent developments in the use of shark cartilage in the battle against arthritis and cancer


Author :
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Shark Smart

Author : Richard Aidan Martin
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Labor Relations

Author : Alan M. Glassman
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The Shark Infested Custard

Author : Charles Willeford
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From the master of Miami noir comes this tale of four regular guys living in a singles apartment building who experience firsthand that there's more than one type of heat in Miami. Larry Dolman is a rather literal minded ex-cop who now works private security. Eddie Miller is an airline pilot who's studying to get his real estate license. Don Luchessi is a silver salesman who's separated from his wife but too Catholic to get a divorce. Hank Norton is a drug company rep who gets four times as many dames as any of the other guys. They are all regular guys who like to drink, play cards, meet broads, and shoot a little pool. But when a friendly bet goes horribly awry, they find themselves with two dead bodies on their hands and a homicidal husband in the wings—and acting more like hardened criminals than upstanding citizens.

Shark Attack

Author : Don Yaeger
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Looks at Jerry Tarkanian's troubled career with UNLV and examines the inner workings of the NCAA

Baby Shark

Author : Robert Fate
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In a roadside pool hall out west of Abilene, Kristin Van Dijk, 17, is forced by four thugs to watch the murder of three men, including her pool hustler father. She's assaulted and beaten and left for dead as Henry Chin, a Chinese immigrant whose grown so

Vic Hislop Shark Man

Author : Vic Hislop
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The Polysyllabic Spree

Author : Nick Hornby
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Shares selections from the author's column in "The Believer" that comment on literature he has found interesting, and features passages from the material discussed.

The Cradle of the Deep

Author : Joan Lowell
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A story of the author's early life in the South Sea on board the copra-trading schooner Minnie A. Caine.

The Believer

Author :
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Little Orphan Annie in the Great Depression

Author : Harold Gray
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Daddy Warbucks' financial empire is destroyed in the Depression and Annie has to fend for herself as he tries to rebuild his fortune

Salt Water Aquarium

Author :
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Shark River

Author : Randy Wayne White
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While on a working vacation in the Bahamas, marine biologist Doc Ford becomes embroiled in a mystery when he finds himself dealing with a dangerous sexual predator, a Bahamian relative he never knew he had, and threats against his own life.

How to Beat the Sharks When the Water s Polluted

Author : Mike Sevenau
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Filled with everyday sales tips that provides the right to push to invigorate anyone working in sales, but especially those whose job is to sell something that isn't exactly perfect. Drawing from 25 years of in-the-trenches sales, Sevenau shares his vast knowledge with such tips as how to turn the competition's strengths into weaknesses, how to use your own insecurity, and why sales reps should never take a lunch.

Shark Dialogues

Author : Kiana Davenport
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From the first meeting of a runaway Tahitian princess and a shipwrecked Yankee sailor, the saga of one extraordinary Hawaiian family follows their triumphs, tragedies, intrigues, and involvement in the key events of their times, from the early nineteenthcentury to the present.