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If Your Adolescent Has ADHD

Author : Dr. Thomas J. Power
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Adolescents (ages 12-20) with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are at risk for academic problems, strained relationships, peer rejection and unsafe behavior -- and parents are often at a loss for how to handle these challenges. If Your Adolescent Has ADHD: An Essential Resource for Parents provides the up-to-date information and down-to-earth support that parents need. It offers an in-depth look at causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and parenting strategies. Contrary to what was once believed, ADHD that starts earlier in childhood usually persists into the teen years. Yet even experienced parents are often caught unawares by the fresh challenges that adolescence brings. This book is one of the few to address ADHD in the context of teen friendships, dating, curfews and sports and extracurricular activities. It also offers practical advice from a leading psychologist on determining readiness to drive and instilling good homework and study habits. This book is a readable, reliable guide to evidence-based treatments for ADHD including behavioral therapy, medications, and educational interventions. Some approaches, such as school-based mentoring, have been little discussed in other parenting books. The authors also offer effective behavioral strategies that can be used at home, including communication and negotiation, problem solving, rewards, strategic punishments and behavioral contracts; and advice for older adolescents on dealing with college, work, and moving away from home.

If Your Adolescent Has Depression Or Bipolar Disorder

Author : Dwight L. Evans
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The Adolescent Mental Health Initiative series addresses some of the major mental health issues facing teenagers today--eating disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, and schizophrenia.

Help your Child or Teen Get Back On Track

Author : Kenneth Talan
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Help Your Child or Teen Get Back on Track offers specific self-help interventions and a wide-ranging, practical discussion of the types of professional help available for a child or adolescent with emotional and behavioral problems. The book covers topics that would be discussed during a consultation with a child psychiatrist. The first section offers practical guidance and ideas to help parents understand their child's problems and learn to distinguish between normal disruption and that which warrants professional treatment. The second section of the book includes useful information for those parents who are considering, seeking, or already involved with professional help for their child. Essential reading for parents who are worried about a child or adolescent with emotional and behavioral problems, this book is also a useful resource for social workers, psychologists, school counselors, pediatricians, and adult psychiatrists.

An Adolescent in Your Home

Author : United States. Children's Bureau
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Helping Your Troubled Teen

Author : Cynthia S Kaplan
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The first "adolescent primer" on the market Destructive trends among today's youth are growing, making life very different from when their parents were growing up. The primary four self-destructive behaviors in adolescence today are excessive alcohol and substance abuse, promiscuity, self mutilation (ie: cutting and burning), and eating disorders. These will be covered in detail, along with other issues like Internet addiction and suicide. These problems are not only detrimental to teens' mental and physical health, but the legal consequences for injurious behavior have also changed. Identification and prevention are the most important aspects in stopping teenage self-destructive behavior. This book offers a comprehensive look at teens self destructive behavior and gives parents solutions for dealing with it. Helping Your Troubled Teen instructs parents on how to identify an at-risk adolescent and discuss warning signs of injurious behavior, before the problem(s) become severe enough that a child is in crisis and/or legal actions are taken against them. Personal anecdotes and testimonials from both parents and their teenagers who have been confronted with and have engaged in self-destructive behavior are also included. McLean Hospital is the largest psychiatric teaching facility of Harvard Medical School. Founded in 1811 as the original psychiatric department of the MGH, it moved to Belmont in 1895. McLean Hospital operates the largest psychiatric neuroscience research program of any Harvard University-affiliated facility and of any private psychiatric hospital in the country. The Child and Adolescent Program at McLean Hospital is one of the foremost clinical programs for helping young people and their families cope with psychiatric illness and the challenges it often brings. There are extensive ties with community services, and each therapeutic program of children and adolescents in inpatient, residential and outpatient services is tailored to the specific needs of the child and family.

Preparing Your Child for the Journey Through Adolescence

Author : Indira Gilbert
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The Handbook Preparing Your Child for the Journey Through Adolescence makes parents aware of and seeks to help to understand the hardships that await all adolescents in those trying, though exciting years. It goes further to help parents understand their children in totality, to guide parents on how to invest in their children while their children are still young in order to equip them for the trying years that wait ahead. For those whose children have already reached the stage of adolescence the Handbook offers parents guidance as to how to stay involved in their adolescents lives, and how to identify problems the adolescent may be experiencing. An interesting list of Principles for life and a comprehensive list of South African resources are provided to facilitate access to professional help. This book provides all the information needed to teach your children wholesome, Godly principles. It is a fantastic resource. I highly recommend this book to all parents. It would most definitely assist you during the difficult, adolescent years. BRUCE MALONE American Research Leader, Chemical Engineer, Author, Father of Four. With today's increasing emphasis on the problems of teenagers, this book could hardly have been more timely and important. I know Indira Gilbert personally as a motivated and knowledgeable individual, whose qualities could not help but be reflected in her book." PROF. DANIEL LEACH AB (Penn) PhD (UCLA) Formerly Department of Economic and Business Sciences University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Your Child s Adolescence You Survive They Thrive

Author : Robert Harding M. Ed.
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Your Child's Adolescence! You Survive, They Thrive! covers the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional changes that occur in adolescence. It will explain my Life Model, how your attitude affects your choices, how your choices affect your relationships, and how your relationships affect your attitude. It will explore the idea of circumstances versus vision. It includes goal setting and the importance of self-confidence and how to develop a positive attitude. The book teaches the importance of respecting authority, the power and consequences of choice making, and the influence of relationships. It will help you understand the challenges of negative peer pressure, and the book also explains how to be successful in school. My goal for you is not only will your adolescent survive their journey, but they will thrive through this journey of change and development.

The Adolescent in Your Family

Author : Marion Lyon Faegre
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Helping Your Struggling Teenager

Author : Les Parrott
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A parent's guide to teenagers explores thirty-six common teen issues and problems, from sexuality to suicide, offering advice on how to lead struggling teens through these difficult challenges. Original.

Nurturing the Spiritual Growth of Your Adolescent

Author : Michael Carotta
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The young person is the starting point of adolescent catechesis -- he or she has a story to tell, hopes and aspirations to be encouraged, and experiences to share.Living Our Faith meets young adolescents where they are, with materials that honor their experience and invite them to grow in their faith. Incorporating a unique Christian skills dimension into text lessons and family materials, Living Our Faith provides young people (and the adults with whom they share their lives) the opportunity to acquire, develop, and practice important skills of religious experience, gospel living, moral decision making, forecasting, and emotion management.The titles in the Living Our Faith series are based on the foundational themes of our Catholic faith, the National Conference of Catholic Bishops' Renewing the Vision, and diocesan guidelines for young adolescent catechesis, and present fundamental teachings in ways designed to engage and challenge the young adolescent. Lessons integrate doctrine, worship, morality, prayer, community, and active participation in the Church's life and mission.Faith formation of young people does not occur in isolation; it both affects and is affected by the family experience. Living Our Faith: Nurturing the Spiritual Growth of Your Adolescent is an innovative component that encourages adult family members to reinforce Christian life skills in their own lives and to mentor the young adolescent in the same skills.