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A Maze Of Murder

Author : Kate Krake
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If you like fast-paced, twisty mysteries featuring sassy witches, small town whimsy, an enchanting ensemble of supernatural friends, a blossoming romance, and a talking cat who refuses to speak, then this is the book for you…. Belinda Drake is a witch with a passion for puzzles, an addiction to chocolate, and a penchant for keeping to herself. In her new life running a bookstore in the small mountain village of Blackthorn Springs, she’s got everything she needs, even if she is the world’s most incompetent witch. When her neighbor turns up dead, Belinda recognizes the Mortis Curse, one of the most evil spells known to witchkind. The life she thought she’d left behind starts knocking at her door. Now she must find the killer before her new found quiet existence descends into darkness. A Maze of Murder is the first novel in the intriguing Witch Against Wicked series. Get your copy today and delve into an enchanting world of magic and mystery. The Complete Witch Against Wicked Series: 1. A Maze of Murder 2. A Mask of Chaos 3. A Trial of Ghosts 4. A Wreath of Ruin (Christmas Novella) 5. A Hex of Wolves 6. A Trick of Terror (Halloween Novella) 7. A Coven of Demons Each book has its own main story alongside a plot arc that continues across all books. For maximum reading pleasure, the author recommends reading the books in order.

Caught Dead in Philadelphia

Author : Gillian Roberts
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Amanda is suspected of murder when an acquaintance is found dead in front of her fireplace. She joins forces with Officer Mackenzie to solve the case.

The Grand Christmas Pantomime Entitled Gosling the Great and Harlequin Prince Blue Bell Etc

Author : the Great GOSLING
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Let Go and Be Free 100 Daily Reflections for Adult Children of Alcoholics

Author : Ron Vitale
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Find peace with daily reflections that will help ground you on your life-long journey in overcoming your alcoholic upbringing. From dealing with ruminating thoughts and anxiety to stopping dysfunctional behaviors that you learned as a child in an alcoholic home, Let Go and Be Free: 100 Daily Reflections for Adult Children of Alcoholics (Volume 1) will help you learn about common traits of Adult Children of Alcoholics, shine a light to dispel the shame you have lived with, and provide easy to learn meditations and visualizations that will help you center yourself and live a healthier life. Filled with personal stories, meditation tips, and an intimate look at living as an Adult Child of an Alcoholic, this book (232 pages) is an authentic daily resource to guide you on your journey.

Playboy Laughs

Author : Patty Farmer
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Following her success with Playboy Swings, Patty Farmer looks at Playboy’s relationship with comedians and cartoonists in her new book Playboy Laughs. Playboy Laughs invites readers onto the sets of the organization’s groundbreaking TV shows, Playboy Penthouse and Playboy After Dark. These popular variety series brought top-tier comedians, impressionists, and monologists—as well as the finest musicians—into people’s homes each week. Readers will learn how before he ever dreamed of conquering the magazine publishing world—and along the way establish a worldwide brand—Hugh Hefner harbored aspirations of making his mark in the world as a cartoonist. Playboy Laughs delves into the darker aspects of the time as well, tackling the ways Playboy and its comedy stars helped break down social and racial barriers as well as sexual ones. Known for her devotion to meticulous research and clear, honest storytelling, Farmer has gained the full cooperation of the Playboy organization—and Hugh Hefner himself—making this not only an entertaining read but a trustworthy history of an under-appreciated aspect of American comic culture.

The Amanda Pepper Mysteries Bundle 1

Author : Gillian Roberts
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Philadelphia spells danger for an English teacher turned amateur sleuth in the first three novels of this Anthony Award–winning mystery series. Caught Dead in Philadelphia When Philly Prep English teacher Amanda Pepper finds a murdered colleague in her living room, she needs to clear her name—while trying not to become the next victim. But the only clue to the real killer’s identity is a Winnie-the-Pooh locket. Good thing handsome homicide detective C.K. Mackenzie is on her side. Philly Stakes When Amanda tries to get her students in the Christmas spirit by serving a meal for the homeless, the plan fatally backfires. Alexander “Sandy” Clausen, a politically ambitious parent, turns the event into a lavishly catered photo-op. But when Sandy is killed and his troubled daughter confesses, Amanda gets wrapped up in the investigation with her sometime boyfriend, Det. C.K. Mackenzie. I’d Rather Be in Philadelphia Amanda is sorting through donated books when she comes across a note that reads like an anonymous cry for help. Desperately searching for the troubled woman, Amanda locates her just in time to find the woman’s husband murdered. With the woman wrongly suspected, it’s up to Amanda and Det. C.K. MacKenzie to see the real killer get booked. “[Roberts is] the Dorothy Parker of mystery writers . . . giving more wit per page than most writers give per book.” —Nancy Pickard, award-winning author of the Jenny Cain series

Magic Maze Fun

Author : Vladimir Koziakin
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Countless Love Moods

Author : Lillian Bee
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In this beautiful collection of poems, Lillian Bee captures the various emotional stages that we go through in our search for love—from distant longing to the comfort and satisfaction of finally settling down with “the one”. With intelligent insights, creative imagery, and a sincere humanity to which one cannot help but relate, Bee has created a collection that will stir the emotions of its readers regardless of their relationship status, or the state of their hearts. As humans, these Countless Love Moods are something that we all share, and have all gone through, for better or for worse.

Experiments with Forces

Author : Anna Claybourne
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Genuine scientists test their theories through experiments, using the results to uncover truly amazing discoveries. In this beneficial STEM-based book, readers are the scientists diving into experiments about forces such as gravity, friction, and magnetism. They’ll use easy-to-find materials such as balloons, erasers, and rulers to perform step-by-step experiments, learning more about forces at work in the world all around them. A summary of each carefully illustrated experiment reviews what the result conveys about the concept, while extra activities encourage more experimentation, an attribute of every great scientist!

The Maker Cookbook Recipes for Children s and Tween Library Programs

Author : Cindy Wall
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The Maker Movement is hot, and librarians are eager to participate. Even if you feel restricted by budget, staff, or space, this step-by-step guide will help you turn your library into a creativity center. • Makes it easy for you to host Maker programs for children and 'tweens—with "No Makerspace Required!" • Provides clear, step-by-step directions for creating new Maker programming or adding Maker elements to an existing program • Offers alternatives that allow you to customize programs according to the resources available • Suggests curricular tie-ins so the programs can be used in a school setting • Includes appendices chock full of supplemental materials such as book-discussion questions, checklists, and other reproducible participant handouts